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Stream Taylor Hawkins - "Get the Money" ft. Chrissie Hynde, Duff McKagan | Consequence of Sound
Taken from the Foo Fighters drummer's upcoming solo album
In less than three weeks, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins will unleash his new solo album, Get the Money. Although it’s technically solo effort, Hawkins recorded with a dream team of rock all-stars, including fellow Foo members Dave Grohl and Pat Smear, Queen drummer Roger Taylor, and Nancy Wilson of Heart. As a preview, Hawkins is sharing the title track today.
The second teaser following this month’s “Crossed the Line”, the single features a special boost from guest contributors in Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, The Pretenders leader Chrissie Hynde, and veteran guitarist Joe Walsh. Thanks to the diversity in talent, the tune alternates between a catchy snappiness and a dirtier, edgy swagger.
Take a listen below. Get the Money, which is officially credited to Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders, LP hits shelves November 8th.
Hawkins has been pulling double duty by also working on a new Foo Fighters album. The band is scheduled to play this fall’s Intersect Las Vegas festival and tickets can be purchased here.
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The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time | Consequence of Sound
09. Robert Plant
It’s an image that for many defines the peak of ‘70s rock: Robert Plant, bare-chested and clad in crotch-hugging jeans under bright stage lights, leaning back to back against guitarist Jimmy Page while screaming into a microphone during a Led Zeppelin show. It’s an apt metaphor for Plant’s vocals during his storied tenure leading one of the most powerful bands to ever assemble in the name of rock and roll. The bright, spiritual yin to Page’s dark magical yang, Plant’s extreme take on Delta blues pioneers like Skip James and Bukka White resulted in his signature roar that would drive many of rock’s most indelible moments.
Standing tall amidst the maelstrom of sound conjured by the band around him, Plant’s vocals erupted with the same majesty as John Bonham’s thunderous drums and John Paul Jones’ brutal bass lines. He just as easily pumped the brakes down to a passionate purr to narrate the band’s softer side. Nimble enough to adapt his style throughout the band’s continual evolution, Plant was still delivering show-stopping performances on the group’s final studio effort, In Through the Out Door, most notably with his assertive and carefree attack throughout 1979 hit “Fool in the Rain”.
Plant’s post-Zeppelin career has been just as inspired. Delving into his original influences with the Honeydrippers, he has proven himself a genuine crooner. Now in his late ‘60s, he’s come full-circle with his latest outfit, Sensational Space Shifters, reinterpreting Led Zeppelin classics while still displaying elements of his original roar. –Scott T. Sterling 
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The Search For Ronnie Montrose | Louder
For two years Classic Rock tried to track down America’s most elusive guitar hero. With the help of bandmates and producer, the feature was filed. Then the news broke that Ronnie had died...
Ronnie Montrose’s bulldog Lola is dead. The man who created the blueprint for American hard rock, gave Sammy Hagar his first big break, then saddled him with such an inferiority complex about his abilities it took him years to overcome it – is on the phone. He’s explaining that both he and his wife/manager Leighsa are bereft over the loss of their pet and they would like to cancel our scheduled interview.
Given the circumstances, that would be a perfectly understandable reason to call it off, except that for the past two years, the guitarist has dodged my attempts to chronicle his remarkable yet strangely untold story. A man who truly does want his music to do the talking. The problem is, it hasn’t spoken loud enough to allow this self-taught guitar savant – who didn’t pick up a guitar until he was 17 – to get his proper due.But the odd thing is, I don’t think he really cared.
Ronnie Montrose would do anything to get out of an interview. His list of excuses included being “on tour”, “scheduling”, “travelling”, having had “very little sleep” and even mixing me up with a Nordic death metal writer. The death of this most mysterious man on March 3 [2012] is just the latest tactic to avoid talking about a life that most rock stars would be eager to shout about…
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Somebody's Knocking - Mark Lanegan, Mark Lanegan Band | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic
With his deep, rough-hewn voice and easy confidence with lyrics about bad behavior and lives gone wrong, Mark Lanegan doesn't seem like the kind of guy you would invite to your next party, unless you wanted to bum out uninvited guests. Which is why 2019's Somebody's Knocking is something of a surprise coming from Lanegan; thematically, it's no cheerier than most of his work, but most of the time it has a good beat and you can dance to it, even if the folks on the dancefloor aren't laughing a lot. Like most of his releases credited to the Mark Lanegan Band, Somebody's Knocking finds him collaborating with Alain Johannes and Rob Marshall, who play most of the instruments -- Johannes is also credited as producer -- and this time Lanegan's unlikely fascination with electronics and dance music dominates the set. Clean keyboard lines and the steady pulse of programmed percussion are the foundation of "Dark Disco Jag," "Penthouse High," and "War Horse," even as Lanegan's singing reflects his raw and blues-infused vocal trademark. And while "Disbelief Suspension," "Night Flight to Kabul," and "Stitch It Up" sound bigger, harder, and more rock-oriented, they're all designed around grooves that would make any misanthrope worth their salt shake their money maker, with "Little Nero" on hand as the slow dance for late in the evening. More than a few of Lanegan's longtime fans will be puzzled by his transformation into the party animal of the dark side, but his vocals are typically strong, and he sounds fully engaged with the material, happy to be visiting the VIP section of the Place Where Nothing Living Goes, and he's excited and challenged in a way he's hasn't sounded in a while. You won't want to spike the punch too much if Lanegan comes to your next dance party, but Somebody's Knocking shows he most definitely knows how to have a good time in his own way.
music  lanegan  alt_rock  review 
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RELIQUARY: Beck - 1992 Demos and the Metal Demos (Complete) [SBD]
"I'm a loser baby... why don't ya kill me?"
'1992 Demos and the Metal Demos' (Complete)
(The Maxell Normal Bias UD 90min Cassette)
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Metal Tracks were recorded by 'Loser', a lo-fi metal band formed by Beck and Steve Hanft in 1991.
The Story:
Way back in 1997 notsaved's friend dated a member of Beck's entourage. He gave her one of Beck's demo tapes. It was a Maxell Normal Bias UD 90min cassette and had a ton of cool songs. Upon her giving the tape to him, it was decided to seperate it into two parts, because most of the songs were acoustic and solo Beck songs, and a handful were metal songs featuring a band. (...More) -Original
music  beck  90s  demo  bootlegs  SBD  download  alt_rock  acoustic  hard_rock 
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Jeff Beck: Still on the Run (TV Movie 2018) - IMDb
Documentary on the life and musical evolution of Jeff Beck, one of most innovative guitarists in history. The film covers his early days, his tenure with The Yardbirds and The Jeff Beck Group, and his subsequent projects over the decades. Includes interviews with icons such as Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Slash, and Joe Perry.
tv  2010s  beck  documentary  guitar  music 
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Sammy Hagar: the Classic Rock Interview | Louder
At the age of 71, tequila multimillionaire Sammy Hagar can look back on an extraordinarily successful life in music – Montrose, Van Halen, Chickenfoot, The Circle and more
Sammy Hagar decided to grab hold of life a long time ago, and he hasn’t let go since. Even at 71, the singer/guitarist/ tequila magnate/alien abductee has enough energy to power America’s entire Western seaboard.
“I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me,” he says. “But I plan on making it to a hundred, so I’ll be the oldest living rock star on the planet some day.” 
That’s a few years away. Right now, Hagar’s limitless enthusiasm is directed towards The Circle, the band he put together with drummer Jason Bonham, guitarist Vic Johnson and bassist/fellow Van Halen refugee Michael Anthony. The Circle were initially formed to play choice cuts from Hagar’s illustrious back catalogue – Montrose, Van Halen, Chickenfoot plus his various solo albums, with a side order of Led Zeppelin courtesy of Bonham Jr. 
“We play the Van Halen stuff as well as Van Halen ever played it, we play Rock Candy as good as Montrose ever played it,” he says. “That’s a mighty bold statement, but it’s a fact. So I thought: ‘We’ve got twenty classic songs from each band, probably more, we don’t even need to make a record.’ But five years later, here we are, we made a record.” 
That record, his twenty-seventh, is Space Between. Like pretty much all of its predecessors, it’s the soundtrack to the best party you’ve never been to, with Hagar’s undiminished roar at the heart of it. But there’s something deeper going on this time: Space Between is his first concept album.
"It’s been brewing for a while,” he says. “It’s about the division between good and bad. All these big corporate guys that are billionaires to begin with, ripping off their employees; people bombing churches; the Right hating the Left, the Left hating the Right, the blacks hating the whites. It used to be that you could go to hell, the devil was somewhere else. But the devil is at sea level now. The solution lies in the space between us – that handshake in the middle.” 
A late-career concept album isn’t so outlandish – the reported $80 million windfall Hagar received from selling his Tequila company a decade ago provides a nice fallback if things don’t work out. But you get the sense that even without that, Sammy Hagar is the kind of person who does whatever the hell he wants to anyway. 
“Damn right,” he says with a laugh.
music  sammy_hagar  interview  hard_rock 
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Some Kind Of Monster: How Iron Maiden Made The Number Of The Beast | Louder
A new singer, no songs, and even some onstage argy-bargy as Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris vied for the spotlight, just how did Iron Maiden make their landmark album?
In the summer of 1981, Iron Maiden took the decision to fire singer Paul Di’Anno. It was a bold move. The brash, cocksure, 23-year-old East Londoner was a hero to the headbangers, earthdogs, hell rats and rivet-heads whose fanatical support had propelled Maiden to the forefront of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.
His expulsion from the band not only marked the end of an era, but also was viewed with a certain amount of unease by long-term supporters. There was genuine concern that, having failed to match the Top 10 success of 1980’s self-titled debut album with the more considered follow-up, Killers, Maiden were now thinking about a stylistic makeover more attuned to the lucrative, but notoriously fickle, American rock market.
In December 1981, when the freshly minted Kerrang! magazine published its first Readers’ Poll, Maiden were conspicuous by their absence in the Best Band category. The slight didn’t escape the attention of bassist and founder Steve Harris, but he had more pressing matters to focus on. At the time, Maiden were holed up in an East London rehearsal studio with a new singer, 23-year-old Bruce Dickinson, but as yet no new songs for their crucial third album. The pressure was on the young band as never before. But with their backs to the wall, Maiden responded magnificently.
Just four months later they emerged with The Number Of The Beast, a record that not only redefined their own career, but also served as a benchmark for every heavy metal album that has followed over the past 30 years.
music  heavy_metal  uk  80s  interview 
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Jimmy Page: how I brought my Dragon Telecaster back to life | Louder
Back in 2016, Classic Rock crowned Jimmy Page's solo on Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven as the greatest of all time. 
By now, you should also know - cos we've told you often enough - that the axe Pagey brandished during that brief burst of pentatonic genius was his 'Dragon' guitar, a hand-painted 1959 Fender Telecaster, not the Les Paul that became his trademark. 
And now Jimmy has rebuilt that guitar, working with the Fender Custom Shop to produce a reproduction so accurate Page describes it a "one hundred and ten percent right". And you can buy one.  
music  jimmy_page  guitar  ledzep  STH 
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RELIQUARY: Doors, The [1967.09.22] Murray The K Show [SBD]
The Doors
Murray The K Show
WPIX-TV, New York, NY, USA
Friday September 22nd, 1967
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Tracks 1-7: 'Murray The K'
Tracks 8-9: Television Broadcasts
Tracks 10-11: Denver University Student Union
Track List:
01. Murray's Introduction (0:11)
02. People Are Strange [False Start] (2:21)
03. People Are Strange [Take 1] (2:35)
04. People Are Strange [Take 2] (2:54)
05. talk (0:38)
06. People Are Strange [Take 3] (3:02)
07. talk (1:07)
08. People Are Strange [Televised Performance] (2:22)
09. Light My Fire [Televised Performance] [2:39]
The Family Dog, Denver, Colorado; September 30, 1967
10. Light My Fire (8:38)
11. Light My Fire [Stereo] (8:38)
In September of 1967, The Doors go to New York to appear on an upcoming television special for DJ “Murray The K”. The special will feature two Doors songs, “People Are Strange” and “Light My Fire”, plus The Doors themselves will appear in a bizarre “Secret Agent Man meets Star Trek”-inspired skit. (...More) -Original
music  tv  psych_rock  60s  nyc  SBD  download  bootlegs  DJ 
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The Soggy Bottom Boys - The KMOG Radio Ranch
The voices behind the Soggy Bottom Boys are well-known bluegrass musicians: Union Station's Dan Tyminski (lead on "Man of Constant Sorrow"), Nashville songwriter Harley Allen, and the Nashville Bluegrass Band's Pat Enright. The three won a CMA Award for Single of the Year and a Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals, both for the song "i am a Man of Constant Sorrow." The song, by Dick Burnett had already enjoyed much success in real life.(Man of Constant Sorrow)
Tim Blake Nelson, playing Delmar O'Donnell in the movie (one of the Soggy Bottom Boys), sang the lead vocal himself for the song "In the Jailhouse Now" which was originally recorded (in real life) by Jimmie Rogers (In the Jailhouse Now).
The fact that the Soggy Bottom Boys are a fictitious group from the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", doesn't make their hit single "Man of Constant Sorrow" any less amazing, winning the real-life Soggy Bottom Boys (Dan Tyminski, Harley Allen, and Pat Enright, not otherwise affiliated) a CMA Award for Single of the Year and a Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.
Jordan Rivers and the Soggy Bottom Boys are the fictitious Depression-era "old-timey music" quartet and accompaniment from the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? The name Soggy Bottom Boys is possibly a reference to the famous Foggy Mountain Boys, a West Virginia bluegrass band of the 1940s with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, but also a humorous name given the two backup singers who were wet from being baptized earlier in the film.
After the film's release, the fictional band became so popular that the actual talents behind the music (who were dubbed into the movie) Ralph Stanley, John Hartford, Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Dan Tyminski, Chris Sharp, and others, performed music from O Brother, Where Art Thou? in a Down From The Mountain concert tour and film. However, "I'll Fly Away" in the original soundtrack is performed not by Krauss and Welch (as it is on the CD release and was on the concert tour) but by the inimitable Kossoy Sisters with Erik Darling (of The Weavers, Tarriers and Rooftop Singers) accompanying on long-neck 5-string banjo.
"Man of Constant Sorrow" has five variations: two are used in the movie, one in the music video, and two in the soundtrack. Two of the variations feature the verses being sung back-to-back, and the other three variations feature additional music between each verse. Despite its subsequent success, "Man of Constant Sorrow" received little significant radio airplay and only charted at #35 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts in 2002.
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The Five Best Songs from the O Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack
This is another movie that made it hard to pick between the songs that were featured on the soundtrack since there are just so many that are fun to listen to and really fit with the story. O Brother Where Art Thou is a story based very loosely on Homer’s epic story, The Odyssey, and is one of the better films of its era as well as a very fun and engaging film that offers plenty of laughter and irony aplenty. The whole idea of three men escaping a chain gang and going cross country while meeting so many influential characters and getting themselves into so many different jams is just hilarious since a lot of the time it’s George Clooney’s character that ends up making things worse or getting them into the jams in the first place. But when all is said and done there is a happy ending to the story, kind of.
Here are some of the best songs from the movie...
1. I Am A Man of Constant Sorrows
A lot of people were thinking that George Clooney was doing the actual singing during this song, and it would have seemed like it but for the fact that he admitted that his voice as dubbed. He did practice for weeks to make it sound good but by the time he got in the booth he just couldn’t hit the notes that they needed him to and it seems that bringing in another singer was the best option. But he did make it look real enough to the point that a lot of people were fooled and it was a great moment in the movie that gave people the idea that Clooney was a great singer. Ah movie magic.
As Stephen Root’s character would say, “That was some mighty fine pickin’ and a diggin’!”
music  movies  soundtrack  bluegrass  2000s  country  top_ten 
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The Incredible Influence of the 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' Soundtrack
Would you believe one of the best-selling country albums since the turn of the millennium is actually a movie soundtrack? Believe it. The infamous O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack moved more than eight million copies in its first seven years in the United States alone. And it almost single-handedly made America fall back in love with bluegrass music.
Back in 2000, the famous writer/director duo the Coen Brothers took a big gamble. They had recently released two critically acclaimed films in 1996 (Fargo) and 1998 (The Big Lebowski), but instead of following that same familiar path, they diverged to make a Depression-era adaptation of one of the oldest tales in the book, Homer's Odyssey.
And they did it by making the soundtrack a staple piece of the movie. Not just in the overall feel and vibe, but in the actual plot itself. The famous tunes in the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack actively move the movie along. From The Soggy Bottom Boys' rendition of "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow" being the x factor of the story, to the siren's song and Ralph Stanley's haunting dirge, "O Death."
music  movies  soundtrack  bluegrass  2000s  country 
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Kirkville - When Apple Music Matches Its Own Music Incorrectly
Since the early days of iTunes Match, and then later with Apple Music and iCloud Music Library – now called simply Cloud Music Library – there have been issues with tracks added to your library not matching correctly. Here is one example from 2015, when I added a big collection of music by Frank Sinatra to find that it matched as eight different albums.
I recently added a new collection of music by Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark called Souvenir. Looking in the Recently Added section of the Music app, I see this...
Night Café contains one track, The Punishment of Luxury contains 13 tracks (including the first track twice), and the other edition of the same album contains two tracks.
What apparently happens when you add music from Apple Music to your library is that it then gets matched; in other words, it gets added from the cloud, then the Music app tries to match it. Even though the metadata on the original album is correct, the matching process, which uses acoustic fingerprinting, re-matches tracks with different albums. In some cases, these are the original albums, in others, different collections.
But this doesn’t make sense. Since I haven’t downloaded those tracks yet, why are they being matched again? And why incorrectly? As Apple Music tracks – this information is in the files – why would anything change which albums they come from?
This is one of the more frustrating issues with Apple’s music could, because you simply cannot trust it to match your music correctly. The fact that it happens to Apple Music tracks is really quite odd, because those tracks should never change. This is one of the reasons why I still refuse to put my personal music library, which is carefully and precisely tagged, in the cloud. I use my second Mac to store my cloud library, and add some music from the main library on my iMac. The fact that Apple consistently makes this kind of mistake befuddles me.
music  itunes  match  music  songs  library  icloud  metadata  fingerprint 
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Led Zeppelin * 1977-04-28 * Richfield Coliseum * Richfield, OH * Rocco C Master Tapes via JEMS and Winston Remaster * Fr - Royal Orleans
Led Zeppelin
Richfield Coliseum
Richfield, OH
April 28, 1977
Rocco C Master Tapes via JEMS and Winston Remaster
Contrast Clause: This torrent is different than the posts below as this one is directly from the master tapes:
Recording Gear: portable cassette recorder with built-in mono microphone (model unknown)
JEMS 2019 Transfer: Rocco C Memorex master cassettes > Nakamichi CR-7A azimuth-adjusted playback > Sound Devices USBPre2 > Audacity 2.0 (24/96 capture to .wav > pitch adjustment > iZotope RX6 and Ozone 6 restoration > iZotope MBIT+ resample and dither to 16/44.1 > Winston Mastering > FLAC
music  ledzep  r-o  remaster  dimeadozen  concert  70s  bootlegs  download  bittorrent 
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Ginger Baker (1939-2019): An Apprecation
I never saw Cream, or any of Ginger Baker’s later more jazz-oriented projects.
But I did get to see him one time around 1990. Baker, who died Sunday at age 80, had recently put out two very percussion-heavy records: Horses & Trees and Middle Passage.
Me and a buddy of mine saw Baker and his band at a small and very weird club near the airport in Manchester, New Hampshire. The lineup consisted of Ginger Baker on drums, another percussion player, and two bass players. One played the groove-oriented parts and the other (Jonas Hellborg) played a Wal midi bass. He took up all of the keyboard/melodic bits of the music.
It was one of the most amazing nights of music I’d ever seen. At one point, Ginger took the microphone and said something to the effect of: “If anybody came here tonight expecting to hear the music of Cream, they are about to be disappointed.”
I was certainly not disappointed, as I had no idea what to expect.
To this day, Middle Passage is my favorite Ginger Baker record. Go check it out.
music  60s  blues_rock  cream  RIP  drums 
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10 Goth-Rock Albums Every Music Fan Should Own | Consequence of Sound
'Tis the season to go crate digging through one of music's most bone-chilling genres
Goth-rock, post-punk, new wave — what’s the difference? Is there a difference? It depends on whom you ask. The terms are often used interchangeably, and most of the defining bands in these genres were quick to dismiss labels altogether. So, it’s really up to us, the “music professionals,” to determine just where they fit in. I’m totally kidding, but it is important to note that “goth-rock” is a genre that can easily fall between the cracks of post-punk and new wave. It’s also worth noting that just because a specific record falls under a particular category doesn’t necessarily mean that artist is exclusively that genre.
So, yes, nothing matters and it all means nothing. However, if you’re like me and appreciate a slight sense of order and structure, however small, in a meaningless world, here’s what we mean by goth-rock.
Floodland is The Sisters of Mercy’s second album, which builds on the successful elements of First and Last and Always, and while both are staples in the goth-rock cannon, Floodland diverges in both scope and feel. “Lucretia My Reflection” is a near-whispered, creepy classic goth song that croons, “Lucretia, my reflection/ Dance the Ghost with me,” and from there the record is filled to its brim with ghostly keys and church organ-like sounds and at its core touches on all the bases of goth-rock. Although this album does seem to have a much more commercial-friendly approach to it compared to First and Last and Always, overall, if you like any of the so-called “dark culture,” you need to listen to this poppy goth-rock album from The Sisters of Mercy. You will not regret plugging your headphones into your computer and listening to this album, or better yet — taking a haunting late-night drive.
Most Bone-Chilling Song: “Lucretia My Reflection”
music  80s  goth_rock  top_ten  TSOM 
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Kirkville - Use Timed Lyrics in the iOS Music App to Sing Along to Your Favorite Songs
I’ve always liked having lyrics available when I listen to music. I don’t look at them often, but there are times when I want to know exactly what the words of a song are. Sometimes when I’m listening to Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row, and want to be precise. (I still haven’t memorized all the lyrics; but it’s more than ten minutes long.)
A nifty new feature in the iOS Music app is Timed Lyrics. When a song offers this, you see the lyrics, each line highlighted as it is sung.
You’ll probably see this in the Music app the first time you play a song that offers the feature, if you have your iOS device’s screen on with the Music app up front.
Tap the Lyrics button at the bottom of the Music window and enjoy.
ios13  music  apps  lyrics 
8 days ago by rgl7194
RELIQUARY: Doors, The [1970.08.29] Complete - Isle Of Wight Festival [SBD]
The Doors
'Isle Of Wight Festival' (Complete)
Roadhouse Blues Tour
East Afton Farm, Isle Of Wight, England
Saturday August 29th, 1970
Complete DAT Master
Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
A previously unsurfaced audio recording.
For years, The Doors' performance at the Isle Of Wight has only been available in an edited or incomplete form. The most popular release, "Palace Of Exile," is missing over a minute in the middle of "The End" and the intro to "When The Music's Over" is severly edited. Audience recordings of the show are missing "Roadhouse Blues." Previously on this site someone offered a matrix of the audience and soundboard sources in order to recreate the complete concert in the best quality available. Now for the first time, we have a master DAT source for the COMPLETE Isle Of Wight concert in perfect soundboard quality. At almost 70 minutes total, this is as good as it gets until an official release gets made -- if one is ever made.
This comes direct from the multi-track master recording. Quality is near perfect. The only downside is that the stereo separation isn't very good. It sounds like it's an unmixed copy of the multi-track master. So you'll hear Ray's organ more in the center than it should be and Ray's vocals are mixed way down so you don't hear them at all during "Break On Through" and other songs. (A good thing for some?) Still, I would place the overall quality as better than "Palace Of Exile." Little to no hiss. Bass level is much more reasonable. Sharper sound quality overall.
Now just what did I do to the original recording before posting it here? Thankfully, not much. There were a handful of clicks/pops throughout the recording that I removed individually using Adobe Audition. (The glitch during the announcer's introduction is on the original tape and couldn't be repaired without cutting it down.) I also swapped the channels so that Robby's guitar is in the right channel where it should be. The biggest change I made was balancing the channel levels and bringing everything up. This small change really punched up the sound compared to the original transfer. There was no EQ or other tricky business involved. Sounds pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. If anyone wants the original transfer, I'm open to trades.
One small note: About 4:29 into "The End," the music drops out for about 5 seconds and you only hear Jim's voice. Not sure why, but "Palace" doesn't have this mixing error. -Original
music  60s  bootlegs  download  concert  psych_rock  70s  SBD  uk 
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RELIQUARY: Cream - Psychedelic Supermarket (2014 Upgrade)
'2014 Upgrade - Psychedelic Supermarket'
The Psychedelic Supermarket
Boston, MA, USA
Sources: September 10-16, 1967
Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Eric Clapton - Guitar / Vocals : Jack Bruce - Bass / Vocals : Ginger Baker - Drums
Track List:
01. Sunshine Of Your Love
02. Spoonful
03. Tales Of Brave Ulysses
04. Sweet Wine
music  60s  blues_rock  cream  bootlegs  download  concert 
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RELIQUARY: Cream - Western Tour ‘68 (Various Dates + Venues) [SBD]
'Western Tour ‘68'
Various Dates and Venues
(Ass Blaster 023)
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. White Room (1968-10-20 San Diego)
02. Politician (1968-10-20 San Diego)
03. I’m So Glad (1968-10-20 San Diego)
04. Sitting On Top Of The World (1968-10-20 San Diego)
05. Sunshine Of Your Love (1968-10-04 Oakland)
06. Crossroads (1968-10-20 San Diego)
07. Traintime (1968-10-19 Inglewood)
08. Toad (1968-10-19 Inglewood)
09. Spoonful (1968-10-19 Inglewood)
music  60s  blues_rock  cream  bootlegs  download  SBD  california  concert 
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RELIQUARY: Cinderella [1987.08.13] Night Songs In Tokyo [SBD]
'Night Songs In Tokyo'
Night Songs Tour
Gotanda Kan-i Hoken Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Thursday August 13th, 1987
Soundboard Recording
Encoded: VBR MP3
music  hard_rock  80s  SBD  concert  japan  bootlegs  download 
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Robert Plant delivers in return to Bend; Sensational Space Shifters reinvent Zeppelin classics, new songs
Sensational Space Shifters reinvent Zeppelin classics, new songs
You expect the word “transcendent” to get thrown around with a band named Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters.
What you might not expect is for the former Led Zeppelin frontman, now 71, to live up to that high praise. Thankfully, you’d be mistaken. “Transcendent” was about the only word this reviewer — and many others in the audience of more than 4,800 I overheard after the show — could think of to describe the once golden-haired, still golden-voiced singer’s set at Les Schwab Amphitheater on Thursday night.
In an interview with GO! Magazine a week before the show, Plant told me, “Whatever you expect, it’s gonna be way beyond.” And for once, an artist talking up his art wasn’t just speaking in hyperbole. For roughly 90 minutes, Plant and his band of the last seven-plus years — guitarists/multi-instrumentalist Liam “Skin” Tyson, guitarist Justin Adams, bassist Billy Fuller, keyboardist John Baggott, drummer John Blease and violinist Lillie Mae Rische (who also opened the show) — turned every song they played into a transformative musical odyssey. Even if you’re familiar with Zeppelin songs such as “Black Dog” or “What is and What Should Never Be” (and if you’re reading this, you probably are), that wouldn’t have prepared you for what the band did to those songs.
Indeed, Plant and company’s reimagining of “Black Dog” as a bluegrass/worldbeat stomper may have been the sharpest left turn the band took all evening — and one of the best. Backed by Adams and Tyson’s shuffling acoustic guitar strums, Rische’s violin morphed the original ascending-descending Jimmy Page guitar riff into a swinging counterpoint to Plant’s powerful vocal performance. It wasn’t until Plant wailed the opening lines of the song that the light went on in my head, and his subsequent back-and-forth with the audience for the post-verse “ah-ah-ah’s” sent the song to another level.
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Kirkville - Use Half-Star Ratings in macOS Catalina’s Music App
The macOS Catalina Music app, which replaces music functionality from iTunes, offers two ways of rating your music: you can either use stars or “loves.” The latter binary option suits people who only want to flag their favorites, but the five-level option for stars is for those who like more granular judgments of their content.
You can go further; you can use half-star ratings as well. To do so, open the Terminal app in Catalina (it’s in /Applications/Utilities), paste this, then press Return.
defaults write allow-half-stars -bool TRUE
You can then apply half-star ratings by carefully clicking on the stars when visible. If you click on the left side of a star, that counts as a half star; if you click on the right side of a star, that gets recorded as a full star.
If you want to turn this off, run the following command in Terminal:
defaults write allow-half-stars -bool FALSE
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Why Montrose's 'Paper Money' Ended the Sammy Hagar Era
Montrose's sophomore album was, quite simply, the work of a band coming apart at the seams.
Just one year prior to the arrival of Paper Money on Oct. 11, 1974, things had been much different. The exciting new group, led by hot shot guitarist Ronnie Montrose, was quickly building on the reputation of a leader who who had diligently paid his dues as sideman to Van Morrison, Edgar Winter and others, before earning the chance to see his own name in lights.
Montrose – which was a band, at first, no matter whose name showed on the album cover – consisted of bassist Bill Church (Ronnie’s former Van Morrison cohort), drummer Denny Carmassi (whose future credits would include Heart, Joe Walsh, and countless others) and Sammy Hagar, an unproven but innately talented and charismatic young singer.
Together, they packed their self-titled, Ted Templeman-produced debut with future classic-rock mainstays like "Rock Candy," "Bad Motor Scooter" and "Space Station No. 5." Then they steadily grew their fanbase on the road, before returning to the studio for what was expected to be an even stronger follow-up. But, somehow, Montrose failed to capitalize on that predecessor album’s rock-solid foundation.
Instead, the songs written and recorded for Paper Money would reflect the fractious state of band relations, caused in part by Ronnie’s desire to broaden Montrose’s sound beyond the debut’s dedicated hard-rock focus. That led to bassist Church being replaced by Alan Fitzgerald, later the keyboardist with Night Ranger. There was also some festering resentment with his chosen frontman’s burgeoning fame and confidence.
“The first album was a band and it was open to writing," Sammy Hagar told Ultimate Classic Rock's Matt Wardlaw, "[but] the second record, Ronnie wouldn’t even listen to my songs. He was going to other people to write and I’m going, ‘Wait, I’ve got all of these songs.’ So, we only co-wrote four songs on the album [and] he called one of them his own, which was ‘I Got the Fire.’ I wrote the lyrics and he said he forgot to put my name on the record. [Laughs.]"
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Kirkville - Where the Catalina Music App Stores Album Artwork
When I updated my iMac to Catalina yesterday, I watched as the Music app slowly display album artwork. I have about 4,000 albums in my library – this is all local music, I don’t use Cloud Music Library on this Mac – and it took a couple of hours for the Music app to go through all the files and display the artwork.
But I couldn’t find where it was stored. In the past, there was an Album Artwork folder in the /Music/iTunes folder in the home folder. While that folder is still there – and isn’t needed any more – artwork is now stored in a different location.
But I couldn’t find it at first. I was looking for a folder around the same size; my Album Artwork folder was always around 4-5 GB. The new path for artwork is:
For me, this folder is less than 1 GB, which is why I couldn’t find it previously. Interestingly, this folder no longer contains files with the extension .itc, which only a few apps could read, but the files are now the original .png or .jpg files that I added to my music files (or that came with purchases from the iTunes Store).
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Albums That Should Exist: Cream - Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MI, 10-15-1967
Ginger Baker, former drummer for Cream, died a few days ago. By all accounts, he was a jerk. (The interesting documentary "Beware of Mr. Baker" shows this in spades.) And yet, he had a towering musical talent on the drums. To mark his passing, I wanted to post something from Cream, and this live show came to mind.
In short, if you want one live concert from Cream, this is definitely it. This show is often on the list of best concert bootlegs of all time, for any musical act. It's the only soundboard from 1967, and when it comes to Cream concerts, the earlier the date, the better. As time passed during the band's short existence from 1966 to 1968, personality clashes, too much fame too soon, and other problems slowly killed the band's creative fire. Pretty much all the excellent sounding live recordings date from 1968 (except for this one!), including all the officially released material. But by then, while they were still able to run circles around most bands of the time, they had lost a lot from what they had been in 1966 and 1967.
So the content is stellar. But even though the sound quality is the best from 1967, it had some problems. I say "had" because I believe I've pretty much fixed them. The bootleg I own has some liner notes that note the vocals sometimes aren't heard well, and that was true. But luckily it turns out there's a lot of stereo separation on the recording, and one of the stereo tracks has nearly all the vocals. That enabled me to do some tinkering. For instance, for songs where the vocals were noticeably low, I painstakingly increased the volume for the vocals, doing so line by line.
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Flaming Lips and Few Spirits get together for a whiskey - Chicago Tribune
Do you realize that The Flaming Lips and Few Spirits are teaming up for a $124.99 whiskey? (I was going to attempt a pun referencing "Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus with Needles" instead, but it proved too complicated.)
Due in October, Evanston-based Few will release Brainville Rye Whiskey (named for a Flaming Lips song), which Few founder Paul Hletko said will be "a little spicier and more assertive" than the standard Few rye.
"The Flaming Lips do big, bold music, so we'll try to do a big bold whiskey," Hletko said.
Hletko said the project came together via Justin Helton, a Knoxville, Tenn., artist who designs visuals for The Lips as well as bands like Phish, The Avett Brothers, My Morning Jacket, Ween and The Black Keys. Helton reached out last year to propose a collaboration in which Few made the whiskey and Helton designed the label to evoke the Lips' motif, Hletko said.
The Lips — a fairly incredible Oklahoma City psychedelic rock band that has been making music for 30 years — didn't have a role in the conceptualization or production of the whiskey, but frontman Wayne Coyne still weighed in with a statement: "Whiskey …  it's such a volatile drink. Upon pouring a drink it's like accepting that you may become a werewolf …  And really ... Who doesn't want to become a werewolf ??? Ha."
Brainville Rye will be limited to 5,000 bottles, about one-fifth of which will be sold in the Chicago area. Hletko said he expects the whiskey to sell well despite the steep price because it will be limited ("Once it's gone, it's gone") and some people really like The Flaming Lips.
Hletko said he hopes the band will join him when to blend Brainville later this summer.
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Swig on This: Alice in Chains Have Their Own Bourbon | Consequence of Sound
"All Secrets Known" bourbon is described as "bold, sweet, and spicy"
The next time you light the candles and throw Alice in Chains’ MTV Unplugged on the turntable, consider sipping the band’s new bourbon, “All Secrets Known”. The new new 101 proof, “bold, sweet, and spicy” bourbon is a collaboration between the veteran rock act and Few Spirits’ master distiller Paul Hletko.
Taking its name from the lead track to the band’s 2009 album, Black Gives Way to Blue, “All Secrets Known” features custom label art by Justin Helton and retails for $75 (per 750ml). Described as Few’s standard bourbon finished for six months in tequila barrels, it is accentuated by grassy agave undertones.
“Nobody sounds like Alice in Chains,” Hletko said in a a statement (via Blabbermouth). “We were inspired by their courage to create a sound that flouted convention and thought, ‘There are lots of tequilas finished in bourbon barrels, but it’s rare to find a widely available bourbon finished in tequila barrels. Let’s do that instead.'”
It’s not Hletko’s first foray into the world of rock ‘n roll whiskeys, previously partnering with The Flaming Lips for their “Brainville” rye.
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Kirkville - How to Export an XML File in the Music App in macOS Catalina
iTunes was long able to create an XML file, which was a readable dump of its library file, so the apps could access information about your library. This file was also useful to have as a backup; if your iTunes Library file got corrupted, loading the XML file could allow you to recover your library.
In the macOS Catalina Music app, you can no longer have this file created automatically, but you can create it manually. This can be useful if you’re a DJ and want to use it with software that hasn’t been updated to use the iTunesLibrary framework, or if you just want to have a backup of your library.
To do this, choose File > Library > Export Library, name the file, and save it.
Again, there’s no way to automate this, but if you do need the file to use with a DJ app, you can just dump it before your set.
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Kirkville - macOS Catalina and DJs: Yes, It’s a Problem, but There’s a Workaround, and Developers Can Solve It
A number of publications have been reporting about issues the macOS Catalina and DJ software. One example is this article in The Verge, which points out that the XML file – a readable version of the Music library file – is no longer generated automatically. (And lots of other publications picked this up without checking.) However, this article incorrectly states that it is not possible to generate this file manually. In the Music app, choose File > Library > Export Library, name the file, and save it.
If necessary, a DJ can dump an XML file of their library before they begin a set and use it with existing software. Granted, it’s not as smooth a process, but it’s not rocket science.
DJs don’t use iTunes to play music, but they do use its powerful organizational tools to manage and find music, which is then played by specific apps for DJing. Those apps accessed the XML file simply to find the locations of files and play them; with the ability to dump an XML file, nothing much should change, other than the need to do this manually.
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Led Zeppelin II- 50th Anniversary- Jimmy Page, Robert Plant 10-21 | In The Studio with Redbeard
It hit American Top 40 radio fifty years ago like a thunderclap. When I heard both Chicago powerhouses WLS and WCFL play “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin in Fall 1969, it changed my life and forged the template for hard rock/ heavy metal for half a century. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant join me here In the Studio  on Led Zeppelin II‘s  fiftieth anniversary the week of October 21. –Redbeard
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Kirkville - After iTunes: macOS Catalina and the New Media Apps
macOS Catalina was released yesterday, and users are starting to discover this new operating system. It has plenty of interesting features, but there’s one big change for people who use their Macs to manage and play media. iTunes has been replaced by four apps, each of which manages a specific type of content:
Music: This app, which retains the core features of iTunes, manages both a local music library and a library in the cloud. It also gives users access to Apple Music, which offers streaming of more than 50 million tracks. The Music app can also store and play back music videos.
TV: video management features in iTunes, the TV app lets users manage a local movie and TV show library, as well as providing storage for home videos (these can be videos of your family, as well as rips of DVDs you own). In addition, it is the gateway to Apple’s large offering of movies that you can buy or rent from the iTunes Store and Apple TV+, Apple’s forthcoming streaming service, which will offer original content starting in late 2019.
Podcasts: Just as iTunes managed podcasts, allowing you to find, subscribe to, download, and listen to episodes of your favorite podcasts, the Podcasts app does this, and nothing more.
Books: The Books app, which has existed for a few years to manage ebooks, has expanded its reach, and now manages audiobooks, which had previously been the purview of iTunes.
In addition, the interfaces of these apps have been simplified, though there are two distinct styles of interface. The Music app is fairly minimalist, with all navigation done from the sidebar, whereas iTunes 12 required a combination of the sidebar, the Media Picker (a pop-up menu above the sidebar), and a series of tabs at the top-center of the window, to navigate different types of content. The Podcasts app presents a similar stripped-down look, but the TV and Books app do have tabs at the tops of their windows to allow you to navigate between local content and that from the iTunes Store.
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Kirkville - Locations of Media Files in macOS Catalina
With macOS 10.15 Catalina, and the splitting of iTunes into three apps (Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV), media files will be handled a bit differently. Here’s where the various files will be located.
Music: By default, these files will be stored in ~/Music . (~ is a shortcut for your home folder, the one with the house icon and your user name.)
Apple TV: For TV shows and movies, the default location is ~/Movies . Music Videos, however, will stay in the Music app.
Podcasts: Podcasts are stored in a cache folder in ~/Library/Group Containers/ . This is not designed to be user accessible, and the podcast files do not display the original file names. You can, however, drag podcast files from the Podcasts app to the Desktop or to a folder.
Books: Since Apple spun off the Books app, ebooks have been stored in a folder in your Library folder: This folder will contain both ebooks and audiobooks. As with podcasts, you’re not intended to visit this folder, and ebook files do not have their original names, though audiobooks do display their names. However, if you select a file and press the space bar to view it in Quick Look, you will see its cover. (This is not currently the case with podcasts; using Quick Look on a podcast file lets you listen to it, but there is no album artwork attached.)
When you upgrade from macOS Mojave, both the Music and Apple TV apps will remember the location of your existing media, if you are using a different folder than the default. And each of these apps has an Advanced preference allowing you to choose a location for its media folder. This means that you can store your music on one volume and your movies and TV shows on another volume, which can be practical for many people with large libraries.
Note that macOS Catalina is just a beta, and this information is subject to change.
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Led Zeppelin – Live On Blueberry Hill Stereo Matrix Master (Empress Valley Supreme Disc EVSD-1158/1159) – Collectors Music Reviews
The Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles, California, USA – September 4, 1970
Disc 1 (72:35) Introduction by J.J. Jackson, Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Dazed And Confused, Bring It On Home, That’s The Way, Bron-Yr-Aur, Since I’ve Been Loving You, Organ Solo, Thank You
Disc 2 (61:34) What Is And What Should Never Be, Moby Dick, Whole Lotta Love, Communication Breakdown, Out On The Tiles, Blueberry Hill
In early September an audio torrent was released featuring a four source matrix of Led Zeppelin’s famous Blueberry Hill concert. A matrix is a merge of sources, more or less layered on top of each other like making a sandwich, a somewhat crude explanation but you get the idea. The entity that did this audio enhancement is known as Night Owl, who has also done similar merges to The Rolling Stones Liver tape, Neil Young’s Manchester 11/3/1976 and Berkeley 10/3/1980, Led Zeppelin’s Texas 8/31/1969 and Fillmore West 4/27/1969, and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Fillmore West 7/4/1971 recordings, to great acclaim. What he is able to do with these matrix’ is to offer an alternate view, almost like taking the best of each sources attributes and making the best recording one could imagine.
His work on Led Zeppelin’s famous L.A. Forum gig from September 4, 1970 is nothing short of phenomenal, the sound has a depth that has not been heard on the singular sources. Most agree that this is the best sounding version of this famous concert and having had downloaded the original torrent, was most pleased to find out that Empress Valley has left the work alone and presented it as it should be. Much of the information that follows is from the original torrent and I felt that it certainly pertains to this title and is thus included in this review.
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Ginger Baker’s Essential Songs: Listen to 15 Tracks - The New York Times
The musician who helped define the role of the superstar rock drummer has died at 80.
Ginger Baker, who died Sunday at the age of 80, was an architect of rock drumming, spilling across tom-toms with both power and nuance. His work in the 1960s with the bands Cream and Blind Faith made him a defining figure of many basic rock band concepts: the “power trio,” the “supergroup,” the “drum solo,” “jamming,” “double-kick drumming” and — much to his trademark chagrin — an early thruway for “heavy metal.”
Baker was influenced by combustible, hyperkinetic jazz drummers like Art Blakey, Max Roach and Elvin Jones, along with the complex polyrhythms of Central Africa, shown to him by the British jazz drummer Phil Seamen. His playing was, in turn, heavy yet subtle, and Baker was quick to point out the differences between his work and the similarly influential bash of the Who’s Keith Moon and Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham.
Over a career that lasted more than 50 years, Baker found his pummeling sound leading or accompanying various strains of hard rock, jazz and Afrobeat. Here are 15 songs that show his influence and range.
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| Paula Pierce of The Pandoras - Dark November ...
Paula Pierce of The Pandoras - Dark November
“Dark November was one of the last demos recorded by Paula Pierce of The Pandoras. I believe it was recorded in late 1990. She passed away on August 10th, 1991 and the following day Rodney Bingenheimer played this song on his radio show during his tribute to Paula.” - Rogers Rave
“Paula recorded this on her 4 track. It’s all Paula (with a drum machine). This is how she used to present songs to the band.” - Sheri Kaplan
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Song of the Day: Fernando - The Dogs
Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. Today’s song, featured on The Midday Show with Cheryl Waters, is “The Dogs” by Fernando from the 2014 self-released single, out as a digital single on October 7th and as a limited-edition physical single on October 21st.
Fernando - The Dogs (MP3)
If you listen to The Midday Show on KEXP, chances are you've heard today's featured artist, Fernando. This Argentina-born Portland-based singer/songwriter has been sharing music for over twenty years now, and DJ Cheryl Waters has been a fan every step of the way.
Since relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 1994, Fernando found his voice, recording his rootsy, Tex-Mex-tinged, country rock, with lyrics in both English and Spanish. Magnet Magazine even named Fernando one of the "Best New Artists of 2006." Sadly, in finding his voice, he also risked it: Fernando developed ulcerations of the esophageal tissue and vocal chords after years of acid reflux.
The good news is, he's healed from a throat surgery that could've silenced him forever, and he's just finished his eighth album, Leave the Radio On. The triumphant comeback album features guest appearances from Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey (R.E.M, Minus 5, Baseball Project), alongside other prominent musicians from the Portland scene. Though the album won't hit stores until November 1st, a digital version is available now. And for an appetizer, Fernando has released his first 45 ever, "The Dogs" b/w "Donna (The Pride Of Topeka)," which will be out October 21st.
Fernando will be playing on October 10th at Underwood Stables before embarking on a European tour. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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Pixie Cropped
18 posts tagged shannyn sossamon
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Jack Bruce - Posts
The family of Jack Bruce would like to extend their sincere condolences to Ginger Baker’s family, friends and fans. Surviving a love hate relationship, Ginger was like an older brother to Jack, working together in The Graham Bond Organisation, making history with Cream and later collaborating with BBM. Each and every time, their chemistry was truly spectacular. RIP Ginger, one of the greatest drummers of all time
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R.I.P. Ginger Baker, Legendary Cream Drummer Dies at 80 | Consequence of Sound
Baker was hospitalized late last month after becoming "critically ill."
Legendary drummer Ginger Baker died Sunday, October 6th at the age of 80. Baker was best known as a member of Cream, and is regarded as one of the most influential drummers in rock history.
Baker was hospitalized late last month after becoming “critically ill.” According to a brief statement posted to his official Twitter account, he “passed away peacefully in hospital this morning.”
Born on August 19th, 1939, in Lewisham, South London, England, Baker took lessons as a teen from jazz drummer Phil Seaman, and crossed paths with eventual Cream bandmate Jack Bruce as a member of the blues group The Graham Bond Organization.
In 1966, he would form Cream with Bruce on bass and Eric Clapton on guitar, with all three members contributing vocals. The band was one of rock’s first power trios — paving the way for the likes of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and ZZ Top. Cream released four albums — Fresh Cream (1966), Disraeli Gears (1967), and Wheels of Fire (1968), and Goodbye (1969) — delivering iconic tunes such as “Sunshine of Your Love”, “White Room”, and “Crossroads” along the way.
While some have credited Cream’s combination of blues, psychedelia, and hard rock as a precursor to heavy metal, Baker was no fan of the genre. “People try to say that Cream gave birth to heavy metal,” he once told Rolling Stone. “If that’s the case, we should have had an abortion.”
Despite great success, Cream broke up at the height of their popularity, embarking on a farewell tour in late 1968.
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Ginger Baker, wild and brilliant Cream drummer, dies aged 80 | Music | The Guardian
Drummer who straddled jazz, blues and rock ‘passed away peacefully’
Ginger Baker: a master and monster who split rock music apart
A life in pictures: Ginger Baker
Ginger Baker, one of the most brilliant, versatile and turbulent drummers in the history of British music, has died aged 80.
His family had previously made it public that he was critically ill and asked fans to “please keep him in your prayers”. His Facebook page said he “passed away peacefully” on Sunday morning.
Paul McCartney was among those paying tribute, writing on Twitter: “Great drummer, wild and lovely guy … Sad to hear that he died but the memories never will.”
Baker was born in 1939 in Lewisham, south London, and grew up amid the blitz; his father was killed in action in 1943. He began drumming in his mid-teens, remembering in 2009: “I’d never sat behind a kit before, but I sat down – and I could play! One of the musicians turned round and said, ‘Bloody hell, we’ve got a drummer’, and I thought, ‘Bloody hell, I’m a drummer!’”
Early work came with the jazz guitarist Diz Disley – which ended when an 18-year-old Baker set fire to a hotel while on tour in Europe – and with bandleader Terry Lightfoot. He played blues in Blues Incorporated – including guest appearances with an early incarnation of the Rolling Stones – and US R&B with the Graham Bond Organisation, both alongside Jack Bruce on bass guitar.
Despite considerable friction between Baker and Bruce, the pair in 1966 formed Cream with Eric Clapton, who had previously played with the Yardbirds and John Mayall. Cream helped define the psychedelic rock sound of the decade, with Baker bringing both a jazz sensibility – Toad, from debut album Fresh Cream, features one of the first ever drum solos in rock – and a hard-hitting style, using two bass drums, that pointed towards heavy metal.
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Ginger Baker: Legendary Cream drummer dies aged 80 - BBC News
Ginger Baker, one of the most innovative and influential drummers in rock music, has died at the age of 80.
A co-founder of Cream, he also played with Blind Faith, Hawkwind and Fela Kuti in a long and varied career.
His style combined the lyricism of jazz with the crude power of rock. One critic said watching him was like witnessing "a human combine harvester".
But he was also a temperamental and argumentative figure, whose behaviour frequently led to on-stage punch-ups.
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Tom Petty: 50 Greatest Songs – Rolling Stone
His hits have defined rock radio since the Seventies, and he never stopped writing great music. Here’s the definitive guide to his best songs
“It’s a strange to say out loud, but I always felt destined to do this,” Tom Petty told Rolling Stone‘s David Fricke in 2009. “From a very young age I felt this was going to happen to me.” From his early days as a hard-jangling realist amidst the fluff-addled Seventies, Tom Petty was always one of rock’s most enduring Everyman heroes, as well as one of the preeminent songwriters of his generation. A Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers show could reach the two-hour mark and not make it through all of his hits and memorable album cuts, or explore every nook of his career. And he was writing classic songs right up to the end. Here’s our definitive rundown of his 50 greatest.
1 “American Girl”
“The American Girl is just one example of this character that I write about a lot,” Tom Petty said. “The small-town kid who knows there’s something more out there, but gets fucked up trying to find it. I always felt sympathetic with her.” On his greatest song, Petty channeled his sympathy into an American classic – recorded, fittingly, on July 4th, 1976. The song fuses decades of rock & roll into one supercharged anthem: Stan Lynch’s jumpy Bo Diddley beat echoes back to the Fifties; the bright guitar jangle evokes the Byrds (so much so that Byrds leader Roger McGuinn covered it); Mike Campbell’s high-flying runs at the outro are Seventies guitar-hero lightning; and the taut New Wave energy pushes into the Eighties and beyond (the Strokes nicked it for their 2001 hit “Last Nite”). Ironically, when it arrived as the second single on Petty and the Heartbreakers’ self-titled debut in 1977, it didn’t make the U.S. charts, though it did reach the Top 40 in the U.K., and remains a radio staple (“It felt like, ‘Wow, this might work,'” Campbell said, recalling the song’s initial success). The lyrics’ allusion to Route 441, which runs through Gainesville, Florida, inspired rumors that “American Girl” was about a University of Florida student who committed suicide by jumping off her dorm-room balcony. In fact, it was written in Petty’s Encino, California, apartment while he listened to the freeway outside. “The words just came tumbling out of me,” he said. “The girl was looking for the strength to move on – and she found it.”
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RELIQUARY: Scorpions - Maximum Uli Years (Bondage Music 252.3,4) [SBD]
'Maximum Uli Years'
(2002 Bondage Music : BON252/253/254)
Unreleased SBD Recordings in Uli Jon Roth era
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
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Albums That Should Exist: Various Artists - Covered: Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller, Volume 3, 1962-1978
Here's the third and last of three volumes containing the best songs from the songwriting team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.
If you look at the mp3 tags, the first nine songs are from 1962 or 1963. The last eight songs cover a much greater time range, 1964 to 1978. What happened? For one thing, the Beatles hit it big in early 1964, totally changing the music scene. But also, most successful songwriters tend to have a "golden age" or a decade or two, followed by a long, slow decline. This follows that pattern.
In putting this series together, I haven't limited myself to songs co-written by Leiber and Stoller. If either of them were credited, or if there were others as well, I figure those songs are fair game too. One example of that is the country classic "Jackson," which was co-written by Leiber, but not Stoller.
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Albums That Should Exist: Various Artists - Covered: Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller, Volume 2, 1959-1962
I've put together three albums of the best of the songwriting team Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. I feel like posting all three at once, so here's the second one in the series.
This volume covers the years of their commercial and creative peak. So it only deals with four years, a lot less than for the other two volumes. The first volume was dominated by Elvis Presley songs, with nine. There are only two songs performed by him this time.
There are five song by the Coasters. There would have been one more, but I went with a version of "Three Cool Cats" by the Beatles. The Coasters had a minor hit with the song, while the Beatles were nobodies at the time. In fact, their recording comes from an early audition to try to win a record contract. But of course, they're the Beatles. ;)
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Albums That Should Exist: Various Artists - Covered: Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller, Volume 1, 1952-1958
So far with this blog, I'm been prioritizing posting stray tracks compilation albums for individual artists, since those usually can't be found elsewhere. But there are other things I want to post, and one major category is various artists compilations. So far, I've posted a little bit of that, especially my series of "Nuggets" compilations sorted by country. I still plan on posting the US and Britain compilations in that series, but I have to figure out how to organize it into manageable pieces. In the meantime, I'm going to start this new series, which I call "Covered."
In my opinion, songwriters are drastically underappreciated. I believe that, in the long run, the quality of the song matters more than the performance. But of course the performer gets nearly all the fame and glory, in the same way that movie stars are usually much better known than directors, producers, or screenwriters. In this series, I want to highlight some of the greatest songwriters, or songwriting teams, of all time. Some in this series, such as Carole King or Smokey Robinson, have been major performing stars as well, but I plan on looking exclusively at songs performed by others.
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RELIQUARY: Beatles, The - Complete BBC Anthology (12 CD Box Set) [FM]
The Beatles
'Complete BBC Anthology' (12 CD Box Set)
(2001 Beeb Transcription Records : BT 001-012)
BBC Radio Broadcasts from 1962 to 1970.
FM Broadcast Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
I consider this set the best and most comprehensive Beatles BBC collection circulating, although a little f'd-up because I've had to spend a fair amount time creating this text file to reflect what's actually on the disc's, not what the artwork states. Hopefully I got it close
Obviously the BBC never released this much stuff; in the 80's BEEB Transcription Records (fake label) produced amazing vinyl albums in beautiful glossy covers with artwork that mirrored EMI releases, several of which I managed to pick up when I lived in Vancouver in 1989 in a store called The Beatles/Kiss Museum, for me, this place was heaven!).
To start we get all 6 tracks with Pete Best on drums (particularly interesting because the two shows were recorded before live audiences, so we get to hear Pete's drumming in a live setting which allows us to compare his "gig" playing style with Ringo's, forever a contentious issue in Beatles history).
Along with the 1962 Star Club recordings this is as close as we can get to the real authentic Beatles, playing songs from their vast live repertoire, many of which never saw proper studio recordings. I'm talking 'bout you, killer live stuff like "The Hippy Hippy Shake, "Clarabella", "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You" and the superb performance of "Soldier Of Love", it's a chance to hear what they might have sounded like during those lunchtime sessions in the Cavern, or gigs in the Locarno or Manchester Ballroom's. -Original
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Uli Jon Roth* * Jack Bruce * UFO - Legends Of Rock - Live At Castle Donington (2002, DVD) | Discogs
Uli Jon Roth* * Jack Bruce * UFO (5) ‎– Legends Of Rock - Live At Castle Donington
Steamhammer ‎– SPV 554-74647 DVD
Rock, Blues
Hard Rock
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Three Dog Night: Rock's First Vocal Trio
The Founding Members of the Kings of '70s AM Gold
Three Dog Night was a pop rock band whose uniqueness came from its unusual trio of lead singers (Cory Wells, Danny Hutton, and Chuck Negron), each with a distinct style; together they maintained a near-constant presence in the Nixon-era Top 10 by interpreting an entire generation of up-and-coming, equally idiosyncratic songwriters. The approach not only made them ubiquitous, it resulted in one of the widest stylistic ranges of any Seventies pop group, going on to chart 21 Billboard Top 40 hits across their career.
Three Dog Night's Original Members
The story of Three Dog Night begins with its three lead vocalists, all fixtures on the late-Sixties L.A. scene: Chuck Negron, an unsuccessful solo artist recording on Columbia, Danny Hutton, a semi-successful solo artist for MGM and Hanna-Barbera, and Cory Wells, a mainstay at the Whisky a Go-Go who had signed on to tour with Sonny and Cher. Hutton's idea of a pop group with three equal leads (pre-Crosby Stills and Nash) led to a band named Redwood; the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson was taken with them enough to sign on as their producer. When the Boys refused to let Wilson do outside work, however, the group was stranded.
This didn't stop Wells, Hutton and Negron, who went on to form Three Dog Night in 1968 in Los Angeles, California. The new name originated from a story that Hutton's girlfriend, actress June Fairchild, had read about earlier that year about the indigenous Australian tradition of sleeping with dingos on especially cold nights (one dog for cold, two dogs for very cold, and a "three dog night" for freezing temperatures).
The vocalists recruited Ron Morgan as a guitarist, Floyd Sneed as a drummer, Joe Schermie as a bassist and Jimmy Greenspoon as a keyboardist and signed to Dunhill Records where they went on to sell over 40 million records.
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RELIQUARY: Yardbirds, The [1967.07.22] Live In Santa Monica [MP3 + FLAC]
The Yardbirds
'Live In Santa Monica'
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
Santa Monica, California, USA
Saturday July 22nd, 1967
Good Audience Recording
Available in both:  320 Kbps MP3 & FLAC
Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. The Train Kept A-Rollin' [end only]
02. You're A Better Man Then I
03. Heart Full Of Soul
04. I Wish You Would / Hey Gyp
05. My Baby
06. Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine
07. Smile On Me
08. I'm A Man
09. Over Under Sideways Down
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The story of Humble Pie, the anti-supergroup | Louder
In 1971 Steve Marriott’s mad mod-rock brew blew up big style, taking the rest of Humble Pie with him – for better and for worse.
It's July 3,1971. The morning dawns grey and there is a persistent drizzle. In London’s West End a crowd is starting to gather, descending upon Hyde Park for a festival. There are posters on lampposts that announce ‘Free Pie In The Park’. Britain is in the doldrums but things can’t be that bad, can they?
Walking down Oxford Street or Bayswater or Knightsbridge you can hear the muffled noise of a giant PA system. And then you arrive at the old hunting grounds to join the masses who will enjoy the biggest free rock event of the year, with a bill featuring Heads, Hands And Feet, headliners Grand Funk Railroad – one of the many self-styled biggest bands in the world at the time – and, sandwiched between them, Humble Pie, an antidote to supergroups but now in their absolute pomp.
Backstage, the Pie men are hopping about their trailers, keeping an eye on their fleet of Bentleys and Rollers. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Steve Marriott is buzzing about. He’s 5’5”, full of nervous energy, dressed in a scoop-necked long-sleeved T-shirt, brushed velvet bell-bottoms and white stack-heel shoes.
Lead guitarist Peter Frampton emerges from his caravan wearing a green suit from Mr Freedom. Bassist Greg Ridley and drummer Jerry Shirley, less flamboyantly attired, are smoking a large spliff and cracking jokes with all and sundry.
Out front, the atmosphere is tense thanks to the presence of scores of Hells Angels from the South London chapters and an unsettling number of skinheads. The occasional bottle or Watney’s Party Seven keg sails through the air; a festival regular known as Jesus wanders among a crowd that includes Alexis Korner, Andy Fraser from Free, and future – then unknown – members of the Sex Pistols and The Damned. Later today Jim Morrison will be found dead in a bath in Paris. Rider on the storm.
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The “She” Surmise: The Zombies, “She’s Not There” (1964) |
Now that gender pronouns are under renegotiation, it’s a good time to think about the charge of “he” and “she” in songs, or anytime. Especially “she.”
I have long wondered what can be said about the inherent meaning of the word “she” which hums with a life of its own, no matter what else is said with it. The answer is not going to be simple. It’s not going to be “femininity” (not that “femininity” is simple). It’s not going to be mother or babe. It does have to be something distinguished — some notable appearance of the human.
I’m reflecting the sense of it I grew up with. And that seems to be what the old Adam and Eve story is going for, as Human Being Version 2.0 arrives on the scene and we must imagine Human Being Version 1.0 attending to her with the most profound curiosity.
Love “she,” fear “she,” denounce “she,” deconstruct “she” — one of your obvious points of reference for any of these purposes would be a song called “She’s Not There.” But what can we see in this Zombies hit in Hooks perspective? Is it an important “she”-song in its musical substance?
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Linda Ronstadt Documentary: Harris, Parton Talk ‘Trio’ Album – Rolling Stone
New Ronstadt documentary ‘The Sound of My Voice’ opens September 6th
“Linda could literally sing anything,” Dolly Parton says of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Linda Ronstadt in the forthcoming documentary, The Sound of My Voice. Featuring new and archival interview footage with Ronstadt and several of her musical collaborators and longtime friends, the film is a stirring reminder of Ronstadt’s vocal prowess across musical genres, made all the more poignant by the singer’s battle with Parkinson’s disease and her subsequent retirement from performing in 2009.
The Sound of My Voice touches on many facets of Ronstadt’s life: her Mexican ancestry, her folk and country beginnings, and her role as one of rock music’s most influential women. It also delves into the unlikely but hugely successful forays into light opera, the Great American Songbook, and one of country music’s most successful collaborative albums of all time, Trio. Musicians who appear in the film include Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and songwriter Karla Bonoff.
In the late Eighties, after a decade of trying to coordinate their schedules in order to record and properly promote their long-gestating Trio LP, Ronstadt, longtime friend Emmylou Harris and their idol, Dolly Parton, finally birthed the project that would go on to become one of the most beloved country albums of all time. Trio showcased heavenly harmony and musical kinship, selling over one million copies and earning a Grammy.
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The Big Takeover: Mark Lanegan: Psycho Las Vegas Preview
On Monday, Mark Lanegan — the gritty yet softhearted, seemingly invincible crooner of lore — busted out a new tune, “Letter Never Sent,” from his upcoming album Somebody’s Knocking. In addition to sneak-peeking the record, due in mid-October, he unveiled dates for a lengthy U.K. and European tour that will run from around the release of the new record through mid-December.
But a couple of months before the action surrounding his 11th solo album fires up, Lanegan — the 54-year-old singer of Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age and the Gutter Twins — will take a trip to Sin City for a very special engagement: his first performance at Psycho Las Vegas. It will take place Saturday, August 17, at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.
Among the many musicians eager to witness his festival debut are Amenra, Hangman’s Chair, Yakuza and Wino. (Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with the Obsessed frontman.) That those fans span generations and music genres is a testament to the broad appeal of Lanegan’s 35-year oeuvre.
Earlier this month, the jovial artist shared amusing anecdotes over the phone about his ex-wife, almost getting hit with flying objects while opening for Guns N’ Roses in late 2017, his upcoming appearances on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and having “lots of problems that involve repetitive damaging behaviors.”
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Glenn Hughes Is the New Frontman of Supergroup The Dead Daisies | Consequence of Sound
Along with the lineup change comes the new single "Righteous Days"
The Dead Daisies have seen a revolving door of musicians since forming in 2013. Now, the supergroup has made perhaps its most significant change, with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Glenn Hughes taking over as singer and bassist.
Hughes — who was a member of Deep Purple in their Mk. III and Mk. IV lineups and briefly fronted Black Sabbath in the ’80s — actually takes over for two departing musicians: singer John Corabi (Mötley Crüe) and bassist Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake).
The Dead Daisies’ lineup now consists of Hughes, guitarist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), guitarist David Lowy (Mink, Red Phoenix), and drummer Deen Castronovo (Journey).
Along with the lineup change comes a new single, “Righteous Days”, which can be heard in the YouTube player below.
The Dead Daisies addressed the lineup change, the new song, and their upcoming album in the following statement posted on their website:
“The Dead Daisies are a musical collective, whose members come together through a common love for great rock music. It’s a living, breathing, musical organism with the credo, ‘Rock is indeed alive & well!’ From the band’s inception, the idea was for members to bring their own ideas to the table but also have the flexibility to come and go when working on their other projects. Both John and Marco are, and always will be, a part of The Dead Daisies musical family, but at this point in time they have decided to do some work on their own solo projects.
Yes, the guys have recently been in the studio in LA recording some new music with legendary singer & bass player Glenn Hughes. ‘Righteous Days’ is airing exclusively across the planet this week. David, Doug, Deen & Glenn head back into the studio later in the year to finish the album and look forward to seeing you on the road in 2020!!”
Prior to Hughes coming on board, The Dead Daisies recorded and recently released a covers album called Locked & Loaded, featuring renditions of classics by The Who, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and more.
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10 Essential Supergroup Albums | Louder
Often maligned and occasionally magnificent, sometimes supergroups make albums as good as the sum of their parts
The very term ‘supergroup’ conjures images of unworkable creative differences, multiple battling band managers and one album’s worth of meagre music before the inevitable implosion. Remember Blind Faith, Beck, Bogert & Appice or Hagar, Schon, Aaronson Shrieve? (does anyone remember Hagar, Schon, Aaronson Shrieve?)
And yet sometimes, just sometimes, the stars align and the musicians curb their egos long enough to create something worthwhile. From blues-rock pioneers helping to invent heavy metal to a 90s Seattle grunge love-in, via 70s prog and folk rockers reborn, here are the 10 Essential Supergroup Albums.
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The 10 best double albums in rock | Louder
From the late 60s through to the late 80s, some of the greatest and most influential albums ever made were doubles
1. Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti (1975)
From the greatest rock band of them all, the greatest double album. Led Zeppelin albums were always beautifully crafted, and never more so than on Physical Graffiti, wherein new songs were blended with archive material into a seamless whole that perfectly illustrated the breadth and depth of Zeppelin’s music. As Jimmy Page said of Physical Graffiti: “It gives all the different colours and textures. Like all of our albums, it was it important that it was exactly how it was.”
Fittingly, the band’s most epic album includes their most epic track, Kashmir, and other huge pieces such as In My Time Of Dying and In The Light. And from the vaults, Page pulled out a number of brilliant tracks that hadn’t made the cut on previous records: outtakes from Led Zeppelin IV in Night Flight and Boogie With Stu, the latter named after guest star and “sixth Rolling Stone” Ian Stewart; and from the Houses Of The Holy sessions, that album’s ‘lost’ title track and the rustic Black Country Woman, recorded al fresco with the sound of a plane flying overhead.
The scope of Physical Graffiti is vast, from the crunching hard rock of Custard Pie through to the Stevie Wonder-inspired funk of Trampled Under Foot and the beautiful acoustic folk stylings of Bon-Yr-Aur, and on to Kashmir. Ultimately, Led Zeppelin IV is the band’s definitive album, but Physical Graffiti might just be their best.
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The 30 Best Grunge Albums of All Time
3. Pearl Jam, 'Ten' (1991)
According to some troublemaking observers, Pearl Jam crashed the grunge party thrown by Nirvana with the rather more classic rock-steeped (as opposed to punk-based) sound of 1991’s Diamond-certified ‘Ten.’ But there’s no disputing the fact that the group composed of former Green River and Mother Love Bone members Gossard and Ament had more than earned its Seattle birthright. What’s more, now classic songs like “Even Flow,” “Alive” and “Jeremy” (all released one month prior to ‘Nevermind,’ incidentally) did just as much to codify grunge’s signature sound among the masses as Kurt’s creations, making Pearl Jam’s magnum opus a worthy cornerstone of alternative rock’s rising tide.
2. Nirvana, 'Nevermind' (1991)
That ‘Nevermind’ ranks among the greatest rock records of all time goes without saying; but it also bears mentioning that Nirvana’s sophomore opus catalyzed a musical and cultural revolution like no other work of popular music short of the Beatles' ‘Sgt. Pepper.’ A perfect storm of raw power and melodic sensitivity ‘Nevermind’ and its complement of immortal tunes, led by “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” basically claimed rock and roll back for its original intended audience – disenfranchised youths -- 35 years after Elvis set the example. In doing so, it created a reluctant living legend out of band leader Kurt Cobain (with bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl not far behind), and turned this strange term, “Grunge,” into a household word.
1. Alice in Chains, 'Dirt' (1992)
If the public at large still remained oblivious to the grunge community’s pervasive drug abuse, then Alice in Chains went ahead and told them all about it on 1992’s ‘Dirt.’ Undisguised examples like “Sickman,” “Junkhead,” “God Smack” and “Angry Chair” were terrifying and mesmerizing in equal measures, and similarly gloomy issues like depression, war, and mortality pervaded other key tracks like “Them Bones,” “Rooster” and “Would.” All of which might have made AIC’s sophomore album a downer and a slump, if not for the haunting beauty of Cantrell and Staley’s vocal harmonies and the musical exorcism of their demons.
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Alice in Chains' 'Dirt': 10 Facts Only Superfans Would Know
By 1991, Alice in Chains had already made their grand entrance with Facelift. Anthems such as "Man in the Box" and "We Die Young" proved this band were going to be one of the biggest of the decade. But no one had any idea what was coming next.
The quartet released their sophomore album Dirt on Sept. 29, 1992. It was their sludgiest, darkest work yet, and also their last with original bassist Mike Starr. Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell's haunting vocal harmonies were back, and the music was heavier overall. Coming in right after the explosion of grunge, Dirt spawned five singles and spent 106 total weeks on the charts.
In celebration of the anniversary of one of the best grunge albums in rock history, here are 10 facts only Alice in Chains superfans would know about Dirt.
1. It's statistically their best album.
Many rock fans choose Dirt as their top AIC album, but the facts support the notion as well. Though their self-titled third effort debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and Dirt peaked at No. 6, the latter sold almost twice as many copies, making it their highest-selling album.
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Albums That Should Exist: Robert Plant & the Honeydrippers - Volume Two - Various Songs (1990-2007)
In terms of officially recorded output, the Honeydrippers barely exist. The band put out one EP of five songs in 1984 called "Volume One," and there's never been a "Volume Two." Until now, that is. Because, in practice, "the Honeydrippers" is the name Robert Plant has used whenever he's been in the mood to sing covers of the songs he loved when he was a kid. I take that to mean songs from the era before the mid-1960s when the Beatles and others drastically changed music.
A few months ago, I posted my version of "Volume One." I took the original 18 minutes of the EP and expanded it to 45 minutes by adding other songs Plant did from 1984 to 1986 that fit the criterion I mentioned above. There happened to be a lot, because Plant was in the mood for that early style of music at times, even while he was having a very successful career as a star of "modern rock" music.
Here's a link to that, by the way:
I'm daring to make a "Volume Two" here, even though the "Honeydrippers" as such pretty much didn't exist for the time in question. (Plant did use that name for a concert of nothing but rootsy covers in 2007, but I'm not including anything from that because the whole concert is something I'd like to post here at a later date.) What I've done is collected Plant's covers of pre-mid-1960s songs that didn't make it to any of his studio albums. Luckily for my collection, it turns out he's often participated in tribute albums to the musical heroes of his youth, so I've used a lot of those performances. He's also done the occasional cover in concert that fits the bill. But in the case of bootlegs, I've only used performances that are from excellent soundboards where all the audience noise can be edited out. Happily, there are a few of those too.
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Albums That Should Exist: Robert Plant & the Honeydrippers - Volume One - Extended Version (1984-1986)
In my last post, I said I would post more from Robert Plant and the Honeydrippers soon. Here were are, already! :)
As I said with that last post, I was inspired by a recent post at the "Albums Back from the Dead" blog to come up with more Honeydrippers music. The Honeydrippers only released one EP in 1984 called "Volume One" that had just five songs on it, for a total of 19 minutes. The "Albums Back from the Dead" took the approach of looking later in Robert Plant's career for more similar music to create a "Volume Two." I tried a different approach of sticking close to the time the EP came out, 1984 to 1986, to see if I could find more music done in a similar style.
I also commented on my last post that one needs to think of the Honeydrippers as Robert Plant and a bunch of other musicians playing rockabilly and other 1950's-styled music. That's because the big name musicians on the EP like Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck rarely played this type of music with Plant again.
(The Honeydrippers did play on Saturday Night Live shortly after the EP came out, but even then, the big name guitarist was Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats instead of Page or Beck. I've included one of the songs from that performance here, "Santa Claus Is Back in Town." The other song played was one of the songs from the EP that wasn't so different from the EP version, so I didn't include it.)
It turns out that Plant really loves this sort of music, and his history with the Honeydrippers name goes well beyond the EP, from 1981 to the 2000s. If you're interested in the whole story, I suggest reading this newspaper article about it:
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Viral Greta Thunberg "Death Metal" Track Is Now a Charity Single | Consequence of Sound
Despotz Records is donating all profits to Greenpeace
Last week, YouTuber John Mollusk posted a “death metal” version of Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg’s passionate UN speech. Now, with the clip approaching 4 million views, record label Despotz Records has turned the track into a charity single.
Mollusk, also known as John Meredith, dubbed his vocals over Greta Thunberg’s speech, giving it an extreme-metal makeover, and earning the attention of Thunberg herself. The 16-year-old climate crusader shared the video on Twitter, writing, “From now on I’ll be doing death metal only.”
Enter Swedish label Despotz Records, which has transformed the YouTube clip into a charity single called “How Dare You”, with all profits benefitting Greenpeace. The song’s title is in reference to the exclamation Thunberg repeated multiple times during her speech while reprimanding world leaders for their lack of action on climate change.
greta  activism  climate_change  politics  leadership  teenager  protest  music  charity  heavy_metal  UN  speech  youtube 
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Road House Soundtrack | The Official Jeff Healey Site
Track Listing
01. Roadhouse Blues
03. I’m Tore Down
05. When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky
09. Hoochie Coochie Man
Additional Credits
01. Roadhouse Blues
W: Jim Morrison, Robby Krieger, John Densmore, Ray Manzarek
03. I'm Tore Down
W: Sonny Thompson
05. When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky
W: Bob Dylan
JEFF HEALEY Lead Guitar/Vocal, MARIA MCKEE Background Vocals, JOE ROCKMAN Bass, TOM STEPHEN Drums, BENMONT TENCH Keyboards
09. Hoochie Coochie Man
W: Willie Dixon
music  80s  soundtrack  blues_rock  maria_mckee  movies  action  guitar 
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50 Reasons We Still Love The Beatles' Abbey Road | Consequence of Sound
Nostalgic, funny, and gutting, here’s why we’re still listening 50 years later
Fifty years ago this month, The Beatles came out with Abbey Road — the last album they ever recorded as a group, and, alongside Let It Be, the closing cap on their decade-long tenure as the biggest popular phenomenon in musical history.
Abbey Road has a singular feel compared to the rest of their albums: at once cohesively recognizable as its own project and easily traceable to their other work. It received mixed reviews upon its release, but its critical and public reputations have only grown in the 50 years since, thanks partly to expanding perspectives and partly to the increasing and almost mythical feeling of finality surrounding it. The Beatles quit while they were ahead about as surely as a band can, and they never attempted any comeback albums or tours or performances that might have diluted their closing curtain or tacked something else onto it — meaning, Abbey Road is it.
It’s this, perhaps, that calls the entire character of the band to mind during a listen of Abbey Road. It’s not just any album; it’s one rooted, steeped in story and history. There are things that it honors and things that it questions and things that it shows us.
In honor of the album’s anniversary, we’ve put together a list of 50 moments and details that define or recall what was, and still is, great about the album and the band who made it. It’s a hard thing to confine to a solid list, a strange and kind of unnatural thing to measure. But here it is, in an effort to acknowledge one of the greatest albums and bands in history and what about them stays with us even today.
music  beatles  record  anniversary  review  60s  reissue 
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The Recording of the “That Boy John” EP | It's My Party!
May 12 | JohnG
That Boy John Cover
After the success of the single “Can’t” in 1997, IT’S MY PARTY! set out to record more material, with a goal of a 1998 release. Unlike “Can’t,” which took two years to complete, while enduring several vocal personnel changes, the next recording benefited from the polished vocal lineup of Vanessa, Roseanna, and newcomer Lauren, who had replaced Aubrey. Aubrey, finding it difficult to juggle her commitment to the group with the pursuit of her other passion, theater performance, departed on good terms, and would return for a second stint in IT’S MY PARTY! the following year.
I selected the material for the new release based on the relative strengths of the singers. Vanessa’s voice seemed to lend itself to a relatively unknown Barry/Greenwich composition, “That Boy John.” A decade before, in 1988, Paul Kanack and I visited Ellie Greenwich’s Manhattan apartment with the idea of working with her. She shared with us her frustration about the timing of the release of “That Boy John,” by her group, The Raindrops, in early December 1963, just weeks after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The timing couldn’t have been worse, and the record failed to chart. It was her thought that a release at any other time would have produced a hit. Remembering this, Paul and I were determined to give this song a second chance. “That Boy John” became the title track of the new release.
The second song selected for the single was “I’m Bobby’s Girl.” Not to be confused with “Bobby’s Girl,” by Marcie Blaine, “I’m Bobby’s Girl” was an original song, written by Syeed Abdulal-haqq, especially for the group.
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"Can’t," an IT’S MY PARTY! recording from 1995-97 | It's My Party!
Jul 27   |   JohnG
The cover of the “Can’t” CD Single from 1997
 I’d like to tell you the story of the release of the IT’S MY PARTY! single entitled “Can’t” b/w “I’d Much Rather Be With the Girls.” It’s hard to believe that so much time has past since this recording, and I’d like to write down my recollections of this project before I lose any more memory of the events as they unfolded. Fortunately, we keep very good records of the recording sessions as well as saving artifacts through the years.
IT’S MY PARTY! got back into the studio in 1995 with the intention of recording and releasing a single. The group was in a state of flux for the previous two years, but the time seemed right in ’95, as new candidates auditioned for the vocal lineup and had shown potential.
I thought it would be a nice tribute to the original girl group sound to try to recreate one of the thousands of great tunes to choose from. I always liked Donna Lynn’s version of “I’d Much Rather Be With the Girls,”  a Rolling Stones song from their album, Metamorphosis, recorded in 1965.  Besides paying out the proper mechanical royalties, we needed to ask permission to change the name from “I’d Much Rather Be With the Boys,” to “I’d Much Rather Be With the Girls.” With permission from the publisher granted, we proceeded to track this one in the spirit of the Donna Lynn version.
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Robert Plant will release a vinyl singles box set in December - Led Zeppelin News
Robert Plant has announced a new box set of 7-inch vinyl records of his solo singles.
The new box set, titled “Digging Deep,” will be released on December 13 and will cost £80 through the Rhino Music store or £91.99 through Amazon UK.
The box set will include eight 7-inch records with one track on each side of vinyl:
Vinyl 1:
Side A: Burning Down One Side
Side B: Like I’ve Never Been Gone
Vinyl 2:
Side A: Big Log
Side B: In The Mood
Vinyl 3:
Side A: Too Loud
Side B: Little By Little
Vinyl 4:
Side A: Ship of Fools
Side B: Tall Cool One
Vinyl 5:
Side A: Hurting Kind
Side B: Tie Dye on the Highway
Vinyl 6:
Side A: Calling To You
Side B: 29 Palms
Vinyl 7:
Side A: Song To The Siren
Side B: Morning Dew
Vinyl 8:
Side A: Shine It All Around
Side B: Tin Pan Valley
Every track is listed on Amazon UK as a 2006 remaster, apart from “Morning Dew” and “Tin Pan Alley.”
Here’s the covert art for the new box set...
The cover art uses a painting that was previously featured in the packaging of the 12-inch vinyl record release of “I Believe.”
Here’s the full description of the new box set:
“Robert Plant is celebrating the second season of his hugely popular podcast, Digging Deep with Robert Plant, with the release of a very special limited edition 7’’ singles box set. Digging Deep includes 16 A-sides and rare B-sides spanning three decades, remastered versions available on vinyl for the first time. The eight-disc collection also features restored artwork from the original 7’’ releases, packaged in a bespoke hardback book.”
The box set was announced in the latest episode of Robert Plant’s “Digging Deep” podcast. You can listen to it below...
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Stream The Highwomen - The Highwomen | Consequence of Sound
The highly anticipated collaboration from Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires
The Highwomen, the country supergroup featuring Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires, have today shared their self-titled debut album. Stream the whole thing below via Apple Music and Spotify.
Since riding onto the scene earlier this summer with their debut performance at Newport Folk Festival, The Highwomen have been the source of great hype. The quartet announced their existence with the powerful feminist anthem “Redesigning Women”, which they followed with second single “Crowded Table”. Last month, they shared their titular song, a reworking of the classic “The Highwaymen” by the outlaw country supergroup of the same name featuring Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. The original songwriter, Jimmy Webb, had a hand in the rewrite.
Joining the primary foursome on “Highwomen” and at Newport were Yola and Sheryl Crow, just some of the many guest artists who appear on the LP. Shires’ husband, Jason Isbell, plays guitar on the record, while Carlile’s frequent twin collaborators Phil and Tim Hanseroth both sing and respectively play bass and guitar. Other contributors include Chris Powell (drums), Peter Levin (keys), and producer Dave Cobb (guitar). In addition to songwriting by Carlile, Hemby, Morris, Shires, Isbell, and the Hanseroths, track credits also go to Rodney Clawson, Lori McKenna, Miranda Lambert and Ray LaMontagne.
Speaking to Rolling Stone about what the formation of The Highwomen has meant, Carlile said,
“The Highwomen has become an adjective for any transcendent women’s group. For anyone who wants to step aside and amplify the women to the left and right, and not compete. Which is actually radical and revolutionary. It’s radical because it’s not easy to find. And it’s revolutionary because so many of us are afraid to admit we are competing. It’s such a hard thing to admit about yourself.”
Take a listen to The Highwomen below.
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Swan Song: the secret history of Led Zeppelin’s lost masterpiece | Louder
Jimmy Page dug up several unheard gems for the recent Led Zeppelin reissues. But there's one song that still remains unreleased – Swan Song
The fertile sessions for Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti album produced a number of landmark songs, including In My Time Of Dying and Kashmir. And among them was another track that had the potential to be a Zeppelin classic. An ambitious, virtuoso instrumental titled Swan Song, it was sketched out and partially recorded during the album sessions but, frustratingly, never completed – even though, like many of his ideas, Jimmy Page would not quite let it rest.
The seeds of Swan Song were sown in early 1974 when Zeppelin reconvened to begin work on Physical Graffiti at Headley Grange, the 18th-century workhouse in Hampshire where they’d recorded their fourth album.
The band had endured a crisis the previous autumn when John Paul Jones announced that he was fed up with the relentless touring and was planning to quit the band. He even suggested, albeit with his tongue firmly in his cheek, that he was considering becoming choirmaster at Winchester Cathedral. It took all the efforts of manager Peter Grant to talk him out of it.
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RELIQUARY: Ramones, The - Ramones 1st Demo (14 Tracks) [SBD]
The Ramones
'Ramones 1st Demo'
Radio City Music Hall Studios
New York City, NY, USA
Recorded: February 10th, 1975
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3
The early demo recordings offer a fascinating alternative insight into how the
eventual debut album might have otherwise sounded. Their dense, primal
sound reveals the surprising amount of dilution that the first record's somewhat
conceptual mix wrought upon the quartet's fundamental power. -Original
Track List:
01 - I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
02 - 53rd & 3rd
03 - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
04 - Judy Is A Punk
05 - Loudmouth
06 - Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
07 - I Can't Be
08 - Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
09 - I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
10 - I Don't Wanna Be Learned / I Don't Wanna Be Tamed
11 - You're Gonna Kill That Girl
12 - What's Your Game
13 - Chainsaw
14 - You Should Never Open That Door
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RELIQUARY: Robert Plant [2002.06.22] Maida Vale Studios, London [FM]
Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation
BBC Radio 2, Maida Vale Studios
London, England
Saturday June 22nd, 2002
FM Broadcast  Recording
Encoded: 256 Kbps MP3
A rare live radio appearance by Robert Plant, who comes in to BBC Radio 2's Maida Vale Studios for the "Richard Allinson on Saturday" show, to play some songs with his new band Strange Sensation, including Led Zeppelin's "Celebration Day", and be interviewed. He even discusses his personal life (well, slightly). The sound is excellent, and the songs are played well. -BootlegZone
Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 - Celebration Day
02 - Darkness, Darkness
03 - Interview
04 - Interview
05 - Fixin' To Die
06 - Morning Dew
00 - Interview
08 - Tall Cool One
09 - Song To The Siren
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The oral history of Veruca Salt's American Thighs
There are bands that find success relatively early—and then there’s Veruca Salt. Within the span of their first half-dozen shows in 1993, the Chicago foursome—singers and guitarists Nina Gordon and Louise Post, bassist Steve Lack, and drummer Jim Shapiro, Gordon’s brother—were signed to a label. Six months later, they had recorded an album. Before 1994 was up, they’d be signed to Geffen; have a massive hit in their first single, “Seether” (also a staple on MTV at the time); and be well on the way to American Thighs, the band’s debut LP, going gold and spending 23 weeks straight on the Billboard charts. Time-wise, it was less like experiencing quicker-than-expected stardom, and more like being strapped to a booster rocket and launched into the stratosphere.
Although the original lineup only released two full albums before breaking up (the band reunited in 2014 and released the excellent Ghost Notes), they remain one of the defining bands of the mid-’90s alternative rock era, defined by the indelible harmonies of Post and Gordon’s dual-vocal magic. Rolling Stone has listed the album as one of the best records from “alternative’s greatest year” while Spin named “Seether” one of the best alt-rock songs, nestled comfortably between Soundgarden and Blur.
For the 25th anniversary of American Thighs’ release on September 27, 1994, we spoke to the key players behind the landmark record: Each member of the band, along with producer Brad Wood and Minty Fresh label head Jim Powers, weighed in with their thoughts about the heady time when a young Chicago band just starting out found itself in a maelstrom of excitement.
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September 2019 - Heart of Markness
There! Now I’m caught up with the podcast episodes! From this point forward I will (try to) post the episodes weekly, with synopsis, and additional content. These are literal dumps to get caught up.
Episode 15 - Super Cool Led Zeppelin Live Covers
Episode 16 - Led Zeppelin Blueberry Hill 1970
Episode 21 - Led Zeppelin - Better Blueberry Hill And More
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RELIQUARY: Guns N' Roses - Early Demos 1981-1986 (15 Tracks) [SBD]
Guns N' Roses
Early Demos 1981-1986
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Track List:
'Hollywood Rose' Works 1981:
01 - Shadow Of Your Love (Hollywood Rose, Demo)
02 - My Way, Your Way (Early Version of Anything Goes, Hollywood Rose, Demo)
03 - Wreckless (Early Version of Recless Life, Hollywood Roe, Demo)
'Hollywood Rose' 1981 Studio Demos Axl & Izzy's First Demo Recording Session
(Izzy Plays Bass Without Axl On This Song):
04 - Unknown Title Song #1
1986 Early Studio Demos Recorded At Various Locations In 1986:
05 - Welcome To The Jungle (Version 1, Early Studio Demo)
06 - Out Ta Get Me (Early Studio Demo)
07 - Anything Goes (Early Studio Demo)
08 - Ain't Goin' Down (aka Meet & Beer Jam, Early Studio Demo)
09 - Don't Cry (Early Studio Demo)
10 - Back Off Bitch (Early Studio Demo)
11 - Shadow Of Your Love (Early Studio Demo)
12 - Welcome To The Jungle (Version 2, Early Studio Demo)
13 - Fucking Crazy (Early Version of You're Crazy, Early Studio Demo)
14 - November Rain (Acoustic Guitar Version, Early Studio Demo)
15 - November Rain (Piano Version, Early Studio Demo)
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Top 10 Neil Peart Rush Songs
For years, critics viewed Rush as the poster boys for overblown, pretentious rock music. Their fans, on the other hand, had nothing but love for them -- which continues stronger than ever to this day. As the member responsible for most of the band's lyrics, drummer Neil Peart has always taken his share of abuse. But there's more to his words than meets the eye, or rather, ear. Plus, he's a hell of a drummer. There aren't too many guys who can dominate the kit like the Professor, as you'll see in our list of the Top 10 Neil Peart Rush Songs.
'By-Tor and the Snow Dog'
From: 'Fly by Night' (1975)
The centerpiece of Rush's second album Fly by Night, "By-Tor and the Snow Dog" encompasses everything the band represented at the time and provided a template for the next few years. The song storms out of the gate with Peart driving, steering it through dangerous curves and the occasional bumps. He's solid, but also not afraid to go off on tangents from time to time. The track's instrumental passage takes one wild detour.
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AMY ANNELLE | ENTER, stranger, and hear the haunts of nature | The Great Unveiling : wild geese from the west
"The Evil Devil Blues" by Johnny Temple (1935), adapted by Amy Annelle
Johnny Temple's "The Evil Devil Blues" was his adaption of Skip James' "Devil Got my Woman"
I'd rather be dead and in my lonesome tomb, lonesome tomb to hear another woman, some woman done taken my room, take my room I'd rather be with the devil than be with man, with that man even when I love thee, man I love, the man I love, he don't pay me no mind, me no mind so I packed my things, goin' further down the line, down the line angel last night I, down last night, I laid down last night and I tried to take my rest, take my rest oh, I'm got to ramblin, like the wild geese from the west, from the west see, there was evil, changed my baby's mind, baby's mind if I'll be your woman, be your woman, if I'll be your woman, I tell you what you will do, you will do you'll cut my kindlin', you will steel my plow, steel my plow You tote my water from the boggy bough, boggy bough angel last night, down last night, I laid down last night and tried to take my rest said "get to ramblin like the wild geese from the west, from the west" who'll cut my kindlin', who will steel my plow? who'll tote my water from the boggy bough?
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