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Seeking the Productive Life: Some Details of My Personal Infrastructure—Stephen Wolfram Blog
The Pursuit of Productivity
I’m a person who’s only satisfied if I feel I’m being productive. I like figuring things out. I like making things. And I want to do as much of that as I can. And part of being able to do that is to have the best personal infrastructure I can. Over the years I’ve been steadily accumulating and implementing “personal infrastructure hacks” for myself. Some of them are, yes, quite nerdy. But they certainly help me be productive. And maybe in time more and more of them will become mainstream, as a few already have.
Now, of course, one giant “productivity hack” that I’ve been building for the world for a very long time is the whole technology stack around the Wolfram Language. And for me personally, another huge “productivity hack” is my company, which I started more than 32 years ago. Yes, it could (and should) be larger, and have more commercial reach. But as a nicely organized private company with about 800 people it’s an awfully efficient machine for turning ideas into real things, and for leveraging what skills I have to greatly amplify my personal productivity.
I could talk about how I lead my life, and how I like to balance doing leadership, doing creative work, interacting with people, and doing things that let me learn. I could talk about how I try to set things up so that what I’ve already built doesn’t keep me so busy I can’t start anything new. But instead what I’m going to focus on here is my more practical personal infrastructure: the technology and other things that help me live and work better, feel less busy, and be more productive every day.
productivity  computers  communication 
6 days ago by rgl7194
Hyper-Scheduling Without Making Yourself Crazy — MacSparky
There is a thread in the Focused forums referring to an article from The Guardian where a block scheduler gives herself 3-minute bathroom break blocks. I think that is too much. When the blocks get too small, you spend your time arranging your time instead of doing something. Blocks too small can start to feel like deck chairs on the Titanic.
When I started my series on block scheduling, I called it “hyper-scheduling”. That’s because I hadn’t researched it enough to realize everyone else in the world called it “block scheduling”. Regardless, and in spite of my silly name for it, rarely do I schedule a chunk of time less than an hour when I schedule my time. Looking at my current week, my only blocks less than an hour are my daily tasks of starting up and meditating, two things that I want to make sure I make time for and don’t need a full hour.
As I’m writing this, it’s Monday morning. Here’s my current schedule for the week.
You’ll see that nearly everything is at least an hour. While most of today is booked up, there are still blocks of open space throughout the rest of the week that will inevitably fill up as I move through the week. With these one-hour minimum blocks, it is not difficult to move things around as the need arises. One last note: because it is Monday, this schedule looks suspiciously organized and symmetrical. Have no fear. By Friday, it will look a lot less organized. Shit happens.
productivity  calendar  organizing 
5 weeks ago by rgl7194
Curtis McHale's Mac and iOS setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Curtis McHale, and I’ve been self-employed for 10 years.
I have two main things I do for work. First, I write content as a freelancer for myself and for clients. That means using apps like Ulysses and Scrivener. Second, I do web development, including some of the recent changes on The Sweet Setup.
setup  ipad  reading  writing  workflow  photo  editing  firefox  slack  email  macbook  terminal  productivity  iphone  music  podcast  messaging 
7 weeks ago by rgl7194
Tom Garry's Mac and iOS setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Tom Garry, and I’m a primary school Deputy Head and Teaching & Learning Lead based in South London.
What is your current setup?
My Mac is a 2015 11” MacBook Air running High Sierra. I love the MacBook Air and will be disappointed when this one dies as the range has been retired. However, it is still running well for the time being. My job involves travel to several different schools, where I may be doing anything from running staff training and meeting teachers to observing or teaching lessons. For that reason, portability is really important to me: I like to be able to carry everything with me in a briefcase. Along with my MacBook, I always carry a presentation clicker and DisplayPort adaptor, so that I can plug in and go wherever I am.
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8 weeks ago by rgl7194
A Case for Inbox Infinity - The Atlantic
The case for inbox infinity
The day after Christmas, I spent seven hours sifting through more than 2,700 unread emails I had accumulated over the previous month. Like many other people, I intended to begin 2019 with a fresh inbox and zero unread messages.
Since the idea of “Inbox Zero” was first coined in 2007 by Merlin Mann, a blogger who championed “finding the time and attention to do your best creative work,” it has become what many people consider the pinnacle of digital organization. Hundreds of articles have been written on how to achieve Inbox Zero. Products such as Polymail, Mailstrom, and Superhuman were all built to help make our inboxes more manageable. And a growing number of offices have instituted chat systems such as Slack to help minimize interoffice emails.
email  organizing  productivity 
9 weeks ago by rgl7194
Why It's Productive to Let Employees Work from Home | The Startup Finance Blog
With today’s technologies, it’s possible to build a company without all your employees needing to work in the same location. You can set up offices in different cities, and workers can communicate quickly and efficiently via Slack, Skype, and other technologies. Yet you can also have many of your employees work from home, and you may be surprised at how this can be more productive.
In a 2017 report by Fundera, they found that 3.7 million employees in the United States worked from home at least half the time; that’s 2.8% of the workforce. And these numbers are on the rise: this more than doubled since 2005.
Many people in business think that if employees work at home they’ll goldbrick: they’ll sit around and binge-watch Netflix, they’ll drink beer, and they won’t get any work done. However, businesses that have made the switch and allow working from home have found that remote employees are more productive.
Here’s why it’s productive to let employees work from home.
jobs  career  remote  productivity 
10 weeks ago by rgl7194
Rose Orchard's Mac Setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I am Rose Orchard. I’m a programmer by day, and a writer and podcaster in a lot of my free time. I create web-based applications from 9-5, and write at The Sweet Setup, MacStories, and on my own blog as well as create the Automators podcast the rest of the time.
What is your current setup?
My current setup is a 15″ MacBook Pro, the 2017 model. I picked it because when you’re trying to work on the go there’s nothing worse than just not having enough screen space — a complaint you’ll rarely find on a 15″ screen! At home, I often dock it to two 24″ BenQ monitors, but I can also pick it up and take it to the bedroom (aka the podcasting studio) with ease. The laptop frequently stands up in a vertical stand. Mine says it’s by AppHome, but there are dozens of look-alikes on Amazon. It has a hard plastic shell on the front to allow me to cover my machine with stickers, but I can also keep those stickers when I sell the machine in the future.
setup  podcast  automation  MBP  productivity  writing  audio  photo  editing  calendar  ikea  homepod  sonos  airplay 
10 weeks ago by rgl7194
My Must-Have Mac Apps, 2018 Edition – MacStories
Last year when I wrote about my must-have Mac apps, I was coming off a tumultuous year that started with a daily commute into Chicago for my old job and ended with me working from home. As the year came to a close, I was exploring what that meant for the way I work on the Mac.
That process continued into 2018. With the number of new things I took on in 2017 and the transition to indie life, I made the conscious decision to step back and settle into my new life. That wasn’t easy. There’s a natural tendency to take on everything that crosses your path when you go out on your own, but I’ve seen too many people fall into that trap in the past. Instead, I concluded that 2018 would be the year to improve the way I already work by refining existing workflows and reevaluating how I get things done, including on the Mac.
Three events led me to work on my Mac more in 2018. The first was the 27-inch LG 4K display I bought in January. It was a big step up from the 23-inch 1080p one I had before and, combined with a VESA arm, improved working at my Mac substantially.
The second factor was our MacStories coverage of the App Store’s tenth anniversary. For it, we produced seven extra episodes of AppStories that were released in the span of one week, which kept me in front of my Mac recording and editing for long periods of late May through June.
mac  apps  writing  research  RSS  productivity  grammar  messaging  audio  editing  calendar  mind_mapping  slack  email  twitter  emoji  photo  server  mkv  handbrake  plex  utilities  menubar  backup  statistics  vpn  1password  remote  dropbox 
11 weeks ago by rgl7194
Home Screens - Developer Elia Freedman — MacSparky
This week’s home screen features Elia Freedman (website)(Twitter), the developer of the PowerOne calculators, one of my favorite calculators, particularly for business and special purpose functions. Elia’s been paying for his shoes with mobile apps much longer than the iPhone has been around and has some definite opinions on how he uses his iPhone. So Elia, show us your home screen.
ipad  homescreen  productivity  writing  dropbox  google  RSS  slack  guitar  baseball  safari  instapaper  news  twitter  nat_geo  photos_app 
11 weeks ago by rgl7194
Kirkville - Book Review – When: The Scientific Secrets to Perfect Timing, by Daniel Pink
We are all familiar with the expression “timing is everything.“ From ice hockey to investing, success often depends on doing things at the right time. But how do we know when it is the right time? Sometimes we can play where the puck is going, or figure out the right moment to act by a careful read of the market, but in other cases the right time depends on us; it depends on us knowing when to do things.
Daniel Pink’s new book, When: The Scientific Secrets to Perfect Timing, looks at when we should do things to be the most efficient, the most productive, and the most inspired. The “when” he discusses is the time of day, the time of the year, or even the point in a project where we should or shouldn’t do certain things.
He poses a certain number of questions early in the book:
Why do beginnings—whether we get off to a fast start or a false start—matter so much? And how can we make a fresh start if we stumble out of the starting blocks? Why does reaching the midpoint—of a project, a game, even a life—sometimes bring us down and other times fire us up? Why do endings energize us to kick harder to reach the finish line yet also inspire us to slow down and seek meaning?
We’ve all experienced flagging interest in projects, or difficulty trying to make it through the day, the week, or the month, but we generally don’t think that we might have started — or continued our projects — at the wrong time.
Read the rest of the review on The Startup Finance Blog.
business  productivity  time  books  review 
december 2018 by rgl7194
Why You Start Things You’ll Never Finish - The New York Times
On any given day I have a dozen projects or stories in various states of completion that I’m working (you know, “working”) on.
Of those, maybe I’ll finish two or three this week, come back to another two or three, put a few on the back burner for later and probably let the rest fade into oblivion. It’s not that I don’t believe in those ideas — the opposite, really, I want to do them all! — it’s just that life gets in the way, and we have only so many hours in the day. And I’m guessing this all sounds pretty familiar.
So why is that?
It’s a lot of things, but the factor that has the biggest impact is also the factor that is most under our control: The very decision to start something in the first place.
productivity  life_love_&_happiness  nytimes 
december 2018 by rgl7194
Too Much Email — MacSparky
Cal Newport linked to an Adobe study that concluded average users check email 5.6 hours per weekday. If you look into the study a bit further, it looks like these numbers are inflated but even cutting them in half, 2.3 hours a day on email is too much.
Historically, I always thought of myself as that guy who answered all of his email. It wasn't until I realized the cost of that self-image in terms of my personal productivity, my relationship with my family and my clients, and my simple ability to ship interesting products that I was able to abandon that particular hangup.
A big help for me was time blocking email. (Hooray for hyper-scheduling!) I have about 40 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the late afternoon blocked for email. On days that I stick to those numbers, I generally get a lot more work done.
Maybe this week you should keep track of how much time you spend with email. If you're spending hours a day in your email client and don't have a really good reason for that, start thinking about ways to lower that number.
email  productivity  time 
november 2018 by rgl7194
Mac Power Users #456: Workflows with Laura McClellan - Relay FM
Katie and David chat with Laura McClellan of The Productive Woman Podcast to discuss her prospectives on productivity, finding and using the right virtual assistant, creating a community around her podcast, routines, habits, and more.
The Productive Woman - an award-nominated podcast about productivity for busy women
Laura McClellan (@LauraMcMom) | Twitter
PDF Editor and Reader for Mac | Free Trial | PDF Expert
Organize Your Notes with Evernote
Notability by Ginger Labs
Editorial for iOS
The Omni Group
OmniFocus - task management for Mac, iPad, and iPhone - The Omni Group
Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing - Zoom | Encourages, educates, and promotes women entrepreneurs.
Use Asana to manage your team’s work, projects, & tasks online · Asana
The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM): Hal Elrod, Robert Kiyosaki: 8601404386732: Books
My Morning Routine - Inspiring Morning Routines
TextExpander | Communicate Smarter
The Best Unlimited Online Backup and Cloud Storage Services
The World's Best Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith
New tab page extension for Google Chrome and Firefox - Speed Dial 2
podcast  MPU  productivity  workflow 
november 2018 by rgl7194
Mac Power Users #451: Task Management Strategies - Relay FM
David and Katie revisit the topic of task management. We talk about digital task managers, our history managing tasks, various tiers of task management from simplified to advanced, systems for digitally managing our tasks and how to keep it all together.
Full Focus Planner | A planner by Michael Hyatt
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity: David Allen
OmniFocus - task management for Mac, iPad, and iPhone - The Omni Group
The all-new Things. Your to-do list for Mac & iOS
Due: The Superfast Reminder App for iPhone & iPad
Welcome to Reminders on Mac - Apple Support
Flexibits | Fantastical 2 for Mac | Meet your Mac's new calendar.
OmniFocus Field Guide, Third Edition | MacSparky Field Guides
Scotty tells us how he keeps his reputation as a miracle worker - YouTube
MPU  podcast  productivity 
october 2018 by rgl7194
Home Screens - Marina Epelman — MacSparky
Marina Epelman is a professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan, specializing in theory and applications of mathematical optimization (professional twitter), homepage. In her copious spare time, she eagerly follows Apple and the Boston Red Sox (personal twitter). I’ve got to know Marina over the years as we’ve spent time together at many Mac-related conferences. She always blushes when I introduce her as my brilliant math professor friend … but it’s true. So Marina, show us your home screen.
iphone  homescreen  sonos  productivity  podcast  weather  calendar  scanning  twitter  instagram  ipad  workflow  maps  watch 
september 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Gary Gale
Who are you, and what do you do?
Hi! I'm Gary. That's the easy part out of the way. What I do is somewhat more complex.
I'm a geotechnologist; which really means I lead and manage teams of really clever people who make software products that use geography, geospatial data and location data. Or to put it another way, I do maps and stuff. If I had a penny for every time someone's said just put it on a map I'd be a very rich person.
setup  MBP  iphone7  ipad  router  amazon  appletv  windows  1password  chrome  privacy  terminal  email  productivity 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Laura Hall
Who are you, and what do you do?
My name is Laura E. Hall -- I'm an artist, writer, puzzle-maker, and environmental narrative designer living in Portland, Oregon. Along with my producer, Nora Ryan, I run Timberview Productions, a company building immersive games and interactive experiences. These run the gamut from intimate, narrative-guided puzzle adventures to massive online events streamed for players around the world. Our new location, Meridian Adventure Co., is opening in Portland later this year.
I’m a proud board member of the PDX non-profit Portland Indie Game Squad and the Enthusiasm Collective, a pay-what-you-can workspace for artists and activists.
setup  macbook  iphone  camera  slack  google  productivity  photo  editing 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Adam Roberts
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Adam Roberts, and I produce Versioning, a daily subscription newsletter for tech folk. This curates the best resources for devs and designers every day, as well as specific posts/emails on relevant and emerging subjects, plus fun stuff like media guides. It's a mix of subscriber-only content (people join for a monthly/annual fee), and free content available for everyone.
Basically: I open a lot of tabs to find the best stuff, so you don't have to. I also run a few other weekly newsletters for SitePoint, focused on blockchain, back-end dev, and design/UX, respectively.
I'm a New Zealander living in Melbourne, Australia. I like Star Wars, NBA, fancy craft beer (and brewing).
setup  MBP  chrome  headphones  iphone  plugins  instapaper  twitter  slack  google  productivity  writing  podcast  calendar  passwords 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Georgina Voss
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Georgina. I live in South London. What I do - gestures expansively - is research-intensive projects (writing [essays, journalism], performance, installation, sculpture) about the politics of large-scale complex technological and industrial systems; and teaching about the same.
I'm co-founder and lead/director of two studios: Supra Systems Studio, based at the London College of Communication's Design School, University of the Arts London, where I'm a senior lecturer; and Strange Telemetry, in residence at Somerset House Studios. My PhD is in the anthropology of deviance, and industrial economics.
setup  MBP  iphone  writing  dropbox  productivity  presentation  photo  editing 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Jess Allison
Who are you, and what do you do?
Hello! I'm Jess. Sometimes known as Jalli. I've been a Digital Producer forever (okay, ten years) but I've recently taken a side-step into Service Design and become a Delivery Manager at Paper Giant. It's ace.
In most iterations of my career, I've helped creative people bring their work to fruition --- graphic designers, web developers, photographers, film editors, slashies, and now service designers. My superpower is finding the delicate balance between providing guidance and process, while leaving space for them to do their thing, and communicating Just The Right Amount to any clients and other stakeholders.
setup  web-dev  web-design  macbook  iphone  google  productivity  slack  writing  1password  dropbox  photo  editing  plugins  chrome  notes_app  ibooks  pinterest 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Steve O'Hear
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm a tech journalist at TechCrunch, focusing on European startups, companies and products. It's my second spell at TechCrunch after trying my hand at startup life to co-found a VC-backed company back in 2012.
I've also written for numerous other publications, including ZDnet, Macworld, The Guardian, and ReadWrite. In 2006 I wrote, directed and edited the documentary 'In Search of the Valley'. Prior to journalism I was an e-learning consultant, web developer and digital arts teacher.
Outside of my day job I write and produce music, and this is a big part of my setup. I'm currently finishing up an album with friends that I plan to release later this year. This will hopefully include a run of vinyl, and possibly a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the mastering process and album's release.
setup  MBP  iphone  web-dev  google  gmail  productivity  slack  messaging  whatsapp  twitter  music 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Parker Molloy
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Parker Molloy. I'm a writer living in Chicago, Illinois, with my wife, Kayla; my dog, Meatball; and my two rabbits, Jeffrey and Benjamin. For the past three years or so, I've worked at, where I'm a senior writer. My work has appeared places like the New York Times, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, and Vice, among other outlets. I spend a lot of time on social media, especially Twitter, partially as a way to keep up with the world for the sake of work/trying to find new story ideas, and partially as a way just to stay connected with people. In my spare time, I like making GIFs and short videos, as well as editing photos.
setup  macbook  google  cloud  productivity  spotify  macOS  10.13 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Fran Hoepfner
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Fran Hoepfner, and I'm a bunch of things. Professionally, I'm the Associate Video Director for The Onion. In addition, I work as a freelance culture writer as well as a stand-up comedian.
What hardware do you use?
At the office, I use a new 13" 2017 MacBook Air that is provided for me; at home, I use a still very good 13" 2015 MacBook Air. I have an iPhone 8 that I use even though I think my hands are marginally too small for its size. Despite almost constantly having headphones in, I just buy whatever earbuds are on sale at Target whenever a pair die out. I also wear a Fitbit Alta in black. Though I use Google Calendar at work, I swear by Moleskine Planners for all of my personal appointments and commitments.
setup  macbook  google  calendar  slack  productivity  gmail  presentation  netflix  amazon  cable_tv  language  spotify 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Nathan Edwards
Who are you, and what do you do?
Hi! I'm Nathan Edwards, and I'm a senior editor at Wirecutter, a product reviews website now owned by The New York Times Company. I oversee a bunch of beats including PCs, computer accessories, gaming, networking, and pet gear. I've recently edited articles on automatic pet feeders, game controllers, Wi-Fi extenders, and ultrabooks.
wirecutter  setup  MBP  google  windows  gmail  slack  productivity  spotify  instapaper  twitter  instagram 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / John Murphy
I'm John Murphy and I'm a game designer based in Chicago. I'm a co-founder of Young Horses and one of the creators of Octodad. I'm currently working on a secret new game, organizing events as part of Bit Bash, and spending a lot of time traveling and living my dang life.
What hardware do you use?
When I'm at home or traveling I Boot Camp my late 2013 15" MacBook Pro, because our Horsepower editor only runs in Windows.
setup  MBP  windows  headphones  productivity  notes_app  iphone  spotify  instapaper  reading  amazon  evernote  IFTTT  podcast  passwords  social_media 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Meredith Forrester
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Meredith Forrester, and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I used to draw and design things, but now I'm a copy editor. I edit and proofread magazines and other odd publishing jobs in my freelance time, and my full-time gig is being the managing editor at The Good Copy, a writing school, publisher and online shop for word people. Most of the time I'm organising and developing our grammar and writing courses, but I also get to create writing style guides, edit and proofread words for our agency, and help plan our future word-related products and courses and events.
setup  macbook  MBP  headphones  sonos  iphone8  google  email  chrome  calendar  slack  dropbox  writing  productivity  style  guide  spotify  RSS  language  games 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Louis Rossetto
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm full circle back to describing myself like I did when I graduated from university --- namely, a writer. In between, I've been an entrepreneur, the co-founder, E-I-C, publisher, and CEO of Wired, a web pioneer (Hotwired), a chocolate maker (TCHO), a father, a contrarian, and a troublemaker (what it says on LinkedIn).
setup  macbook  mac  imac  NAS  iphone8  sonos  amazon  appletv  ipad  automation  productivity  dropbox  1password  crashplan  notes_app  evernote  email  safari  firefox  calendar  writing  spotify  scanning  troubleshooting 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Tim Maughan
...Since then I've been really conscious of trying to cutdown on the hardware I buy. When people see the images of the lake and ask me what they can do, the best answer I can come up with (short of some kind of armed insurrection) is try and make your devices last longer. As such I've become quite anti-upgrading. I have, however, literally just bought a new MacBook Pro, as my last one was from 2010 and the drive had finally failed. I'm hoping I can make this new one last 7 years too...
setup  MBP  iphone  music  productivity  google  dropbox  twitter 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Nick Heer
Who are you, and what do you do?
Hey there, I'm Nick Heer. I'm enthusiastic about taking photographs, but I'm not a photographer. I've been writing Pixel Envy for about seven years, but I'm not a writer either. I write "web designer/developer" in the Occupation field of official documents. I'm a professional converter of coffee into bytes.
I live right smack in the middle of Calgary.
What hardware do you use?
I have a maxed-out mid-2012 13-inch MacBook Air that still works very well, and it is connected to my Thunderbolt Display about 95% of the time. I use one of Apple's aluminum Bluetooth keyboards and a second-generation Magic Trackpad.
setup  macbook  itunes  iphoneX  ipad  web-dev  photo  editing  calendar  productivity  slack  twitter  RSS  weather 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Two Screens — MacSparky
First, a Little History
A long time ago, I used two screens on my computer. Back then, screens were a lot smaller and having a second 15-inch monitor could make a real difference. However, with the arrival of massive-sized iMac screens, I switched to a one-screen setup, and I was mostly happy with that. 
The iMac’s 27-inch screen has a lot of pixels and can hold a lot of applications and their related data. Moreover, macOS’s Mission Control feature is pretty great. With a single four-finger swipe on my trackpad, I can easily navigate between desktops full of additional apps. Though I have been tempted to add a second screen, the combination of a 27-inch screen plus multiple desktops has always kept me from pulling the trigger on an additional monitor. 
imac  MPU  productivity  calendar 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Home Screens - Zac Hall — MacSparky
This weeks home screen features Zac Hall (Twitter)(Website). Zac is the lead editor and one of the prolific gang of writers over at 9to5 Mac. Zac and I recently met for the first time and found ourselves in a mutual admiration society. So Zac, show us your home screen.
homescreen  iphone  twitter  calendar  exercise  RSS  instagram  pokémon  productivity  workflow  audiobooks  icloud  photo  library  watch  siri 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Stefan Elf's Mac, iOS, and Watch setup for 2018 – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Stefan Elf. I am a freelance web developer, designer and lecturer. I was featured on The Sweet Setup back in April 2016, so this is an update where I highlight some developments in my setup and workflows. Almost all of the applications that I commented on in my first interview (Ulysses, Drafts, JW Library, Equipd, CodeKit, Atom etc) I still love and use on a daily basis. You can laso find me on Instagram at @stefanelfdesign.
What is your current setup?
I’m currently using a Mac mini (late 2014 with an i5 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM, and 256GB SSD) along with dual Dell U2515H monitors. I also use an Apple keyboard (wired, US layout), Magic Trackpad 2, and Logitech MX Ergo trackball. In addition, I keep a couple of external HDDs around, an Epson all-in-one printer, and some Yamaha NX-N500 speakers. The desk is an IKEA Galant and printer unit.
setup  mac  audio  photo  editing  productivity  backup  iphoneX  RAW  watch  ipad_pro  health  exercise 
june 2018 by rgl7194
Paul Morris’ iPhone setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Paul F. Morris, and I work in nonprofit fundraising and have for nearly 25 years. I am currently the Director of Development for Elevate Oregon. We do youth development and empowerment in outer northeast Portland through an accredited curriculum and 1:1 relational mentoring in school and out of school. Our focus is on helping kids build the tools they need to succeed — character
qualities and life skills.
What iPhone do you have?
I am currently using the 8 Plus 64GB in space gray. It is wrapped in a black leatherette case I found in Madrid, Spain when we were
on vacation recently. I like to keep things simple and sleek.
setup  iphone8  productivity  calendar  email  journal  firefox  writing  IFTTT  google 
june 2018 by rgl7194
Jeff Perry's iPad Pro and iPhone setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Jeff Perry, and I write for Tablet Habit, co-host the podcast Getting Caught Up, and I will be releasing a new podcast I am on that’s all about the iPad called A Slab of Glass on March 18th.
Outside of my blog and podcasts, I work as an audio engineer for my day job at a local TV news station.
What iPhone do you have?
I have the Space Gray iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB. A lot of people are surprised by my low storage, but I manage to only fill half that even with the 45 podcasts I am subscribed to and the litany of music I have in Spotify. Storage never seems to be much of an issue for me.
setup  iphone8  RSS  twitter  podcast  writing  ipad_pro  productivity 
june 2018 by rgl7194
Home Screens - Mike Schmitz — MacSparky
This week’s home screen features Mike Schmitz (blog)(twitter). Mike’s a geek that writes and talks a lot about productivity. In addition to his own work, Mike also writes at Asian Efficiency and makes several good podcasts, including Bookworm and the Productivity Show. Mike was a recent guest on Mac Power Users and is a swell guy. So Mike, show us your home screen.
homescreen  podcast  productivity  writing  twitter  facebook  games  journal  workflow  iphoneX  email  watch 
june 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Erica Joy Baker
Who are you, and what do you do?
My name is Erica Joy Baker and I abuse parentheses like it's my job. My actual job that pays me is Senior Engineering Manager at Patreon. I manage Patreon's Infrastructure team (which is also known as Devops or SRE at other companies) and will be managing our soon to exist Data Engineering team. It's my job to make sure the people who keep Patreon's architecture up and running have everything they need to succeed, and then sing their praises loudly (or quietly if that's what they prefer) when they do.
In my copious spare time, I'm also on the Board of Directors for Girl Develop It and am a Founding Advisor for Project Include (this means I'm a cofounder that isn't actively working on the project).
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may 2018 by rgl7194
Home Screens - Darren Carr — MacSparky
This week’s home screen features Darren Carr (Twitter). Darren blogs at The Mac Quad and podcasts at the Mac Quadcast. Darren writes, podcasts, and does Mac troubleshooting. He’s also a graduate of the London School of Economics. Darren pulls all of this off while being paralyzed from the neck down. So Darren, show us your home screen.
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may 2018 by rgl7194
Mac Power Users #429: iWork Deep Dive - Relay FM
With the recent updates to iWork we thought it time to dive deep. We share the best uses for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. We discuss the pros and cons of the apps, collaboration, and try to tackle the question - can you get by with iWork alone?
Microsoft Office Pricing
Pages - Apple
Numbers - Apple
Keynote - Apple
iTunes Card Deals (@itunescarddeals) | Twitter
About collaboration for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote - Apple Support
Buy Apple Pencil - Apple
MPU  podcast  productivity 
may 2018 by rgl7194
My iPhone Home Screen, 2018 Edition — MacSparky
It’s been awhile since I shared my home screen and since I finally shipped my iPhone Field Guide, this seemed the right time to share my iPhone home screen, 2018 edition.
Since getting the iPhone X, I’m still in love with the OLED display. I like it so much that I’ve been keeping a pure black background on my home screen since the iPhone X first released. 
The top row is my folders of apps. I’ve been using this system for some time, and I still think it’s the best, at least for me. Each folder has a verb for its name: Make, Learn, Fix, Play. Any app that doesn’t make the home screen cut goes into one of these folders. I just ask myself what I’d do with the app and put it in the appropriate folder. I use Siri or Spotlight to find most apps, not on the home screen but having this rough sort helps. I also really like keeping my phone to just one screen.
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april 2018 by rgl7194
Home Screens - Dr. Barrett Mosbacker — MacSparky
Some of my favorite home screens come from MacSparky readers. Dr. Barrett Mosbacker is one of those. So Barrett, show us your home screen.
For managing my personal and professional life my favorite apps are Spark, Fantastical, Things 3, GoodNotes, and DEVONthink. Spark and Fantastical are powerful but easy to use applications for managing my email and events. After being a long time OmniFocus Pro user I recently made the switch to Things 3. Both are exemplary apps for managing projects but I ultimately moved to Things 3 because I found myself spending less time fiddling with the application and more time getting work done. Things 3 is also an exquisitely designed app that is a pleasure to use.
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april 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Brodie Lancaster
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Brodie Lancaster, a writer and editor. On a good day I call myself a critic too.
I started my ~career~ at 20 as the managing editor of Portable TV, a culture website that no longer exists. I self-published and edited the zine Filmme Fatales for a few years. It was an unpretentious publication about women and film. I did interviews and ran comics and jokes and poems and short stories, but didn't do reviews. I like to think you'd get as much out of reading the first issue (written in 2012, released in 2013) now as you would've on its release. I made eight issues, and it's been a year since I put it on pause indefinitely.
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march 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Helen Rosner
Who are you, and what do you do?
My name is Helen Rosner. I'm a writer -- mostly about the culture of food, mostly for the New Yorker. I also write about other things (gaming, business, feminism) and do a fair amount of freelance editing. Up until recently I worked at Eater, where I founded the longform and features department.
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march 2018 by rgl7194
Mike Alexander’s Mac and iOS setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I am Mike Alexander, and I’m a teacher of Modern Languages (German and Spanish) at James Gillespie’s High School in Edinburgh, Scotland.
What is your current setup?
My Mac isn’t actually that new. It’s a 2011 MacBook Pro running High Sierra. A year or two ago I upgraded the HDD to an SSD, and since then it’s been as fast as the day I got it. Since I bought my iPad Pro, I use the Macbook more as a media and file hub. It has an archive of all my files from high school, University, and all the materials I’ve created in 10 years of teaching, as well as my iTunes library and all of my photos (I’m a bit of an amateur photographer.)
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march 2018 by rgl7194
Graphite on Blockstack
I’d never heard of Graphite or Blockstack before this week. I usually avoid all articles concerning blockchain tech because it's the new Web 2.0 trend that feels more like marketing than anything else. On the other hand, I really like the idea of Graphite. It's a secure alternative to Google Docs that can be used pretty much anywhere I have an internet connection. I don't claim to understand exactly how the blockchain works to decentralize a document editor but I know just enough to think it's still a neat idea.
privacy  security  productivity  blockchain 
march 2018 by rgl7194
On Focus — MacSparky
Last year I noticed my priorities were out of whack and I spent several months woodshedding the latest productivity books and websites as I sorted myself out. One prevalent theme throughout the productivity world as of late is how to keep yourself focused. Keeping yourself on target is an important skill. Cal Newport wrote a good book about it and Shawn Blanc developed an entire online course around it. 
Luckily, this is one of the few things I’m good at. I’m not sure if I’m a focus savant or it’s just a side benefit of having a regular meditation practice for over 25 years but I’m good at locking in on one thing to the exclusion of the rest of the world. There are actually some pretty funny stories about me growing up and being completely oblivious to the world around me as I read a book or was dialed in on something else. 
productivity  focus  GTD  notifications  calendar 
march 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Jenn Sandercock
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Jenn Sandercock and I'm a game designer. I've been working in games for 8 years now, mostly in digital games, but I have a passion for all kinds of experimental games, including real-world/physical games. I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, but I'm currently based in Seattle. I love the weather here (rain is awesome) and the snow-capped mountains. I also love how tech obsessed most people are.
For the past year I've been working on a variety of projects from digital to completely analog games.
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february 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / merritt k
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm merritt k. With my producer Nic Bravo, I run a podcast network called Stay Mean and host a couple of shows. With Daniel Shannon, I'm a part of Ignota Media, a publishing endeavour for and by underrepresented voices. And sometimes I write about internet culture, relationships, and labour --- right now I have a column at MEL Magazine.
What hardware do you use?
I spend most of my day on a 2011 MacBook Pro that I bought for $400 from an acquaintance in 2014 and upgraded with the help of Stay Mean producer Nic Bravo. I will likely continue using it until it becomes untenable. The same goes for my iPhone 5C. For reasons that are partly necessity and partly a bizarre form of self-flagellation, I am not the kind of person who replaces things on a regular schedule.
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february 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Sarah Werner
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Sarah Werner (although sometimes folks know me better as @wynkenhimself). I've recently started calling myself an independent librarian, basically a made-up job that sounds better than "independent scholar." I trained to be an English professor: I got a PhD and wrote a dissertation about Shakespeare and performance and feminism (it's also a book!). And then life happened. I didn't get a tenure-track job, I got married, I had a couple of kids. Through some making of my own luck (I hate talking about being lucky; it's hard work to be ready to seize opportunities) I ended up working at the Folger Shakespeare Library as director of their undergraduate program, and so I turned into a book historian and digital media scholar. I fell in love with rare books libraries and how we today interact with old books, and so I quit that job to write and to work as a consultant for special collections libraries.
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february 2018 by rgl7194
Sahil Parikh's Mac, iPhone, and Watch setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Sahil Parikh, and I am a husband, father, and the founder of Brightpod — a web-based project management & time tracking software for digital marketing teams. I am also an author of a book called The SaaS Edge (2011, Tata McGraw-Hill) and an avid golfer (a round every Saturday is like meditation). My motto is “Life is short. Work smart. Have fun.”
What is your current setup?
I currently use a 12-inch MacBook that I bought while traveling to Boston in the summer of 2015. I use the Twelve South GhostStand with an external keyboard and mouse from my old iMac (my 2011 iMac display went blank after about 5 years). I back up the MacBook using an external hard disk via Time Machine. I try to keep my setup simple by using just one monitor that helps me focus on the task at hand. I have tried with multiple monitors in the past, but that just distracted me.
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february 2018 by rgl7194
Toomas Särev's Mac and iOS setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I am Toomas Sarev, a cardiologist, leader, husband, dad of 5, granddad of 2, first-degree black belt in Traditional Korean Martial Arts (Kuk Sool Won), Harley Davidson motorbike enthusiast, Apple Gadgets lover, and productivity geek. I work for NHS; I am currently the head of a big cardiology department at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich, United Kingdom. I also work for my private company as an educator and trainer in topics related to Cardiology, productivity, and time management. I work as an independent medico-legal expert, and I do clinical consultations. My excitement and enthusiasm with Apple’s gadgets began back in 1992 when I got my LCII.
What is your current setup?
The heart of my often mobile office is my early 2016 gold Retina MacBook. I connect it to a Matias Bluetooth Aluminum Keyboard. This fantastic keyboard has long battery life, a number pad, Mac-friendly function keys to let you control screen brightness, volume, iTunes, and more. It pairs with up to 4 Bluetooth devices — Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Windows — and you can seamlessly switch between them. I love Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2.
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january 2018 by rgl7194
Roger Ogden's Mac and iOS setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Roger Ogden, and I’m a software engineer living in Boise, Idaho. It’s nice to meet you.
What is your current setup?
I currently have a 2015 15″ MacBook Pro. It has a 2.5 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM, and a 250 GB SSD.
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january 2018 by rgl7194
Mac Power Users #414: MPU+: This is What I Got - Relay FM
Katie shares her struggles with APFS and High Sierra, David shares his workflow changes related to OmniFocus defer dates and his hyper-scheduling experiment. We answer listener questions relating to photo albums on the Apple TV, how we're using Evernote today, and tech organization. We follow-up new developments in home automation, scheduling, Qi Charging and more.
Facebook: Mac Power Users Podcast Group
Cloud Backup: Easy, Secure Online Backup - Backblaze
Mac Backup Software | Carbon Copy Cloner | Bombich Software Seagate Expansion 1TB Portable External Hard Drive
Backing Off Defer Dates: An OmniFocus Experiment — MacSparky
OmniFocusField Guide — MacSparky
OmniFocus - task management for Mac, iPad, and iPhone - The Omni Group
Crucial MX500 250GB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD
iCloud: Use iCloud Photo Library on your Apple TV
How to Use iCloud Photos as a Screensaver on Apple TV
Magic Fireplace on the App Store
Get organized. Work smarter. Remember everything. | Evernote Skooba R750-300 Cable Stable DYMO LabelManager 160 Handheld Label Maker Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer IKEA - SIGNUM Cable management
Amazon Echo
Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting
Elgato Eve Light Switch, Connected Wall Switch for iOS Wemo Bridge - Works with Apple HomeKit Wemo Mini Smart Plug
Laundroid robot folds clothes... and undies - YouTube Anker Universal Magnetic Car Mount RAVPower Fast Wireless QI Wireless Charging
Calendly - Scheduling appointments and meetings is super easy with Calendly.
WOOLNUT | We make Leather Covers & Sleeves for MacBooks Shure BETA 87A Supercardioid Condenser Microphone R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero: Cell Phones & Accessories
MPU  podcast  macOS  10.13  APFS  productivity  workflow  q&a 
january 2018 by rgl7194
Greg Maass' Mac and iOS setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Greg Maass (@gmaass in the usual places), and I’m a software developer, musician, and father living in Seattle, Washington. I’ve developed enterprise software for hospitals and universities for the last 20 years, always on a Windows machine using the Microsoft stack.
What is your current setup?
A few years ago, I started getting into iOS development and bought a bottom of the line Mac Mini and plugged it into my existing keyboard and monitors to see how I liked the platform. I liked it, but the Mac Mini was too underpowered to do much, so I bought a top of the line Mac Mini with a Fusion Drive. I love it, and so far it has been serving me well without making me wish I had a more powerful machine. I have a Windows machine that I can switch to when needed (mostly for CD/DVD reading), but I rarely turn it on these days.
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january 2018 by rgl7194
Mac Power Users #413: iPad Productivity - Relay FM
In this episode, David and Katie share some of their favorite apps and workflows for getting work done on the iPad.
Thanks to MPU listener Jigar Talati for help with the shownotes this week!
iCloud - iCloud Drive - Apple
Eternal Storms Software - Yoink for Mac and iPad
Yoink and Gladys, two great new iOS 11 shelf apps | Cult of Mac
Gladys — BRU.BUILD
The best email app for iPhone iPad and Mac | Spark
Dispatch: TextExpander-enabled Email App for iPhone
Scheduled sending and email reminders | Boomerang for Gmail
Email Management for Any Inbox | SaneBox
Workflow — Powerful automation made simple.
Zapier | The easiest way to automate your work
Dragon NaturallySpeaking - world's best-selling speech recognition software | Nuance
Meet the Grammarly Mobile Keyboard for iOS | Grammarly
Airmail - Lightning Fast Mail Client for Mac and iPhone
To do list and task manager. Free, easy, online and mobile: Todoist
Remember The Milk: Online to-do list and task management
The all-new Things. Your to-do list for Mac & iOS
OmniFocus - task management for Mac, iPad, and iPhone - The Omni Group
DraftTable - Professional iPad Pro Stand | ElevationLab
OmniPlan - project management for Mac, iPhone, and iPad - The Omni Group
Where work happens | Slack
Home - MindNode
OmniOutliner - outlining & writing for Mac, iPhone, and iPad - The Omni Group
Flexibits | Fantastical 2 for Mac | Meet your Mac's new calendar.
BusyCal - The Best Calendar App for Mac
Scrivener | Literature & Latte
Byword - Markdown text editor app for Mac, iPhone and iPad.
iCab - Downloads
iBooks Author - Apple
MPU  podcast  ipad  productivity 
january 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Roxane Gay
Who are you, and what do you do?
My name is Roxane Gay with one n. I am a writer and an associate professor at Purdue.
What hardware do you use?
I use several different machines because I live in two places and travel several times a month. I travel with a tiny pink Macbook. It is so cute and dainty and looks ridiculous in my hands because I am cute but not dainty. At home in Indiana I use an iMac and a MacBook Air. In Los Angeles I use a MacBook Pro I hate. It's the new one with the Touch ID and it's just designed all wrong. MY FINGER CONSTANTLY HITS THE ESCAPE BUTTON AND OMG I'm mad just thinking about it.
setup  macbook  imac  iphone  ipad  sonos  amazon  google  productivity  chrome  games  twitter  dropbox 
january 2018 by rgl7194
Uses This / Frances Berriman
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Frances Berriman. I'm a British designer, developer and artist living in San Francisco. I do a variety of things, including freelance product design consultancy and front-end development but most notably I have tended to work on public sector technology projects. For example, I worked on the award-winning re-design of GOV.UK for the UK Government Digital Service and later worked with Code for America.
These days, I am focusing more of my time on my other interests --- IoT and Smart Homes, via my site Sensors and Sensibility, and illustration and fine arts painting.
setup  macbook  ipad_pro  chrome  terminal  calendar  gmail  productivity  spotify 
january 2018 by rgl7194
Home Screens – Jeff Perry — MacSparky
This week’s home screen features Jeff Perry (Twitter), proprietor of where Jeff talk about how he uses his iPad as his exclusive computer. Jeff’s a busy guy, also producing his podcast, Getting Caught Up. So Jeff, show us your home screen.
Ulysses is my primary app I use day-to-day as I write a blog and Ulysses is hands down the best writing app for bloggers in my opinion. 
homescreen  iphone  writing  calendar  productivity  ipad  workflow  watch 
january 2018 by rgl7194
My Sweet Setup – Anna Hazel Crotty – Medium
I’ve been working from home for a few years now, and finally have a setup I’m happy enough with to write a bit about it.
Monitor: 40" Samsung UN40MU6300FXZA 4K television. About a year ago I decided I wanted lots of screen real estate and to have my default font size really large. I couldn’t find many reviews that were helpful, and so I bought this particular TV a little randomly. I asked the guys at Best Buy if I could bring a laptop in so that I could preview files on it, and they said no.
How I use it: I often have a bunch of windows open, and I look at big tables of things a lot — often in Excel. The resolution for that is great. Browsers, Slack, and OmniFocus were all pretty easy to get set to a zoom level that I like. (My vision isn’t awful with glasses, but it isn’t great, either.) Since I bought this monitor, my vision seems to have improved, which I didn’t expect. Evernote isn’t as easy to adjust the view of as I’d like, but it isn’t too bad. The hardest part about having a monitor this big is that the menus are all waaaay up there in the upper left hand corner. The second hardest thing is that mouse movements are bigger and somehow easy to be clumsy with. Overall, these two disadvantages seem minor compared to the major comfort and convenience gains from the huge screen. I’d definitely recommend this particular television, but I haven’t tried any others.
Computer: Mac Mini 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
1password  chrome  evernote  firefox  ipad  iphone  keyboard  mac  productivity  safari  setup  shortcuts  slack 
january 2018 by rgl7194
Anna Crotty's Mac setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Anna Crotty. I’m 44 and I live in San Diego. I do database stuff for member-supported news organizations. I majored in computer science many years ago at Wellesley, where we were taught to go out and do something good for the world. I’ve done a lot of things over the years, but no matter what kind of good I start out trying to accomplish, I always wind up behind the computer, so now I embrace it!
What is your current setup?
There’s a lot going on here. I actually wrote a Medium story about it. It is the Sweet Setup interview I wanted to read before I bought it all. The short version is a standing desk, 40” monitor, and Mac mini.
setup  mac  firefox  chrome  safari  productivity  slack  evernote  1password  keyboard  shortcuts  ipad  iphone 
january 2018 by rgl7194
Zeroed out: Five steps toward restoring inbox sanity | Ars Technica
Overwhelmed by the amount of email sitting in your inbox? Here’s one man’s helpful guide.
Welcome to 2018, filled with new newsletters, new launches, and new resolutions. In case "decluttering your digital life" sits among your goals in 2018, we're surfacing a classic Ars guide to achieving inbox zero. This piece originally run on December 14, 2008, and it appears unchanged below.
Last week, I posted a message on Facebook about having successfully emptied my inbox. I was surprised by the number of comments I got in return. One friend said that she had "no words to describe the level of my admiration and jealousy." Another bemoaned his inbox tally of 10,545 messages.
Back in the day, I used to be fairly diligent about sorting email. After writing for Ars for a while, the volume of email made that a much tougher task. Fortunately for me (and others in my boat), Apple got serious about indexing in 2005 with the inclusion of Spotlight in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). With all the contents of indexed and readily available with a search, keeping things sorted didn't seem all that urgent. Relying on Spotlight to keep track of one's mail can become inefficient, however, and I recently got disgusted with my inbox and decided to get organized. It took a couple of hours to get from 2,500 to 50, where I happily resided for awhile. Going down to zero took another 15 minutes or so.
email  productivity 
january 2018 by rgl7194
Home Screens - Dan Catlin — MacSparky
Dan Catlin (Twitter)(Website) is an interesting guy. He had a fancy pants job that required him to do lots of traveling but one day realized his kids were growing up and he was never around. So he gave up the fancy job and opened his own business making candles so he could have more time to be "dad". MiddleDavids is a sometimes sponsor of this blog and over the years I’ve come to know and respect Dan as a friend and fellow nerd. So Dan, show us your home screen.
iphone  homescreen  GTD  bicycling  health  audiobooks  podcast  music  games  productivity  journal  watch 
december 2017 by rgl7194
MindNode 5: Digital Mind Mapping Finally Clicked for Me – MacStories
I have a confession: I’m not a big mind map guy. I know Federico uses a mind map for his iOS review each year, and lots of other people love visualizing their thoughts that way too, but mind maps have never really clicked for me – at least not on computers.
Up until recently, whenever I needed to do a brain dump and get my thoughts better organized, I would often turn to pen, paper, and a hand-drawn mind map. It's an odd habit, since I shun paper for digital tools in every other case I can think of. Yet this one holdout remained.
My main problem with digital mind maps is that they have always felt unnatural. When using a traditional computer, moving and clicking via trackpad was cumbersome for me; with a format as creatively freeing as a mind map, it seems especially important to have freeform input methods. Even on devices like the iPad though, while touch input certainly helped remove a barrier, there was still always something missing in my view. Digital mind mapping still wasn't quite right.
MindNode 5 on iOS fixes that.
ios  apps  review  productivity 
december 2017 by rgl7194
How to Get Your Life in Focus (Part 2) – The Sweet Setup
Yesterday, in partnership with our sister site, The Focus Course, we kicked off a short video series on the topic of focus and productivity.
(If you missed the first video, no sweat. It’s short and you can catch it right here.)
The videos are all being posted on The Focus Course website. But we’re also sharing them here along with the full notes. Below is the second video in the series. Enjoy!
In this video I reveal the “framework” so to speak that I use to stay focused, organized, and on track. It’s what I call the 5 Components of a Focused Life.
In the first video of this series, we discovered why you need a focused life and some of the challenges you’ll face to get there.
Lastly, in the next and final video that we’ll be posting tomorrow (Thursday), I’ll show you how and why it all fits together so you can reap the benefits of this in your own life.
focus  productivity  video 
november 2017 by rgl7194
Uses This / Kornel Lesiński
Who are you, and what do you do?
I love pixels. I'm a programmer and a newbie small business owner. I work on image compression.
I'm the author of the ImageOptim, pngquant, and a maintainer of MozJPEG. I also work on a few other Open Source projects such as Sparkle (Mac updater) and SuperAgent (like fetch before fetch happened).
I spend most of my time finding ways to make images load faster and look better. My day job is the ImageOptim web service, where I turn my research experiments into a real product.
What hardware do you use?
I use a 2014 MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It's a very nice machine. I have the higher-specced i7 configuration, so the latest MacBooks don't seem like a big upgrade to me.
setup  macbook  terminal  firefox  productivity  GTD  macOS 
november 2017 by rgl7194
Uses This / Matt Fitzgerald
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm a preacher, an essayist and a podcast host. I live in Chicago with my wife, who is a psychotherapist. We're joined by our three kids and Zeus, a pit bull mix. She kills rats. I serve the best liberal church, Saint Pauls UCC. I also write devotions that elicit outraged email from strangers.
setup  bicycling  imac  iphone7  podcast  religion  productivity  google  calendar  audio 
november 2017 by rgl7194
Home Screens – John Voorhees — MacSparky
John Voorhees (Twitter) joined MacStories in 2015. He is an editor and regular contributor to MacStories and the Club MacStories newsletters, co-hosts AppStories, a weekly podcast exploring the world of apps, with Federico Viticci, and handles sponsorship sales for MacStories and AppStories. John is also the creator of Blink, an iOS app that creates links for the iTunes Affiliate Program. So John, show us your home screen
My Home screen is organized to put my most-used apps within easy reach. I’m left-handed, so that means the lower left corner of the screen is where my most heavily used apps live.
If I’m mobile and using my iPhone, you can bet I’m listening to podcasts or music. My daily podcast player is Overcast because I love its Smart Speed feature, but I also use Castro, which added amazing drag and drop support with iOS 11. 
homescreen  iphone  podcast  music  slack  email  twitter  news  instapaper  productivity  writing  workflow 
november 2017 by rgl7194
Jonathan Buys' Mac and iPhone setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Jonathan Buys, I’m a Christian, husband, father, veteran, writer, and developer. I’m currently a DevOps engineer with a small company working with Amazon Web Services. I’ve been writing online for quite a while now in one way or another. I (still) maintain my own blog at, and I’ve written in the past for GigaOm and a few other sites. In my drawer is a rough first draft of a sci-fi novel I wrote up during NaNoWriMo.
What is your current setup?
I’ve just upgraded to a 2017 iMac 5k with 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB flash drive. It’s a fantastic machine. Plenty of power, beautiful display, all the ports I need and only one cable for power. I’m using the latest Apple Magic Keyboard and Trackpad. I love the trackpad since I’ve been able to get rid of the ugly mousepads on my desk. In my left-hand drawer is a ScanSnap S1300i which is the starting point of my paperless home workflow. I also have a 2015 13″ MacBook Pro that I use for travelling.
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october 2017 by rgl7194
Google Docs: Everything you need to know! | iMore
Here's everything you need to know about Google Docs.
Google Docs lets you create and edit documents, either in your web browser of choice or on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. One of the central features of the productivity app is collaboration, which lets you work on a document with other at the same time, as well as leave comments or suggested edits.
Google Docs has become an essential app for millions of users around the world. Here's everything you need to know about it.
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october 2017 by rgl7194
Evidence-based advice on how to be successful in any job - 80,000 Hours
The trouble with self-help advice is that it’s often based on barely any evidence.
For example, how many times have you been told to “think positively” in order to reach your goals? It’s probably the most popular piece of personal guidance, beloved by everyone from high school teachers to best-selling careers experts. One key idea behind the slogan is that if you visualise your ideal future, you’re more likely to get there.
The problem? Evidence suggests that the opposite is true. Recent research found evidence that fantasising about your perfect life actually makes you less likely to make it happen. While it can be pleasant, it reduces motivation because it makes you feel that you’ve already hit those targets.1 We’ll cover some ways positive thinking can be helpful later in the article.
Much other advice is just one person’s opinion, or useless clichés. But at 80,000 Hours, we’ve found that there are a number of evidence-backed steps that anyone can take to become more productive and successful in their career, and life in general. And as we saw in an earlier article, people can keep improving their skills for decades.
So we’ve gathered up all the best advice we’ve found over our last five years of research. These are things that anyone can do in any job to increase their career capital, personal fit and, therefore, their positive impact.
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october 2017 by rgl7194
Uses This / Hannah Nicklin
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Hannah Nicklin, I'm a freelance writer, narrative designer, producer and performer who has work in games, theatre, academia and community arts. I'm currently working as a writer and narrative designer with Die Gute Fabrik, and previous did narrative design/creative production for Twisted Tree Games (Ed Key's studio/label). Other things I do include writing critical articles in response to games and games culture, giving performance talks, producing zines, giving lectures, running workshops, putting on and hosting events, and consultancy on narrative games and the spaces where theatre, games and play cross over.
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october 2017 by rgl7194
Home Screens – Chuck Joiner — MacSparky
Chuck Joiner’s with his Mac Voices podcast (website)(Twitter) is the James Lipton of our Mac community. He’s been delivering great content for years and today he agreed to share his home screen. Okay Chuck, show us your home screen.
Downcast for sure. It takes care of keeping all my podcasts downloaded and synced between my iPads, iPhone and Macs so that I can listen or watch to any of them any time, without having to spend time managing what is where. The capability of having custom speeds for each show subscribed to is also important, since some can be consumed easily at 2.5x, while others may only be listenable at 1.5x. My perception is that the algorithm for accelerated listening has improved over time, and the addition of an Apple Watch app puts the audio controls on my wrist if the phone is in my pocket. 
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october 2017 by rgl7194
Uses This / Leah Finnegan
Who are you, and what do you do?
I am Leah Finnegan. I am the features editor at The Outline and I write a semi-regular newsletter called Leah Letter about how the media is bad.
What hardware do you use?
I use an 11-in MacBook Air, a 23-in Dell monitor, an Apple Magic Keyboard, the cheapest Logitech wireless mouse Staples had in stock which is very small and I love it, a mouse pad with wrist support, an iPhone 6s which I can't wait to get rid of because the battery life is one minute, and a 6-ft iPhone charging cord.
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october 2017 by rgl7194
Home Screens – MacSparky's Strange Looking iPad — MacSparky
This week I’m featuring my own iOS 11 iPad home screen, partly because it’s so weird. Here it is. (Click to enlarge.)
For a long time, I’ve kept all my apps on the home screen with everything not on the screen located in four folders. I’ve given those folders verb names, Make, Learn, Fix, and Play. Traditionally I opened apps from the home screen or one of those folders. I still do that on my iPhone.
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october 2017 by rgl7194
Stephen Hackett's Mac and iOS setup for 2017 – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Stephen Hackett. I’m the co-founder of the Relay FM podcast network, home to a whole bunch of nerdy shows. I co-host several of them. Relay FM has been my full-time job for a little over two years now.
In addition to podcasting, I’ve been blogging at 512 Pixels for nine years. I write about Apple, tech, journalism, design, and anything else that comes across my plate that I find interesting.
I also serve as an editor here at The Sweet Setup.
What is your current setup?
My production machine is a Late 2015 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display. It’s my first desktop machine after a long line of notebooks, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I get a ton of screen space and power without the hassle of docking a MacBook Pro with an external display.
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october 2017 by rgl7194
David Hepworth's Mac and iPhone setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is David Hepworth, and I’m a small (but growing) YouTuber making videos about technology (mainly Apple products). I currently have just over 7,000 views and 49 subscribers, but hope to have 10,000 views soon so I can start monotizing my content.
What is your current setup?
I use a base model mid-2014 15-inch MacBook Pro connected to a 22” monitor with a Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter. I use this to edit my videos in Final Cut Pro. I don’t do much editing, but I cut bits out and enhance the audio. For my mouse, I use the Logitech Performance MX, it’s great for editing and I only need to charge it every few months. I have a 6TB external drive for storing videos, Time Machine, and as a scratch disk because I only have 256GB of internal storage.
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september 2017 by rgl7194
Andrew Canion's Mac, iPad, and iPhone setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
I am Andrew Canion, and I work as a Business Adviser, delivering the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme that provides a range of advisory services across management, innovation, growth, and commercialisation of products and services. I can also help companies to access government grants that support their business objectives.
I’m also a Non-Executive Director and Treasurer of a not-for-profit organisation, Midlas, that provides legal support, financial counselling, disability advocacy, and tenancy advocacy for people in need.
As an early Twitter adopter with an unusual surname, I managed to get @canion.
What is your current setup?
My main machine is a 13-inch MacBook Pro, Late 2013 with a 2.4GHz i5 and 8 GB of RAM. This machine has been rock solid. I think back to my first Mac, which was the first generation Intel MacBook Pro 17” that got so hot it would burn your legs, and am amazed by how far things have come. This 2013 MacBook has been excellent, and still has more than enough power for what I need. With the lack of ports on the new MacBooks, I think I will hold onto this machine for as long as I can.
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september 2017 by rgl7194
Aaron Bielert's Mac, iOS, and Watch setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Aaron Bielert, and I am the Network President & Founder of Sparkk TV. We are an original WebSeries TV Network.
What is your current setup?
My main computer is a 2014 Mac Mini with 4GB Ram & 500GB SSD – on my desk with it I use Logitech Speakers, Quirky Space Bar, and a 27” Samsung Curved Monitor.
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september 2017 by rgl7194
Uses This / Mike Lazer-Walker
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Mike Lazer-Walker (yes, that's my real name!). I make installation art and experimental games that ask people to interact with everyday objects in unexpected and playful new ways. A lot of my work involves vintage technology, such as fully-functional USB telegraph keys and a game played on a 90-year-old telephone switchboard. Other projects revolve more around recontextualizing familiar objects and spaces, such as a generative poetry walk in San Francisco's Fort Mason and a game where you sext with a robot.
Aside from my art practice, I build software tools. I care a lot about making sure that we're building technology and providing tools that actively enable and empower people to improve themselves. This tends to manifest itself in open-source software tools to help other programmers be more productive (my day job is building iOS and web apps), "quantified self"-style tools mostly built for my own purposes, and educational projects to help others teach themselves new skills. I've spent a lot of time in spaces designed to foster self-driven creative learning, such as the MIT Media Lab (where I was a researcher with the now-defunct Playful Systems group) and the Recurse Center.
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september 2017 by rgl7194
Home Screens – Greg Scown — MacSparky
Greg Scown (website)(Twitter) started his programming career at Apple but eventually made his way out of Cupertino and into his the Apple developer community. Greg is one of the owners of Smile Software and is, in addition to being a geek like us, a very nice man. So Greg, show us your home screen.
1Password, Fantastical, Overcast, and Slack are all long-term faves. is my new/trending favorite, and Tweetbot is a stalwart.
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september 2017 by rgl7194
Thord D. Hedengren's Mac, iOS, and Watch setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Thord D. Hedengren, and I’m first and foremost a writer. I write books — mostly fiction these days, but also technical literature about web development. WordPress lovers who speak, or at least read, Swedish might know me from my WPSE weekly newsletter. If you’re a Swedish business person, you might’ve read my tech columns in the Swedish tech daily Di Digital. Back in the day, I edited sites like The Blog Herald and Devlounge.
When I’m not writing, I build things. Some of those things are for clients. I’m the founder and CEO at the digital agency Odd Alice, which is in talks for some funky things that might or might not be official when this is published.
I also work with startups. I’m on the Tech Troopers (crowdsourced tech support) board, the author in residence at BlankPage (online writing app), co-founder at Damn Fine Novels, among other things. I like to keep busy.
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