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Bruno Lé Photography · March 8
Pois é, estamos de volta! As fotos de curso começaram e o primeiro grupo foi de Ciências Farmacêuticas. Aqui fica uma de uma tardada de fotografias! :)
Yeah, we're back! Course Photos started and the first group was pharmaceutical sciences. Here's one of a photo shoot! :)
facebook  coimbra  university  tie  tuna_feminina  uniform  traje  photography 
11 days ago by rgl7194
Endeavour Series 3 | Sean Rigby talks about Dakota's character - YouTube
Dakota Blue Source
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Endeavour 3 Behind the Scenes, Sean Rigby talks about Dakota's character
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  youtube  BTS 
24 days ago by rgl7194
Dakota Blue Richards | 'Endeavour' 3x02 "The truth" - YouTube
Dakota Blue Source
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Dakota Blue Richards in Endeavour Series 3
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  youtube 
24 days ago by rgl7194
Dakota Blue Richards | 'Endeavour' 3x02 "Trewlove meets Thursday and Jake" - YouTube
Dakota Blue Source
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Dakota Blue Richards in Endeavour Series 3
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  youtube 
24 days ago by rgl7194
YOUTUBE: Films I Created That You May Have Missed. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you well.
Many new subscribers and maybe some older ones may not be aware of the films I have created over the years. I have a Youtube channel where there are around 95 videos. I have recently been allowed to monetise some of my videos so I decided I should advertise my Youtube channel a bit more directly.
So, I decided to collect together a few of my videos and place them under appropriate headings. I hope you find something of interest.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  youtube  70s 
24 days ago by rgl7194
Dakota Blue Richards | 'Endeavour' 3x02 "Trewlove meets Bright" - YouTube
Dakota Blue Source
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Dakota Blue Richards in Endeavour Series 3
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  youtube 
24 days ago by rgl7194
Dakota Blue Richards | 'Endeavour' 3x02 "Morse meets Trewlove" - YouTube
Dakota Blue Source
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Dakota Blue Richards in Endeavour Series 3
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  youtube 
24 days ago by rgl7194
ENDEAVOUR: S7E3. ‘Zenana’; Review + Locations, Literary References, Music etc. SPOILERS. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
The title of the episode, “Zenana”, is a word derived from Hindustani and Persian, meaning “the women’s apartments” – sometimes denoting a harem.
The ‘freak accidents’ continue but Morse believes that they are anything but accidents. Thursday refuses to believe that the accidents are anything else but accidents and tires of Endeavour’s need to prove him wrong. The strain begins to show in the Thursday and Endeavour’s relationship.
Endeavour falls in love with Violetta but as they say, love never runs smooth. Who will win her hand, Ludo or Morse?
The towpath deaths continue and the team race against time to stop the killer before anyone else killed.
70s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  music  police  review  spoilers  synopsis  tv  uk  uniform 
27 days ago by rgl7194
ENDEAVOUR: S7E2. ‘RAGA’; Review + Locations, Literary References, Music etc. SPOILERS. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Raga is also a melodic framework for improvisation akin to a melodic mode in Indian classical music.
It’s June 1970 and Professor Blish has been charged with the deaths of Molly Andrews and Dr Benford. However, Thursday doesn’t believe Blish killed Molly Andrews, neither do I, and is still convinced she was killed by her boyfriend Carl Sturgis. For that reason he has started to ‘stalk’ Sturgis.
Meanwhile there is racial tension in Oxford on the run up to a general election. This tension is exacerbated by the stabbing of a young Asian man. These tensions are heightened by a ‘make Britain white again’ political group who have their leader, Gorman, standing for parliament in the election.
Meanwhile, Ludo and Violetta show up again with Violetta wanting to continue her love affair with Endeavour.
70s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  music  police  review  spoilers  synopsis  tv  uk  uniform 
27 days ago by rgl7194
ENDEAVOUR: S7E1. ‘ORACLE’; Review + Locations, Literary References, Music etc. SPOILERS. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
While Endeavour is gallivanting in Venice, romantically and otherwise, his fellow officers have been investigating the murder of barmaid, Molly Andrews.
Fred Thursday looks and sounds worn out and wondering why the world is such an ugly place and one feels that Molly’s death is one more straw towards breaking his metaphorical back in relation to his job. Win and Fred’s relationship still appears a little strained after the events of series six but they are certainly in a better place.
CS Reginald Bright continues to tend to his wife’s every need to the point where he is willing to indulge her belief in faith healing.
Endeavour has, as is his wont, fallen in love with the beautiful Violetta whom he met at an opera in Venice.
endeavour  70s  bbc  crime_drama  music  police  review  spoilers  synopsis  tv  uk  uniform 
27 days ago by rgl7194
Chicago PD 7x13 Promo "I Was Here" (HD) - YouTube
TV Promos
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Chicago PD 7x13 "I Was Here" Season 7 Episode 13 Promo - After receiving a distressing 911 call, Burgess enlists the team's help to track down a girl caught up in a sex-trafficking ring. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Chicago PD season 7 promos in HD!
Chicago PD official website:
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Chicago PD 7x13 Promo/Preview "I Was Here"
Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 13 Promo
Chicago PD 7x13 Promo "I Was Here" (HD)
youtube  police  crime_drama  tv  uniform 
4 weeks ago by rgl7194
ITV PRESSPACK about Endeavour series 7. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
@EndeavourTV Series 7 press pack photos released today courtesy of the wonderful folks @ITV @ITVpresscentre
endeavour  70s  bbc  crime_drama  police  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  press_release  twitter 
8 weeks ago by rgl7194
Trailer for New Endeavour Series: February 2020. Re-Recorded so it can watched by those outside the UK. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Here it is the first trailer for the seventh series of Endeavour. I have re-recorded it so everyone including those in the USA can watch it.
Good trailer don’t you think? The question I came away asking was, why is Win crying? Has Sam or Joan been killed? On rewatching the trailer I don’t think it’s Win.
Rock music in trailer is Black Sabbath’s War Pigs. Enjoy.
endeavour  70s  bbc  crime_drama  police  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  trailer 
8 weeks ago by rgl7194
E tu? O que queres do Orfeon?
Orfeon Académico de Coimbra
Pronto para uma nova aventura? Nova morada? Nova família?
Vem ver com os teus próprios olhos e ouvir com os teus ouvidos! Descobre o que o Orfeon tem para oferecer.
Mas, mais importante do que isso, o que queres tu do Orfeon?
Ready for a new adventure? New address? New family?
Come see with your own eyes and hear with your ears! Find out what orfeon has to offer.
But more importantly, what do you want from orfeon?
#orfeon #oac #139Anos #coimbra #universidadedecoimbra #portugal
youtube  video  coimbra  chorus  university  traje  uniform  music  bowtie 
8 weeks ago by rgl7194
Prokopiev catering - Mexican Consulate - YouTube
Prokopiev Catering
20 subscribers
Прием в честь открытия почетного консульства Соединенных Штатов Мексики в Республике Беларусь в ProGolf Minsk
The opening of the United Mexican States Honorary Consulate in the Republic of Belarus
food  restaurants  uniform  bowtie  youtube 
9 weeks ago by rgl7194
Prokopiev Catering (Promo Video) - YouTube
Prokopiev Catering
19 subscribers
Prokopiev Catering - ресторан выездного обслуживания класса люкс в Минске. Стиль. Качество. Артистизм.
+37529 10 100 66
food  restaurants  uniform  bowtie  promo  youtube 
9 weeks ago by rgl7194
Carol Vorderman, 57, joins Myleene Klass, 40, at glitzy RAF event | Daily Mail Online
She is an experienced pilot, owns a private jet and once shared that her childhood ambition was to fly all over the world.
And on Friday, Carol Vorderman joined forces with Myleene Klass at the consecration parade for the new standard of 617 Squadron - also known as the Dambusters.
The former Countdown host, 57, ensured all eyes were on her at RAF Marham in Norfolk thanks to her incredibly smooth visage and her sharp pilot uniform.
The Dambusters got their nickname after embarking on a night-time raid on three heavily defended dams deep in Germany's industrial heartland.
They flooded the Ruhr valley and delivered a crucial blow to the Nazi war machine.
Their success was immortalised in the classic 1955 film The Dambusters, its thrilling theme tune and gung-ho script evoking the best of British.
uk  military  uniform  women 
9 weeks ago by rgl7194
Orfeon Académico de Coimbra - Facebook
O Orfeon Académico de Coimbra deseja a todos um Feliz Natal, cheio de música e alegria!
coimbra  chorus  traje  uniform  music  concert  christmas  bowtie  university  video  facebook 
10 weeks ago by rgl7194
Coro Sinfónico Inês de Castro - Photos
Glória à Vida - Concerto de Natal 8 dez 2019AlbumsGlória à Vida - Concerto de Natal 8 dez 2019
55 Photos · Updated 21 days ago
Fotografias de Sandra Fonseca e Catarina Gralheiro
Christmas concert "Glory to life"
Organization: University of coimbra and symphony choir inês de Castro
Participating Choirs: Inês De Castro's symphony choir, coimbra academic orfeon, mixed choir of the university of coimbra, choir of the chapel of the university
Soloists: Leonor Barbosa De Melo, Joana Valente, Leonor Blackthorn, André Lacerda, João Henriques
Inês De Castro Orchestra
Direction: Maestro Artur Pine Maria
music  portugal  traje  uniform  university  bowtie  chorus  concert  photography  facebook  coimbra 
10 weeks ago by rgl7194
Mom takes hilarious before-and-after photos of daughter’s first day of school
GLASGOW, Scotland (WTVO) – Five-year-old Lucie’s mother took before and after photos of her return to school this week, and they’re hilarious.
Jillian Falconer took the photos on Monday, showing Lucie all neat and ready to go to school in the morning and a complete disheveled mess in the afternoon!
Barrhead News says when Lucie’s mom asked what happened, Lucie told her she had just been playing with friends at school.
uk  schools  uniform  humor  photography 
10 weeks ago by rgl7194
How players are using uniform numbers to break MLB's unwritten rules
For more than two years, Mallex Smith didn't tell anyone on his team why he wore No. 0.
Back in January 2017, Smith found himself in a whirlwind of trades in one day, going from the Braves to the Mariners -- for all of 77 minutes ("Some of the best 77 minutes of my life," he told The Tampa Bay Times) -- before ending up with the Rays. He'd worn 17 in Atlanta, though he'd always loved 13, a tribute to his love of Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th" but infielder Brad Miller already had the number in Tampa Bay.
After talking with some friends from back home in Tallahassee, Florida, Smith landed on 0, the first player in Rays history to sport the number, which drew the interest of the internet. Despite there being nearly 20,000 players in the sport's history, Smith was just the 18th major leaguer to wear 0. Smith, then a second-year pro who hadn't quite established himself as a full-time major leaguer, kept his reasoning close to the vest.
baseball  uniform 
10 weeks ago by rgl7194
Sirigaitas - Zubrowska (XVII Moura Encantada) - YouTube
201 subscribers
Interpretação das Sirigaitas do seu tema Instrumental, no XVII Moura Encantada, no Algarve.
traje  tuna_feminina  music  portugal  youtube  uniform  university 
11 weeks ago by rgl7194
Армията на Господарите или „Не се гаси туй, що не гасне“   Приказки за лека нощ с Ева Веселинова
Честит празник, Господари!
Честит 16-ти рожден ден на единствената реална трибуна на народа в ефира. Едно „шоу“, което толкова точно и ясно отрази корупцията във властта, неработещите институции, злоупотребите с обществени поръчки и ограбването на българския народ от едни или други, че внезапно и съвсем „случайно“ изчезна от ефир… Като подарък към предаването за рождения му ден (31-ви март) ще си позволя да кажа няколко думи.
Всекидневно най-различни хора ми задават следните въпроси: „Защо не излъчват „Господари на ефира“?“, „Какво се случи с предаването?“, „Кога ще гледаме отново „Господари на ефира“? и редица други.
news  europe  uniform  tie 
11 weeks ago by rgl7194
Takapuna Grammar School - Our School - YouTube
Aaron Hewitt
5 subscribers
Takapuna Grammar School is an outstanding school - highly sought after by families living locally and further afield. The school has a strong reputation for providing an excellent and broad education, thus ensuring that all students can reach their personal potential.
The school provides two world-class academic curricula; NCEA (the New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement) and IB Diploma (the International Baccalaureate). TGS was the first state school in New Zealand to be approved to offer the IB qualification. Alongside academic learning, there is a myriad of opportunities for students to make friends and participate in sport, music, arts, culture, business, technology and service groups.
The school has an excellent record of outstanding achievements in academic and a wide range of other endeavours. Since 1927 Takapuna Grammar School has had a reputation for outstanding student achievement, offering young people academic programmes and the opportunity to learn in a culture of excellence and high standards. Since the school was established there has been a continuous stream of alumni who achieve at the highest level nationally and internationally. Staff and students work collaboratively, embracing diversity and valuing each person’s uniqueness.
People & Blogs
boarding_school  uniform  overview  youtube  ANZ  high_school 
12 weeks ago by rgl7194
THE BIG SING EXPERIENCE CUT 7 2019 04 25 - YouTube
The Big Sing - New Zealand Choral Federation
1.16K subscribers
People & Blogs
music  chorus  high_school  ANZ  youtube  uniform 
12 weeks ago by rgl7194
A letter to Rams fans from Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff
Dear Fans,
Walking through tailgates Sunday morning and standing on the field postgame, I was inspired by how many fans commented on the joy the Rams return to Los Angeles has brought you and your families. In many ways, the four years since we returned back to Southern California have flown by.
From the moment the Red Hot Chili Peppers kicked off our return to the Coliseum in front of 90,000 fans to the postgame fireworks Sunday night, we’ve shared some incredible memories together. The first playoff game in LA in more than 30 years against the Falcons, beating the Cowboys last January to advance to the NFC Championship en route to Super Bowl LIII, and of course that historic Monday Night Football game where LA came together during a time of immense tragedy. And many memories have been made off the field as well – building playgrounds at elementary schools in Inglewood, Watts, South Central and East LA, working with United Way to raise more than one million dollars to help address homelessness through their annual Homewalk, and most recently with our 2nd Annual Community Blitz when we made the holidays a little brighter for thousands of Angelenos at six different community projects on one day. 
Whether cheering for us at the Coliseum or on the road, Playing 60 with us at your school, or joining us in inspiring Angelenos to shine bright and our fans everywhere to climb to new heights, you have been with us every step of the way. Thank you. 
football  rams  color  logo  uniform  2020s 
january 2020 by rgl7194
Rams uniforms: LA will also get new colors, helmets and logo in 2020
The Los Angeles Rams aren’t just moving to a new stadium in 2020. They’re also getting a facelift as part of an overall identity rebranding for the franchise.
Next season, the Rams will hit the field with a new look. This includes updated colors, uniforms, as well as a new helmet and logo. The details of the changes haven’t yet been revealed, but they are confirmed to be coming.
football  rams  color  logo  uniform  2020s 
january 2020 by rgl7194
First Look: The Berken Case - YouTube
MHz Choice
9.08K subscribers
In this French TV movie, Audrey Fleurot (A French Village, Spiral) stars as Odessa Berken, a Navy officer investigating a disturbing disappearance on a military base in Brest. Philippe Lefebvre (Detectives) co-stars.
Watch online, your TV or favorite device at!
tv  crime_drama  navy  uniform  france  police  preview  trailer  2010s  youtube 
december 2019 by rgl7194
Watch The Berken Case | Prime Video
The Berken Case
1h 29min
Naval Officer Berken (Audrey Fleurot) faces a wall of resistance as she investigates the murder of a soldier.
Genres Drama, International, Military and War
Director Laurence Katrian
Starring Audrey Fleurot, Philippe Lefebvre, Cyril Descours
tv  2010s  crime_drama  france  navy  police  uniform  amazon 
december 2019 by rgl7194
PREVIEW: Can you solve 'The Berken Case'?
The Berken Case starring Audrey Fleurot and Philippe Lefebvre premieres September 3rd on MHz Choice!
THE SHOW: The Berken Case (in France it is called Peur sur la Base, which means “fear on the base” – why change it?) is a French television movie. It stars none other than your faves and mine, Audrey Fleurot (Spiral, A French Village) and Philippe Lefebvre (Detectives). “Wait, Al,” you’re saying. “Both of them in one thing? This is an embarrassment of riches!” Oh, but wait, it gets better.
THE FORMULA: Get this: Audrey Fleurot is Odessa Berken, a maritime cop on the naval base in Brest. Berken is, you know, hot-headed, ambitious, has a conflicted past, is in kind of complicated relationship with the medical examiner (Lefebvre) – yes, fine, we’ve seen all that before. But, have we seen it with Audrey F? And have we seen Madame in une uniforme de flic, pushing perps against walls and swinging crowbars on bad guys? I’m telling you, this red-headed goddess of small screen courtrooms and Nazi bedchambers is glorious to behold in the daylight. She elevates what would otherwise be a perfectly entertaining murder mystery to a crackling thriller and Lefebvre is smart enough to stay in his lane and watch.
tv  crime_drama  navy  uniform  france  police  preview  trailer  2010s 
december 2019 by rgl7194
TFIST | 25 Anos - YouTube
TFIST - Tuna Feminina do Instituto Superior Técnico
110 subscribers
TFIST | 25 Anos
No passado dia 1 de abril demos início às celebrações do nosso 25º aniversário. Foi ao longo de todos estes anos que as várias gerações foram dando o seu contributo para tornar a TFIST aquilo que é hoje. Como forma de agradecimento a todas essas gerações, apresentamos este vídeo que mostra um pouco daquilo que a TFIST tem de melhor!
music  tuna_feminina  portugal  traje  uniform  youtube  anniversary  university 
december 2019 by rgl7194
BBC Blogs - BBC Genome Blog - Women in Blue: From Dixon of Dock Green to Prime Suspect
ITV tonight launches a new drama series - or rather a variation on a long-established one - Prime Suspect 1973. Written as ever by Lynda la Plante, although in this case adapted by Glen Laker from her novel Tennison, it explores the origins of her central character Jane Tennison who appeared in successive series of Prime Suspect from 1991 onward.
Jane Tennison was an innovative character, a hard-working and hard-drinking detective succeeding in her profession despite the attitudes of her male colleagues. Her original portrayal was a classic performance by Helen Mirren, that led to her career reaching its current heights as a major film star.
Like their real-life counterparts, it took many years before female police characters were taken seriously, and given equal prominence in crime dramas. Until 1980 there was no series built around a woman police character in the UK, although American television had pioneered the genre with the Angie Dickinson series Police Woman (1974-78). US TV would also innovate with the much-loved female buddy series Cagney and Lacey (1981-88).
In the earliest police series like Dixon of Dock Green and Z Cars, there was usually at least one regular policewoman character, but as in reality they were usually confined to dealing with the problems of other women and with children, as female police officers were part of a separate women’s division. Dixon of Dock Green had the motherly and sensible Sgt Grace Millard, from its second series in 1956 until the end of 1961.
Z Cars, ironically, as supposedly the more advanced series, had very little for their WPC characters to do. In the 1960s WPC Jenny Stacey (Lynne Furlong) was involved in a number of early storylines, but was gradually phased out. The 1970s incarnation of the show had policewomen played by, among others, Alison Steadman and Stephanie Turner, but the emphasis overall was on their male counterparts. No other police drama of the time broke this formula in any meaningful way.
The ITV series The Sweeney advanced the style of television police series, but its aggressive tough guy characters did not provide a welcoming environment for female police officers. Its BBC equivalent, Target, did at least feature a female detective, Vivien Heilbron’s Det-Sgt Louise Colbert, and there were more prominent roles for women characters in the quirky ITV drama Strangers (1978-82).
politics  women  uk  bbc  uniform  tv 
december 2019 by rgl7194
Orfeon Académico de Coimbra - Posts
📸 Quem ficou melhor na foto? 🤔
#orfeon #oac #139Anos #coimbra #universidadedecoimbra #portugal #açores
📸 who looks better in the picture? 🤔
#orfeon #oac #139Anos #coimbra #universidadedecoimbra #portugal #açores
— with Catarina Martins, Ricardo Rodrigues, Celina Campos, Francisco Brás, Ricardo Brás, Ana Filipa Morgado, Sara Fernandes, Filipa T. Santos, Maria João Santo, Nuno Morais, Gonçalo Melo Ribeiro, Teresa Aguiar and Artur Pinho Maria in Ponta Delgada, Azores.
coimbra  chorus  bowtie  uniform  university  traje  tuna_feminina  facebook 
november 2019 by rgl7194
Inês Oliveira toma posse como presidente da AEESELX | Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa
Inês Oliveira toma posse como presidente da AEESELX
No dia 22 de outubro, a estudante Inês Oliveira, do curso de Educação Pré-escolar, tomou posse como presidente da Associação de Estudantes da Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa (ESELx).
Na cerimónia o presidente do Politécnico de Lisboa (IPL), Elmano Margato agradeceu e reconheceu o trabalho desenvolvido nos últimos anos, pelo ex-presidente da AEESELX, Ricardo Ribeiro e sua equipa. Referiu ainda a importância que as associações de estudantes do Politécnico de Lisboa têm na ligação entre as unidades orgânicas (UO's) do IPL, onde afirmou que "são os estudantes que têm contribuído para aproximação das UO's".
O presidente do IPL proferiu algumas palavras de incentivo à nova presidente da AEESELX, para a criação de "um equilíbrio entre o ser um dirigente associativo e ser estudante", pediu ainda que esta desse continuidade ao trabalho desenvolvido pela anterior presidência. No fim Elmano Margato felicitou a nova presidente da ESELx, Inês Oliveira e sua equipa, desejando-lhe votos de muito sucesso.
Também o presidente da Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa, Carlos Pires, felicitou a nova equipa da AEESELX, onde afirmou estar disponível para o que fosse necessário.
Na tomada de posse estiveram presentes alguns dirigentes associativos,  além do vice-presidente da Federação Académica do IPL, Miguel Costa; Sofia Escária, presidente da Federação Académica de Lisboa e também Tiago Diniz, presidente da Federação Nacional de Associações de Estudantes do Ensino Superior Politécnico, que felicitaram e desejaram boa sorte à nova presidente da associação de estudantes da ESELx e sua equipa.
"Um passo para o futuro" é o mote da nova equipa da AEESELX, Inês Oliveira referiu ainda que a prioridade é promover a participação dos estudantes nas várias atividades que vierem a ser desenvolvidas. A equipa da presidência da AEESELX conta ainda com mais quatro elementos, Raquel Farola (vice-presidente), Bernardo Lopes (tesoureiro), Raquel Santos (secretária) e Maycon Santos (imagem).
Texto/Imagem LR
Ver no flickr
tuna_feminina  portugal  uniform  traje  speech  university  women 
october 2019 by rgl7194
The New York Times Archives on Instagram: “Who needs AAA when you have your own two hands and a little elbow grease? Students at Mother Cabrini High School in Manhattan learn how to…”
Who needs AAA when you have your own two hands and a little elbow grease? Students at Mother Cabrini High School in Manhattan learn how to change a tire in October 1959, under the watchful eyes of their instructors, Mother Gervase and Marcelle Caccioppoli. Our photographer Neal Boenzi captured Dolores Santiago, left, and Jane Fiocco as they learned their way around a lug nut. Their Washington Heights school was, #nytimes reported, “the first all-girls’ high school in the city to provide driver education.” At the time, only 6 of New York City’s public high schools offered driver training. After the Board of Education turned down Mother Cabrini’s request for a car, citing insufficient teachers for the classes, a local auto dealer donated a new Ford so the girls could get on the road. #nytarchives #nealboenzi
photography  instagram  nytimes  50s  high_school  women  uniform  cars  driving  NYC 
october 2019 by rgl7194
Zara Blackmore | New England Focus
“We can’t do everything, we can’t do nothing, but we can all do something”… NEGS student Zara Blackmore is definitely doing something! Community-minded, passionate, focused, and an advocate for local youth, mental health and those less fortunate in our community, Zara has been recognised with a 2019 National Council of Women NSW Dame Marie Bashir Peace Award …
Hi Zara. By way of introduction, tell us a little about yourself, your family and your background in Armidale …
I have lived in Armidale all my life, and I started at NEGS in Transition in 2006, where my mum was working as a secondary teacher at the time. My mother now works at the University of New England, and my father works with the NSW Department of Primary Industries. 
Whilst I have been at NEGS for my whole schooling, I was also fortunate to spend two months at a school in Paris, as part of the Round Square Exchange Program.
australia  boarding_school  uniform  award  teenager  interview 
october 2019 by rgl7194
Women in World War 2 Memorabilia | Vintage Makeup Guides
Women in World War 2 Memorabilia
Restored handbooks, knitting patterns, beauty and fashion guides and magazines owned and read by British women in World War 2. The Land Girls, the Waaf, the ATS and the Wrens among others.
And those read by American women such as Rosie the Riveter, the Waves and Spars, Wacs, Wasps and Army and Navy Nurses and so much more.
Both wartime women’s packs come with bonus 1940s hairstyle and beauty guides. You can also get the whole Bundle together.
Learn what it was like to be one of millions of women in World War Two serving in the Allied forces, and on the home front during World War Two. Scroll down for some previews or for more information and download links visit our  Women in WW2 Memorabilia Shop now.
women  WWII  military  navy  uniform  guide  40s  usa  uk 
october 2019 by rgl7194
Malin is a first class girl in an economy world : theCHIVE
Forget the fact that Malin is a pilot. She’s also a girl with a wicked sense of adventure and someone who grabs life by the balls. Clear the runways because she’s making a steady landing into our hearts.
photography  women  flying  airplane  travel  instagram  uniform  adventure 
october 2019 by rgl7194
Candidates grilled by inquisitive pupils | Otago Daily Times Online News
Dunedin's mayoral candidates were kept on their toes by a younger constituency yesterday.
The Dunedin Youth Council hosted about 50 pupils at the Harbour View Lounge at the Edgar Centre for Speed Date the Mayor.
And in the panel section of the afternoon, candidates were asked a "serious" question and then one that was "a bit more fun".
"If you won the lottery, what would you spend your millions on?"
While candidates were still asked to describe the Dunedin of the future - and their plan to get the city there - they also faced questions, including who they drew inspiration from, what they do outside of work for pleasure, or what their favourite song was.
Youth council member and moderator Sasha Freeman (16) said the second questions were a way to understand the mayoral hopefuls as individuals.
"I think it makes them more relatable," she said.
"And even if they're not talking about the campaign, you can kind of get a feel for who they are, what they stand for.
"It's nice to get to know who is running your city on a more personal level."
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1943 WAVES at Mount Holyoke - YouTube
Mount Holyoke College
4.07K subscribers
This film dating from 1943 shows WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, a division of the U.S. Navy) at Mount Holyoke College during World War II, and a campus visit by Eleanor Roosevelt. Mount Holyoke and Smith College served as the first training facilities in the nation for women officers in the armed forces.
40s  WWII  waves  navy  uniform  youtube  college 
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The Falling - Movie Trailers - iTunes
Lydia (Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones) and Abbie are best friends experiencing a sexual awakening at their strict English girls’ school. Following a tragedy, a mysterious fainting epidemic threatens the stability of all involved.
movies  2010s  thriller  boarding_school  uniform  trailer  uk  60s  itunes 
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Maverick artist Lee Miller returns in force | Art and design | The Guardian
She was an artist, surrealist muse, gourmet cook, Vogue fashion model and war photographer - the life of the late Lee Miller continues to provide inspiration. Following a major exhibition of her photographs at the V&A Museum last year, Miller is now to be the subject of a new play, film and exhibition.
Miller's son Antony Penrose has written the play, due to premiere in a one-off performance at West Dean College, Chichester, in September. Starring her granddaughter Ami Bouhassane as Miller, it is called The Angel and The Fiend, after a line from Miller's diaries in which she said: "I looked like an angel, but I was a fiend inside." With much of the play's dialogue taken from Miller's own diaries and letters, it intends to give a behind-the-scenes glimpse of both Miller's life and that of her friends, among them the surrealist artist and photographer Man Ray. West Dean College will also be showing a selection of Miller's photographs.
Meanwhile, the film director John Maybury is taking a look at Miller's colourful life: he is to write and direct a film called The Lives of Lee Miller. Maybury has just received a lottery fund award to write the script for the film, which will follow his recent biopic of Dylan Thomas, The Edge of Love, and his 1998 film Love Is the Devil, about Francis Bacon.
Penrose hopes that The Angel and the Fiend "gives a very interesting insight into Lee's life. It's a really accurate, moving look at her world." He is also collaborating with Maybury on the film. "I'm hugely excited about it. [John] is a fantastically interesting guy who has taken the trouble to research and look at all the archives in depth to get a good understanding of Lee. I can't wait to see the first draft."
women  photography  WWII  40s  military  uniform 
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​lee miller was the photographer who gave a voice to the women of war - i-D
Lee Miller was the American photographer who put the brutal reality of the Second World War’s frontline in the pages of Vogue. As a retrospective of her work opens up at the Imperial War Museum, we look back at the legacy she left behind.
There are many faces to Lee Miller. She is the young, vulnerable nude in her father's amateur photographs, a distorted, colourful figure in Picasso's paintings, a supermodel whose image was captured by Edward Steichen, Arnold Genthe, Nickolas Muray or George Hoyningen-Huene. Man Ray's Lee is a classic surrealist muse, glowing with solarisation. Roland Penrose paints her silhouette, obscured by symbols. Finally there's the Lee of David E. Scherman, a war-time siren, fearless in her Savile Row uniform.
Since her death, her son, Antony Penrose, has been working hard to show us the woman that existed beyond the gaze of these men. As he puts it, each of them "took a little piece of her for themselves. She gave it freely, and in return the artist's images of her retain a vital spark and immortalise her." Immortal though she may be, she immortalised each of them in return, and in doing so allowed the world to forget that Lee Miller was much more than a model, a lover and a muse. As she said herself, "I'd rather take a picture than be one".
Luckily, it seems she more than fulfilled this preference. Just weeks after she passed away, whilst clearing out the attic, her son found 60,000 of her original negatives, alongside 20,000 prints and contact sheets. Here we see the woman looking out at the world, rather than it looking in at her.
women  photography  WWII  40s  military  uniform 
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Lee Miller: on the front line - Telegraph
While working as the only woman photo-reporter in combat areas during the Second World War, the model and Surrealist muse Lee Miller used her creative talents to the full. Drusilla Beyfus discusses her war photographs, part of a retrospective at the V&A
As adroit behind the camera as in front of it, the life of American-born Lee Miller is up for reassessment. As a beauty, Surrealist muse, Man Ray's collaborator, fashion model, sitter to Picasso, Vogue fashion photographer, Second World War correspondent and centre of an influential circle of artists and writers, she is to be the subject of a retrospective at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The event marks the 100th anniversary of her birth - she died aged 70 in 1977.
Fashion and war reportage, portraits and landscape, still life and documentary stories will each have a place in the exhibition, curated by Mark Haworth-Booth, who wrote The Art of Lee Miller, the accompanying book.
In terms of pictorial coverage, it is as if Don McCullin, the Vietnam war photographer, had been assigned to cover the Paris collections, Mario Testino dispatched to Helmand province instead of a fashion shoot or Snowdon restored to documentaries. Few will deny that Miller's war years used her creative talents to the utmost - and also arguably used them up. In 1942 she became one of six accredited war correspondents, and the only woman photo-reporter active in combat areas.
women  photography  WWII  40s  military  uniform 
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Tracy Cassidy saved to The War Years: Women's 1940-1945
US Navy WAVES Uniform, Yeoman, 3rd Class (image 2) | Mainbocher | Spring/Summer 1942 | worsted serge, cotton, satin | MCNY | Reference #: 46.298.3A-D | Mainbocher charged the Navy $1 for his services
pinterest  navy  waves  uniform  WWII  40s  design  clothing  fashion  style 
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WAVE uniform | United States Navy (Mainbocher) - WAVES offic… | Flickr
WAVE uniform
United States Navy (Mainbocher) - WAVES officer’s uniform - Wool, rayon - 1942, USA - Gift of Mrs. C.W. Vernon Jr.
During World War Two, women of the U.S. Navy WAVES division wore uniforms designed by American-born couturier Mainbocher. Retired WAVE Joan Angel recalls that the uniform “gave me the bearing of a woman in whom great responsibilities were vested.” Each military service job taken by a woman was said to be “releasing a man to fight.”
Photo by Irving Solero
The Museum at FIT
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Today the whole school gathered to support a large group of Year 11 and 12 students have their glorious manes either cut or shaved for the 'Worlds Greatest Shave and Ponytail Chop'. Year 12s Ella C, Kristin W and Ella R and Year 11s Pip C and Emily E bravely had their heads shaved in what was a great and supportive atmosphere to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. Junior School cheered the girls on and joined in the spirit of the day with their ‘crazy hair’.
Molly and Kate (Year 12) organised this great fundraiser that had reached well beyond the target of $35,000 to $41,146 by the time the big chop started. There's still time if you'd like to donate via -…/TeamFundraising…
#stmarys #discoveringherbest #leukaemiafoundation
hair  uniform  australia  boarding_school 
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Love and War in the WRNS by Vicky Unwin - review: Wren’s letters give a fresh view of the Second World War | London Evening Standard
This collection of letters offers a tantalising glimpse into the rarefied world of the Wrens.
Love and War in the WRNS by Vicky Unwin (The History Press, £20)
“Join the Navy, see the world,” as the old recruitment posters put it — and for Sheila Mills, a Norfolk girl who volunteered for the Women’s Royal Naval Service a fortnight after her 18th birthday, it certainly seemed to be true. In May 1942 she was posted to Alexandria, attached to the head office of the Mediterranean campaign. Three years later, less than a fortnight after Victory in Europe was declared, she found herself stationed in Kiel, living and working in the land of her former enemies.
Throughout her time abroad, Sheila stayed in almost daily contact with her mother Grace and, 70 years later, her letters home have been edited for publication by her own daughter Vicky Unwin. Perhaps an editor with less personal investment would have been more ruthless with the source material — at almost 350 pages, the resulting book feels overextended — but Unwin’s selection manages to both illuminate the history of the war and draw the reader in to Sheila’s personal story.
The first-hand accounts of “The Flap” of 1942, when British personnel were hastily evacuated from Alexandria, working with Admiral Ramsey on preparations for the invasion of Sicily, and attending the trials of those responsible for the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp (“just horrid” is Sheila’s characteristically blunt response) offer a valuable contemporary perspective, and she was well aware of her good fortune in witnessing such epochal events.
In September 1943, when the defeated Italian fleet arrived at Alexandria, many of her friends stayed in bed but Sheila “wouldn’t have missed that sight for anything — it was history”.
uk  navy  wrens  uniform  WWII  40s  writing  books  family 
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The History Press | Writing Love and War in the WRNS
Nine days after moving her into sheltered accommodation, my mother had a stroke and died. It was heartbreaking to begin the gargantuan task of re-packing and sorting all her possessions again so soon after we had ‘got her straight’, as she would have said. There were a few boxes and bags I had not yet got round to when she moved, amongst them three large black bin-liners. Imagine my surprise when I opened them to find hundreds of letters in neat bundles, some in envelopes (recycled of course), sorted by year.
I knew my mother, was about to embark on her memoirs, but as her first book, a history of The Arab Chest, took her twenty years, I had been somewhat cynical. But here was the evidence. She had always been proud of her war, and said they were the best years of her life. I determined then and there to finish the job. 
Born in Norfolk to a social-climbing, bossy mother and a bullied, intellectual father, my mother joined up to the WRNS (Womens’ Royal Naval Service) as a means of escape when she was just 18. She was posted to Scotland for training and then to Egypt, via the Cape, with a commission at the tender age of 21. In 1945 she was sent to Germany as part of the forces overseeing the peace. For a country girl this was quite an eye opener and transformed her from a naïve and green teenager into a sophisticated and compassionate woman of the world.
uk  navy  wrens  uniform  WWII  40s  writing  books  family 
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JAG - Season 6 Episode 10: Touch and Go - Metacritic
Summary: Harm's former partner Kate Pike is considering transferring back to the JAG office. It becomes complicated when a former CO of Kate is being considered as the new Inspector General and Kate confides to Harm that he made unwanted sexual advances to her when she worked for him. Lt. Singer appears at the door during Kate's conversation and soon afterward, the affair is reported by the Washington media, although Harm suspects Lt. Singer as the source, she denies she overheard anything. Eventually, Kate decides that Washington is just not the place to work and decides to turn down the Admiral's job offer.
jag  tv  navy  uniform  2000s  legal  synopsis 
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"JAG" Touch and Go (TV Episode 2001) - IMDb
Cdr. Kate Pike briefly passes through the JAG headquarters, the SecNav cancels orders for a rear admiral, and Bud represents an attractive woman Marine corporal who wishes to attend Officer Candidate School, but a tattoo gets in the way.
jag  tv  navy  uniform  2000s  legal  synopsis 
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Touch and Go - 120 | JAG Episode Summaries
Caitlin Pike is back at JAG, TDY, and Chegwidden (C) offered her a position which made Singer (S) jealous. Adm Curt Hollenbeck, a friend of Cs, was selected to be the new Inspector General. Pike told Harm (H) that Hollenbeck had groped her four years earlier and they were overheard by S. Pike also told Mac (M) of an additional un-amicable affair with another senior officer who had then given her a bad fit rep that had hurt her career. The story about Hollenbeck leaked to the press and H accused S of doing it. She didn’t deny it – just ‘You know me so little.” Hollenbeck was charged with conduct unbecoming and M got C to recuse her from defending him in an article 32 hearing. Harm prosecuted. Mattoni defended and asked S to “dig up dirt” on Pike for his defense.
Bud (B) defended a female Cpl, with a tattoo on her gluteus, whose CO wouldn’t approve her promotion without the standard photo disclosure. The Cpl refused, claiming gender discrimination. Bud failed to be able to circumvent the CO so the Cpl finally relented. Then the CO didn’t even look at the photo, but tore it up saying he “just didn’t want to give her special treatment.” Mattoni then brought out Pikes previous affair to discredit her on the stand and Pike accused M of “tattling.” Mac told pike that she was “indiscrete” and to “shut her big mouth before she said something else that M shouldn’t hear.” Hollenbeck explained that he had accidentally slipped; but, that when he tried to explain it, Pike had cut him off so he just let it lie. Harm got the SECNAV to waive the confidentiality of Pikes previous promotion board and found that Hollenbeck had been on the promotion board. On the stand he questioned Hollenbeck why Kate had been “deep selected” from the “low zone” over Brockman’s bad report and suggested impropriety.
Hollenbeck’s appointment as Inspector General was cancelled. Brumby (Brum) finally realized that how he pursued M could be considered sexual harassment – “I was relentless.” Chegwidden’s toast to Brum and Ms engagement was: “the only gift greater than the air in your lungs is the hand you hold.” Pike left Washington telling S she held her in contempt. She told H that the last thing he needed in his life was a third woman – her, Mac and Renee (who had all been very awkward with each other.)
jag  tv  navy  uniform  2000s  legal  synopsis 
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recruiting Women Marines - Sociological Images
Kate N. pointed us towards this article in the New York Times today discussing 25 years of Marines recruitment aimed at women. Below is the content of their slide show.
The article says that the Marines have only recently began a concerted attempt to recruit women. Does anyone have any information about the shift in the racial targeting? Or is that just an artifact of the slide show?
Thanks so much for the tip, Kate!
Also in military recruitment: which military would you join?, the homefront, and war as entertainment.
women  military  navy  uniform  poster  nytimes  70s  80s  90s  2000s 
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Sink the Bismarck! Review (1960)
Review: Captain Jonathan Shepard (Kenneth More) arrives in London and makes his way across the capital towards the operations of the British Navy, for the year is 1941 and the Second World War is into its second year of conflict with no end in sight. Maybe if the isolated Britain could score a military victory after the humiliation of Dunkirk things might look brighter, yet as far as the Navy are concerned there's only one goal that would achieve that, which would be to successfully put the German battleship The Bismarck out of action. A formidable feat of engineering and military aggression, it has been causing enormous problems for the Brits - can Shepard help?
This was a war movie based on fact, rather than an invented men on a mission yarn that would increasingly litter the genre as the nineteen-fifties moved into the sixties. But in the decade previous to this release in 1960, it was notable how popular the form had been with British audiences who did not care that the critics and tastemakers were pointing out these efforts were appealing to a patriotism that all these years after the fact was outdated and even patronising. Those audiences were happy to bask in the glory of their country's finest hour, and many of those moviegoers had had first hand experience of the war and wanted reassurance it wasn't in vain.
movies  WWII  women  uniform  navy  uk  60s  review 
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Sink the Bismarck | Black and White Movies
This is the true story of a crucial but not very well-known episode of the second world war. The British navy learns that the Germans are sending a huge battleship to wreak havoc in the Atlantic, and they must stop it, whatever the cost.
If you are at all interested in history and World War II, then this film is a must-see. Watching Sink the Bismark will be one of the most interesting history lessons you will ever have. The movie alternates Apollo 13 style between the back-room strategists and the action on board the ships (both British and German). The special effects might not quite be up to the standards of Ron Howard’s Hollywood blockbuster but it makes up for it with tension and excitement.
movies  WWII  women  uniform  navy  uk  60s  review 
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Sink the Bismarck! (1960) A British Movie About One of the Most Crucial Moments in British History | All About War Movies
The British black and white movie Sink the Bismarck! tells the true account of one of the most difficult moments during WWII. The new German battleship the Bismarck was the biggest and most powerful battleship to ever cruise the sea. A frightening enemy that had to be stopped before it could break loose and reach the Atlantic. The war on the North Atlantic was at its height and so were the British losses at sea.
Sink the Bismarck! switches back and forth between scenes in the war room and scenes at sea. As a narrator states at the beginning of the movie, the war is fought at sea but the decisions are made in the war room. The scenes taking place in the war room resemble many others that are depicted in British movies but they are much more psychological. The filmmakers decided to focus closely on Captain Shepard who has been promoted and is in charge of the navy on land and on his assistant, Anne Davis, a young woman whose fiancé died at the beginning of the war. Shepard himself is grieving for his wife and one of his sons. He is shown as hard and rigid in the beginning but he changes considerably over the course of the movie. The people around him, although annoyed by his harshness, still know that he has to take some of the most difficult decisions that have to be taken during the war.
movies  WWII  women  uniform  navy  uk  60s  review 
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Sink the Bismarck! – review | cast and crew, movie star rating and where to watch film on TV and online
The postwar British film industry relied heavily on "now the story can be told" accounts of engagements that helped turn the Second World War in favour of the Allies. Too many were smug action adventures that devalued the true heroism of the exploits they depicted, but this fine film fully captures the tensions, dangers and complexities of battle by concentrating on the unsung back-room planners as much as on the combatants themselves. There are necessary caricatures on both sides, but at the same time there is a respect for the enemy that is missing in many previous flag-wavers. An unusually restrained Kenneth More is first-rate as director of operations at the Admiralty.
Fact-based Second World War drama, charting the mission to track down and eliminate the pride of the German fleet, a fearsome battleship devastating British vessels in the North Atlantic, orchestrated by a British naval officer recovering from his wife's death in an air raid. Starring Kenneth More, Dana Wynter, Laurence Naismith and Karel Stepanek.
movies  WWII  women  uniform  navy  uk  60s  review 
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‎Sink the Bismarck! (1960) directed by Lewis Gilbert • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd
Loosely based on a true series of World War II events. This movie chronicles the breakout of the German battleship Bismarck accompanied by the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen during the early days of World War II. The Bismarck and her sister ship, Tirpitz, were the most powerful battleships in the European theater of World War II. The British Navy must find and destroy Bismarck before it can escape into the convoy lanes to inflict severe damage on the cargo shipping which was the lifeblood of the British Isles. With eight 15 inch guns, It was capable of destroying every ship in a convoy while remaining beyond the range of all Royal Navy warships. The movie presents the point of view of the commanders and combatants of the naval forces, mostly ships, on both sides as well as a perspective on the role of the British Admiralty in London which is the central command and control headquarters for the Royal Navy.
movies  WWII  women  uniform  navy  uk  60s  review 
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The War Movie Buff: CLASSIC or ANTIQUE: Sink the Bismarck! (1960)
“Sink the Bismarck!” is a black and white British movie released in 1960. It is a true story of the events that led up to the Battle of the Denmark Strait and the subsequent action which resulted in the destruction of the German battleship Bismarck. The screenplay was based on The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck by C.S. Forester. He wrote the book with the intention of it becoming a movie and worked closely with the screenwriter. Director Lewis Gilbert had also done “Reach for the Sky” and “Damn the Defiant!”. The producer John Brabourne used the fact that he was son-in-law to Lord Mountbatten when he was Chief of the Defense Staff to get full cooperation of the Admiralty. It allowed Gilbert to film on board and film exteriors of various Royal Navy ships. The movie was a big hit in Great Britain and also did well in America. It inspired Johnny Horton’s song.
The movie opens with footage of Hitler christening the brand new battleship in 1939. Two years later, Edward Murrow (playing himself) reminds the audience that at this point in the war England stands alone and winning the Battle of the Atlantic is crucial. The Admiralty has a new Chief of Operations in Capt. Shephard (Kenneth More) to coordinate this task. He is something of a martinet and is described as “cold, with no heart or soul. Just an enormous brain.” (Sounds like me.) His assistant will be a comely WREN named Davis (Dana Wynter).  Their first crisis is a report that the Bismarck and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen have sailed on what may be a commerce raiding expedition. Adm. Lutjens is overconfident and a hard core Nazi. His main motivation is glory. Capt. Lindemann doesn’t drink the Nazi Kool-aid. 
movies  WWII  women  uniform  navy  uk  60s  review 
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Sink the Bismarck! - film review | Louder Than War
Sink the Bismarck! (1960)
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Cast: Kenneth More, Dana Wynter, Carl Möhner
Runtime: 97 minutes
Format: Blu-ray
Release Date: 11/03/2019
Jamie Havlin gives his take on a film telling the true story of one of World War II’s most notorious sea battles.
Based on C. S. Forester’s 1958 novel The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck, the film was directed by Lewis Gilbert, a man with an impressively diverse filmography. This ranged from Alfie to three James Bond thrillers, although none of these films had been made when the director started work on Sink the Bismarck! He had, though, already helmed five war movies by this point, including Reach for the Sky (1956) and Carve Her Name With Pride (1958).
During the Second World War, Gilbert had joined the Royal Air Force’s film unit, where he worked on a number of documentaries, and it’s easy to see the influence this had on Sink the Bismarck. The movie even begins with some real footage of the Bismarck’s launch in Hamburg, with Hitler himself attending the ceremony.
movies  WWII  women  uniform  navy  uk  60s  review  blu-ray 
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STB Dana Wynter 02 - YouTube
Mike Cane
Published on May 25, 2016
Dana Wynter scene from Sink the Bismarck. Her lovely voice!
Film & Animation
movies  WWII  women  uniform  navy  uk  60s  youtube 
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Naval Wren drives to work, 1970's. Archive film 96870 - YouTube
Published on Oct 7, 2016
A residential street as a young women opens a front door and leaves a house. She is dressed in the uniform of the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) or Wrens in the Royal Navy. She gets into a car parked outside house and drives off. The car being driven along a road. Woman in car.
Autos & Vehicles
wrens  navy  uk  cars  driving  uniform  youtube  70s 
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Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review – W.R.E.N.S – The Edinburgh Reporter
Without a doubt one of the hot-ticket certainties for this year’s Fringe has to be the quaintly named Tiny Teapot Theatre’s  production of Edinburgh born, ex-Wren, Anne V. McGravie’s W.R.E.N.S.
Set in their Orkney WW2 Nissan hut for the ‘Duration’ seven, young and older, girls have to contemplate the ambiguous implications of the worst-kept secret:-that Peace is about to be declared.
A war over, but personal conflicts are only about to commence. How will their fortunes and status in ‘Civvy Street’ unfold? The irony being that for many of them Service life has been a liberating experience. Squabbles, spats and catty asides constantly resonate as a release from the fractious minutiae of their claustrophobic dormitory existence. Meanwhile, the withdrawn Dawn, often the target of their snipes, is happier to escape in to her pulp-fiction romantic novels. But she has a bitter secret that we gradually begin to appreciate, and the consequences of which impact on all of them as events unfold in parallel with the announcement of ‘Hostilities Ended.’
navy  review  theatre  uk  uniform  wrens  WWII 
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Wrens brings World War II to University Theatre | Ball State University
'Wrens' focuses on the lives of seven women serving in the Women's Royal Navy Service (WRNS) during World War II
Ball State University's Department of Theatre and Dance is getting some help from the Ivy League with its upcoming production of the World War II drama "Wrens."
The ensemble play, focusing on the lives of seven women serving in the Women's Royal Navy Service (WRNS), is being directed by Suzanne Agins, visiting lecturer in theater at Princeton University. "Wrens" opens on the University Theatre stage at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 7 with shows following at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 8-9, 13-16 and a matinee at 2:30 p.m. Feb. 10.
"Wrens" was written by Scottish-born Anne McGravie and inspired by the playwright's own involvement with the women's branch of the Royal Navy as a young woman in war-torn England.
The play explores the relationships of English, Welsh and Scottish women serving in the Royal Navy on the eve of Victory in Europe (VE) Day. Together, the group shares a barrack, with each member fighting inner conflicts centering on emotional growth, loss of innocence and biting questions about her responsibility toward others. Their bond will be tested when one Wren is raped and forced to face the soul-threatening choices of what to do about her subsequent pregnancy.
Agins said she has enjoyed her role as guest director. "The students are all incredibly bright and motivated young actors, and it has truly been a pleasure participating in a creative process with them," she said.
Tickets for the performance cost $13 for the general public, $12 for faculty and staff, $10 for senior citizens and $7 for students. They are available from the University Theatre Box Office, from noon to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Contact the box office at 765-285-8749 or visit for more information.
navy  preview  theatre  uk  uniform  wrens  WWII 
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WRENS - Theatre reviews
By Anne McGravie
Directed by Karen Kessler
At Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, Chicago
Heartwarming drama of World War II women living together while serving in the British Navy
In a remount of their 1996 hit, Rivendell Theatre Ensemble has mounted a fine true ensemble theatre work featuring seven women. We get to know all seven totally different personalities as each struggle to get along in their cramped quarters in Scotland. Serving in the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) known as “WRENS.” these sever represent the 74,000 women who replaced men in non-combat support jobs in the Royal Navy. These women were clerk/typists, code operators, mechanics.etc. They lived in metal huts and they were subject to military discipline.
Playwright Anne McGravie, herself a WREN, uses her experience as a teen member of the corp to give us a glimpse into what it was like to serve in WWII. Along the way, she has penned a marvelous story of how women from different elements of English life can exist together, form their own rituals, and establish unique relationships and common bonds. Director Karen Kessler swiftly has the cast of seven crunch time as she tells the story of the group during the last two days of the War in Europe in May of 1945.
navy  review  theatre  uk  uniform  wrens  WWII 
august 2019 by rgl7194
'Wrens' offers peek into WWII military women's lives | Arts |
The Clarence Brown Theatre will present "Wrens" beginning Thursday, a play featuring the experiences of seven young British women serving in the Women's Royal Naval Service in Scotland during WWII.
These women, known as Wrens, assumed the responsibilities and jobs men were forced to abandon when they departed for combat. The play offers a realistic glimpse into the women's daily routine and reveals the hardships and celebrations that occurred as a result of diverse individuals co-existing in cramped living quarters.
The show will run until April 13 in the Clarence Brown Lab Theatre, with performances starting at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday through Saturday and capped with Sunday's 2 p.m. showing.
Director Tracey Copeland Halter, a theater professor at UT and professional actress, said the condensed environment magnifies both the good and bad aspects of life in the service.
"They were the cooks, the auto mechanics and the drivers," Halter said. "The story is about their relationships and their lives and what it's like to spend months and years in an enclosed capsule with all of these women."
The all-female cast features a diverse set of skill levels, being comprised of four graduate students and three undergraduates.
navy  preview  theatre  uk  uniform  wrens  WWII 
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Classic Film Talk: ‘Enchantment’ (1948) – Poppity Talks Classic Film
Teresa Wright Centennial
Today we reminisce about
Enchantment (1948)
Directed by Irving Reis
Starring: David Niven, Teresa Wright, Evelyn Keyes, Farley Granger
The face of London has been heavily altered by constant acts of war. Many buildings have been hollowed out by bombs, standing only as ruins, while others have managed to remain unscathed. One such house is 99 Wiltshire Crescent, home to the elderly General Sir Roland “Rollo” Dane (David Niven). Rollo grew-up in the house with his brother, Pelham, and sister, Selina, and wishes to spend the rest of his days there despite being warned that the house has been ordered to be torn down. (He owns the house but not the land upon which it has been built.)
Wanting to be left alone, he imagines that he is speaking to a woman deemed to be the love of his life, Miss Lark Ingoldsby (Teresa Wright). She talks back to him almost as if she were in the same room as him though it is soon obvious that the lonely General is merely dreaming of spirits. Rollo is soon joined by his great-niece, Grizel Dane (Evelyn Keyes), an American Red Cross worker who stays on at the house regardless of her presence not being initially appreciated. Upon Grizel’s arrival, we start getting a history of the house’s inhabitants through a series of flashbacks.
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'Enchantment,' a Film Version of a Novel by Rumer Godden, Has Premiere at Astor - The New York Times
In the light of this joyful season and the rapturously advertised claim that Samuel Goldwyn's "Enchantment" is "just about the most wonderful love story ever filmed," it would be a disgraceful misanthrope who would whip out a verbal pocket-torch and try to expose imperfections in this new picture on the Astor's screen. For one thing, this is the season when love of one's fellow man—or of one's fellow woman, for that matter—is much to be encouraged and admired. And this is certainly a picture which beats the drum loudly for love. Love, by its recommendation, is a wonderful, saddening, sugar-coated thing. Based on the Rumer Godden novel, "Take Three Tenses," which tells a tender tale of two generations of lovers in an ancient London house, this film follows through on that story, sticking pretty close to it, even down to dispensing with punctuation between past and present time. Sweetly, it fills an old town-house with oddly concurrent accounts of a burning romance that flourished and flopped there in Victorian times and a new romance in the making between two young people related to the earlier ones. And it strongly suggests, as did the novel, that love is a magnetic force which exists, like a charge of electricity, in certain places, there to incandesce the young. To be sure, this attractive theory might be a little hard to prove by scientific demonstration. And if one were out to find imperfections in this picture, this might be an area to explore. The idea of love's transmigration is romantic, beyond a doubt, and it has been the inspiration for many memorable stories through the years. But we could say it is a bit startling to have it wistfully explained by a ghostly voice in this picture, representing the Spirit of the House. And we could say it's somewhat confusing to see events of the present and of memory mixed—or merged, without any temporal spacing — in single panoramic shots. We could say, too, that the performers all seem a little bit "tetched" in the grasp of so much magnetism. David Niven is full of bounce as the young guardsman of the Victorian romance, in studied contrast to his maundering melancholia as the same fellow in his old, nostalgic days. And Teresa Wright plays the young lady of his youthful romance (and his living dreams) with that breathless, bright-eyed rapture which she so remarkably commands (We might add that the disposition of this young lady undergoes a great change from that of her childhood, as represented most affectingly by a solemn little thing named Gigi Perreau.) As the modern-day lovers, Farley Granger and Evelyn Keyes likewise glow eeriely when the magnetic force runs through them, although Director Irving Reis has seen that they be very skeptical and casual before the juice is turned on. Jayne Meadows is violently sinister as the resentful sister of the dashing guardsman, and Leo G. Carroll and Philip Friend do nicely, among others, as watchful dwellers in the house. A crabby reviewer might take exception. He might take exception, too, to the obvious intoxicating purpose of the film's gauzy sentiment. But, don't forget, this is a story of old love smilin' through. And, for all we know, it may very well be "just about the most wonderful love story ever filmed." That is a matter of fine opinion. We are pleased, however, to note that the ads don't call it "the most wonderful." They merely say it is "just about."
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‎Enchantment (1948) directed by Irving Reis • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd
Uncle Rollo finally retires to the house he was brought up in. Lost in thoughts of his lost love, Lark, he does not want to be disturbed in his last days. However, the appearance of his niece and the subsequent romance between her and Lark’s nephew causes him to reevaluate his life and offer some advice so the young couple don’t make the same mistake he did, all those years ago
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Enchantment (1948) - FilmAffinity
Original title
Running time
100 min.
United Kingdom
Irving Reis
John Patrick (Novel: Rumer Godden)
Hugo Friedhofer
Gregg Toland
David Niven, Teresa Wright, Evelyn Keyes, Farley Granger, Jayne Meadows, Leo G. Carroll, Philip Friend, Shepperd Strudwich, Henry Stephenson, Colin Keith-Hohnston, Gigi Perreau, Peter Miles, Sherlee Collier, Warwick Gregson, Marjorie Rhodes, Edmund Breon, Gerald Oliver Smith, Melville Cooper, Dennis McCarthy, Steve Pendleton, Matthew Boulton, Robin Hughes, William Johnstone
The Samuel Goldwyn Company
Drama. Romance | Romantic Drama
Synopsis / Plot
Uncle Rollo finally retires to the house he was brought up in. Lost in thoughts of his lost love, Lark, he does not want to be disturbed in his last days. However, the appearance of his niece and the subsequent romance between her and Lark's nephew causes him to reevaluate his life and offer some advice so the young couple don't make the same mistake he did, all those years ago.
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Enchantment (1948) - Official Site - Miramax
NR 1948 100 minutes Facebook
As a young man, Rollo was kept from his true love, Lark, by the spiteful scheming of his older sister. Years later, he's pleased to see his niece and Lark's nephew falling in love amidst the uncertainty of wartime, and he shares his tale of love and loss with the young girl in the hopes that it will inspire her to pursue her passion at all costs.
Irving Reis
John Patrick
Samuel Goldwyn
David Niven
Evelyn Keyes
Evelyn Keys
Farley Granger
Teresa Wright
William Johnstone
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'Enchantment' Plays the Heartstrings Without Overdoing It - PopMatters
This tale of two love stories intertwining in an English row house is excellent in all aspects.
Director: Irving Reis
Cast: David Niven, Teresa Wright
Distributor: Warner Archive
Year: 1948
Enchantment was a rare achievement in 1948, and today this type of delicate, intelligent, yet utterly pie-eyed romance is as dead as Betamax. So are you if this picture doesn't prime your heartbeat. An excellent print is now available on demand from Warner Archive with no extras except the trailer.
Two love stories, which might in a mystical sense be the same love story, are intertwined within the same English row house as the film slips backwards and forwards in time. One is the Victorian story of a callow yet likeable military officer, Sir Roland Dane (David Niven), and the orphan girl called Lark (Teresa Wright) raised as a semi-adopted sister. We know from the beginning, as we see the retired General Dane living with his sad memories during WWII, that their romance broke apart, and it had something to do with the Roland's proper, insinuating, hostile sister Selina (Jayne Meadows), who, among other motives, is jealous of her brother.
Although the General wishes to remain alone, or with only his ancient butler (Leo G. Carroll), he feels compelled to billet an American ambulance-driver who happens to be his great-niece Grizel (Evelyn Keyes), and her first patient happens to be a Canadian flyer called Pax (Farley Granger), who announces himself as Lark's nephew. Both romances face the test of military intervention (after two years in India, Roland is assigned to Afghanistan!) and the willingness of both parties to commit to love or face eternal regret. It must be significant that Roland is named after a famous warrior while Pax has the opposite connotation.
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Tuesday's Overlooked Film: Enchantment (1949) - i luv cinema
This week’s selection is romantic and sappy (sorry, folks). But sometimes you need a proper romantic weepie about star-crossed lovers to carry you away …
Enchantment (1949), is set in World War II London although through a series of flashbacks we are introduced to the story’s main protagonists (David Niven and Teresa Wright). The plot is a little bit of a challenge to explain but not because of its complexity. The construction means that it vacillates between the present and the past in its various acts. So, for a plot synopsis, I defer to the TCM Movie Database. However I will try to encapsulate the plot as I remember (in brief) below.
At the start of the film, we are at the height of ‘The Blitz” in present-day London. Sir Roland Dane’s (David Niven) American grandniece Grizel (Evelyn Keyes) has paid her uncle a visit; she is seeking lodgings as there is a housing shortage in the city. Prior to her arrival, Sir Roland (‘Rollo’) had been reminiscing about the lost love of his life, Lark (Teresa Wright). Now we have full on flashback action …
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Part Two of Keep Your Powder Dry and Susan Peters
Trades kept vigil as Susan Peters sought recovery. Two days after the accident, Variety reported that she'd passed critical stage, but remained in serious condition for the bullet having passed through her right lung and being lodged now in her spine. By the end of January, she was recuperating --- Physicians declare she should recover completely within a year, said columns. Keep Your Powder Dry was meanwhile prepped for March openings, one of which saw Lana Turner and the WAC's national director feted at a Washington reception with 250 top military officials in attendance. It was not uncommon for Hollywood personalities to find themselves sharing social strata with government elite, as their interests were never so allied as in the shared struggle for Allied victory.
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1940's Fashion - Waves - Women in the US Navy | Glamour Daze
Waves [ Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service ] added a real touch of glamour
to the navy during the second world war with the help of Fashion label Mainbocher and the beautiful recruitment posters designed by illustrator John Falter.and McClelland Barclay.
“Throughout the nation, recruiting posters were placed in countless prominent public locations. One might see Falter’s and Barclay’s designs several times throughout the day during 1943. The Navy often reused the same designs for multiple formats with differing text. Posters hung in post offices, libraries, grocery and department stores, on billboards and even in public restrooms. Car cards, or smaller rectangular posters, were mounted in subway cars by transit authorities in major metropolitan areas. Window cards were displayed in the storefronts of businesses.”
Check out the US Navy website section on Waves
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