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Are you ready to scale?
Are you ready to scale?
This is list of preliminary questions that an organization ask itself as to whether or not it is ready to scale to start delivering larger products.
Each question has ...
scale  ScalableWays  agile  Scrum  AgileMaturity  assessment  Checklist  evaluation 
4 weeks ago by rhaley
Agile Maturity Team Assessment workbook
"Welcome to the Agile Maturity Team Assessment workbook!
Follow the instructions below to perform a team assessment.
"Team Members worksheet
1. Enter each team member's name, select their role, ...
assessment  evaluation  AgileMaturity 
4 weeks ago by rhaley
Scrum Team Maturity Assessment Elements
1. What training has the team received (formal or informal)?
Delivery Team ( i.e. Scrum basics, XP, Kanban as needed)
Product Owner (PO Training, Scrum basics as needed)
ScrumMaster (Detailed Scru...
assessment  Scrum  TeamAssessment 
9 weeks ago by rhaley
Agile Health Radar Questions
Wells Fargo - Shopping #1

We want Wells Fargo to be a fun, challenging and rewarding place to work. Help us realize our vision of a world-class Agile work environment by completing the...
assessment  measurement  TeamHealth  AgileMaturity 
10 weeks ago by rhaley
Agility Health Radar TeamHealth 2.5 Quantitative Questions
TeamHealth 2.5 Quantitative Questions

Scale = PRE-CRAWL: 1-2 | CRAWL: 3-4 | WALK: 5-6 | RUN: 7-8 | FLY: 9-10

Dimension - Performance, Sub-Dimension - Measurements, Competency - ***Predictable De...
AgilityHealthRadar  TeamAssessment  Assessment  TeamHealth  ScrumHealth  AgileHealth  Health  AgileMaturity  ScrumMaturity 
11 weeks ago by rhaley
AgendaShift Agility Roadmap Assessment
Survey: Wells Fargo Innovation Group - AgendaShift Agility Roadmap Assessment
Assessment Date: 2019-07-15
Please score each prompt between 1 and 4 as follows:
1. Barely started - little evidence, if any
AgendaShift  assessment  evaluation  transformation 
11 weeks ago by rhaley

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