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Brad Eberhard: abstract art and abstract thoughts - Los Angeles Times
"Whether as a result of this real world experience or just by nature, he displays little interest in art world small talk & speaks of his work w/ broad sense of perspective...

What appears to interest him is the particular experience that the painting — not an object, as he describes it, so much as a bundle of human decisions, a "marshalling of resources" — is capable of engendering...

I think there's beginning to be room, 50 years after Abstract Expressionism, to maybe, in small amounts, talk about feeling in art. Which is crazy."

He points, by contrast, to the field of music, which tends to access emotion much more freely. It is a subject in which he has experience, being lead singer in a rock band, Wounded Lion.

"I think somebody's got to figure out how to talk about emotion in art in a way that's not corny," he says. "It's a blind spot. You know how there's this joke in physics: assume a frictionless universe? You can't assume an emotionless viewer. It doesn't exist.""
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