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Author Reinvents Science Textbooks as Lively, Fun Narratives -
""Story of Science" series by Joy Hakim tells the history of science with wit, narrative depth and research, all vetted by specialists at the MIT...series, which has drawn acclaim, chronicles not only great discoveries but also the scientists who made the
classroom  education  physics  textbooks  teaching  learning  students  literature  reading  homeschool  curriculum  science  classrooms 
january 2008
Turn page on kids' book boredom - Jon Scieszka
"Here are some tips I've learned from 20 years of teaching, writing and listening to kids who weren't too crazy about reading"
books  reading  children  education  parenting  schools  teaching  jonscieszka 
january 2008
iPodNN | iTunes U adds new PBS material, more
"content from the national network, and local stations...consists mostly of video snippets for teachers, such as clips on topics like solar eclipses and nanotechnology, but also full-length documentaries, and lesson plans for shows like Ken Burns' The War
itunes  education  learning  pbs  video  audio  teaching  history  science  documentary  technology 
january 2008
Will at Work Learning: People remember 10%, 20%...Oh Really?
"It will seem obvious, but each and every one of us must take responsibility for the information we transmit to ensure its integrity. More importantly, we must be actively skeptical of the information we receive."
myths  myth  cognition  coneofexperience  pseudoscience  pedagogy  education  statistics  learning  teaching  training  memory  trust  information  literacy  reading  knowledge  instruction  learningstyles  experience  research  media  retention  debunking  coneoflearning 
january 2008
Dip Once or Dip Twice? - New York Times
"As Mr. Mehlman implied, double dipping appears unlikely to be a major public-health threat. Professor Dawson and his team write that the actual risks of double dipping are “debatable” and depend on many unknowable factors."
food  health  humor 
january 2008
Slate V - Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick
"Don't you just hate when some upstart comes along and threatens your best-laid plans? We were struck by how well one of Reese Witherspoon's monologues from the film Election fits the narrative of Campaign 2008."
humor  elections  2008  movies  hillaryclinton  film  politics  video 
january 2008
Be Kind Rewind: Be Kind Rewind Opens A Hole In The Space-Time Continuum
"now the director himself has gone and "sweded" the trailer for the film on his own, opening up a meta-reference that might cause the universe to implode"
michelgondry  meta  selfreferencing  humor 
january 2008
Bright Lights Film Journal | Federico Fellini interview (1)
"I've given a lot of interviews; so, I don't trust what I say. I repeat myself. I try to remember what I've already said and what I still haven't said. For fear of repeating something I've already said, I invent other things."
fellini  interviews  film  creativity  imagination  memory 
january 2008
The True Price of SMS Messages » a gthing science project
"So let’s do some math here, and figure out how much this simple transmission is actually costing us."
messaging  sms  texting  mobile  phones  cost  data  pricing 
january 2008
Skip the Tuition: 100 Free Podcasts from the Best Colleges in the World | OEDb
"hese courses let you take your classroom with you, so you can get an education while you're sitting in traffic or just hanging out in the park. Check out these courses from some of the best colleges and universities out there to get a high quality educat
education  colleges  universities  free  academia  opencourseware  homeschool  instruction  learning 
january 2008
OBAMA - Obey Giant
Barack Obama gets the Shepard Fairey endorsement
barackobama  activism  propaganda  graffiti  graphics  obey  shepardfairey 
january 2008
glee. by Kokoromi
"Glee. by Kokoromi is a one-player collection game that uses live musical input (from your line-in or MP3 player) to create the gameplay."
audio  games  processing  sound  music  input  gaming  play  geometry  windows  mac  os  x  Linux 
january 2008
BLDGBLOG: Robbie Williams CDs will be used to pave roads in China
"You know that CD they used to pave the King's Road?" a man asks you, putting his coffee down as if to emphasize the point. He crosses his arms. "I played bass on that."
recycling  music  infrastructure  environment  china  sustainability  waste 
january 2008 Trees Reviewed
"Trees. It seems like you see them everywhere these days. But are trees viable in the long-term, or just another flash-in-the-pan fad for the under-30 crowd?"
reviews  trees  writing  satire  via:kottke 
january 2008
The You Generation | MetaFilter
"Is foreclosure right for you? Walking, a click away."
society  homes  housing  housingbubble  foreclosure  greed  us  markets  business 
january 2008
Military Mitochondria Hacking | Beyond the Beyond from
"Folks, if this scheme works out, there is going to be absolute hell to pay. The world will be littered with ex-military mitochondria ubermenschen, energetic, youthful, tough, smart, militant and violent."
science  lifespan  biology  human  military  war  mitochondria  posthuman  metabolism 
january 2008
Putting people first » New NESTA report on local social innovation
"3 critical factors essential to successful innovation – will to change, strong internal capacity & external resources & feedback...strong working model based on these factors, shows how can be applied to variety of situations, from community organisati
innovation  organizations  change  reform  leadership  management  administration 
january 2008
THE WORLD QUESTION CENTER 2008: What have you changed your mind about? - Alison Gopnik
"I still think that we're designed to find out about the world, but that's not our most important gift. For human beings the really important evolutionary advantage is our ability to create new worlds."
alisongopnik  humans  play  playtheory  learning  imagination  ideas  childhood  academia  children  creativity  evolution  fiction 
january 2008
Play This Thing! | Game Reviews | Free Games | Independent Games | Game Culture
"In a sense, Fluxx is a stripped down version of Nomic -- a self-modifying game with a small initial set of rules and the ability to change them. Nomic depends on player voting; Fluxx depends on card-play."
cards  gamedesign  games  play  fun  cardgames 
january 2008
The New Invisible Competitors
"Human beings evolved in small groups & hunter-gatherer societies...all competition was face­to­ arena, with faceless/anonymous competitors, those driven mostly by adrenalin will not fare well."
competition  cooperation  culture  economics  education  employment  essays  globalization  invisibility  jobs  policy  tylercowen  trade  work 
january 2008
Marginal Revolution: What influences your social interactions?
"Work doesn't seem to limit socializing. My favorite result was that the better-educated people seem to fear visiting relatives"
psychology  society  work  time  families  sociology 
january 2008
Tuttle SVC: The Success of EduCon 2.0 Demonstrates a Groundswell of Grassroots Enthusiasm for...
"demonstrates desire of individual teachers to break out of isolation & learn from each other despite administrative & organizational barriers...equivalent of after-hours club where jazz musicians go to play stuff that is too out for their regular nightc
educon2.0  tomhoffman  conferences  unconferences  teaching  schools  learning  networking  socialnetworking  technology  administration  management  organizations 
january 2008
"Trash to Treasure" competition for kids
"challenge kids of all ages to take everyday discarded or recycled material and re-engineer it into functional products. The product can move things or people (Mobility), protect the environment (Environmental), or be something kids can play with inside o
competition  design  recycling  sustainability  products  kids  play 
january 2008
PopMatters | Columns | Rob Horning | Marginal Utility | The Design Imperative
"We are consigned to communicating through design, but it’s an impoverished language that can only say one thing: “That’s cool.” Design ceases to serve our needs, and the superficial qualities of useful things end up cannibalizing their functionality. The palpability of the design interferes, distracts from the activity an item is supposed to be helping you do. The activity becomes subordinate to the tools. You become the tool."
design  critique  criticism  function  form  utility  popular  aesthetics  retail  target  consumerism  consumer  society  competition  popularity  symbolism  industrial  products  customization  hipsters  marketing  image  personality  handmade  books  possessions  materialism  objects  fashion  style  commerce  variety  hipsterism 
january 2008
Graffiti Research Lab » LED Throwies
"LED Throwies are an inexpensive way to add color to any ferromagnetic surface in your neighborhood. A Throwie consists of a lithium battery, a 10mm diffused LED and a rare-earth magnet taped together. Throw it up high and in quantity to impress your frie
graffiti  howto  kids  projects  tutorial  video  crafts  diy  make  studentprojects  electronics  fun  color 
january 2008
LED Throwies - Instructables - DIY, How To, art, tech
"Developed by the Graffiti Research Lab a division of the Eyebeam R&D OpenLab, LED Throwies are an inexpensive way to add color to any ferromagnetic surface in your neighborhood. A Throwie consists of a lithium battery, a 10mm diffused LED and a rare-eart
graffiti  howto  kids  projects  tutorial  video  crafts  diy  make  studentprojects  electronics  fun  color 
january 2008
The WELL: Bruce Sterling: State of the World, 2008
"To me, "sustainability" means a situation in which your descendants are able to confront their own problems, rather than the ones you exported to them."
sustainability  definitions  generations 
january 2008
Web 2.0 workplaces [PICS] - UADDit
"Web 2.0 is special. And so are the places that make it happen. Here's how the offices of web 2.0 companies look like. I've also added descriptions to each site in case you've been living in a bubble and don't know what they do."
web2.0  workplace  workspace  productivity  space  design  work  flickr  twitter  lastfm  digg  linkedin  offices  photography  business  facebook  ethnography  interiors  geek  furniture  craigslist  mozilla  joost  jaiku  netvibes  reddit  workspaces 
january 2008
Pollen Robots ::: Pink Tentacle
"As hay fever season approaches, Tokyo-based weather forecasting company Weathernews, Inc. is deploying a 200-strong army of beady-eyed, ball-shaped robots nationwide to monitor the pollen situation."
robots  health  japan  allergies  pollen  plants  tokyo  weather  sensors  monitoring  maps  mapping  environment 
january 2008
Grading teachers at Joanne Jacobs
"Recognizing great and terrible teachers isn’t all that hard, writes Eduwonk. The challenge is to evaluate “teachers in the vast middle” at a reasonable cost."
education  schools  teaching  evaluation  assessment  policy  quality  administration  management  learning  leadership 
january 2008
Techdirt: Cop Gets Investigated Because MySpace Friend Links To Porn
If you work at a school & have MySpace profile where 1 friend of many links to porn via own page: potentially illegal exposure of porn to at a school & set up website that directly links to porn: you're a victim & should be suing website i
safety  online  schools  education  fear  shenanigans  irrationality  policy  hownottodoit 
january 2008
BLDGBLOG: Colored Magma
"Unsupervised geological interventions are the future of landscape architecture. What Ted Turner did for film, we will do for geology: the re-colorization of the planet."
bldgblog  design  geography  geology  terraforming  color  chile  landscape  magma  art 
january 2008
dy/dan » Blog Archive » No Country For Old Teachers
"When you remove some scaffolding from your routine, you determine quickly if it was a) essential or b) a low-cost substitution for the essential. I'm noticing this everywhere lately."
teaching  learning  education  presentations  film  danmeyer 
january 2008
Getting Duped: Scientific American
"Statements made in the media can surreptitiously plant distortions in the minds of millions. Learning to recognize two commonly used fallacies can help you separate fact from fiction"
fallacies  logic  propaganda  science  media  news 
january 2008
Neuroscience: One Pill Makes You Autistic -- And One Pill Changes You Back
"Need to finish that work project, and wish you had the mental intensity to do it? Just take a synapse-regulating inhibitor, induce temporary autism, and you'll want to ignore your friends and do nothing but number-crunching for days."
brain  future  cyberpunk  autism  psychology  science  drugs  concentration  neuroscience 
january 2008
Neatorama » Blog Archive » 5 Nastiest U.S. Presidential Elections in History
"What you may not know is that mudslinging isn’t exactly a new tactic. And I’m not talking as recent as Nixon and Kennedy… nope, the nasty rumors and talk of mistresses and morals go as far back as George Washington."
history  elections  us  politics 
january 2008
BBC NEWS | Education | What makes a good teacher?
"Sometimes the simplest questions in life are the hardest to answer."
curriculum  education  pedagogy  teaching  learning  schools  literacy 
january 2008
Pasta&Vinegar » Blog Archive » Nintendo DS and ebooks
"Some random facts about how ebooks might be relevant for the Nintendo DS"
ds  interface  nintendo  nintendods  ebooks  comics 
january 2008
simcity on the olpc (29 January, 2008, Interconnected)
"Satellites are very tall towers used for telecommunications. Are there any other profitable uses of space, or is that it?"..."We used to chase horses off cliffs for food. Then we carried spears. A portable cliff!"
mattwebb  olpc  simcity  cities  simulations  sugar  2008 
january 2008
Deyemon - MyMiniCity
"To improve Deyemon, you only have to give the following links to your friends or post them in your blog. Each different click will improve Deyemon!"
cities  web  online  simulations  viral 
january 2008
Schneier on Security: Security vs. Privacy
"The debate isn't security versus privacy. It's liberty versus control...If you set up the false dichotomy, of course people will choose security over privacy -- especially if you scare them first. But it's still a false dichotomy."
government  economics  privacy  rights  security  society  bruceschneier  politics  us  policy  cryptography  control  democracy  liberty  freedom  paranoia  fascism  terrorism  surveillance  censorship  anonymity  bigbrother  identity  law  datamining  fear 
january 2008
Segregation in British education | News crumb |
"A new book suggests none of the 'radical' education initiatives of the past 20 years have made any difference to the social segregation of schools."
education  class  inequality  uk  schools  policy  history  markets  private  public  via:grahamje 
january 2008
BLDGBLOG: Immanent islandry
"2 Chilean scientists believe world's largest tectonic plate, beneath Pacific Ocean, is "tearing apart," & possibly on verge of cracking in 2..seafloor is unzipping...will future archipelagos bloom there, like rocky fruits of the sea."
geography  geology  chile  platetectonics  pacific  islands 
january 2008
The Good Old Days - Chris Hecker's Website
"Yes, this catalog for a commercial product just told you not to buy more of its product, it told you how to conserve, improvise, Do It Yourself, and work around a problem with a shoe box. Those were the good old days."
play  lego  retro  toys  unproduct  sustainability  creativity  children  via:blackbeltjones 
january 2008 the making of: And What Do You Do, Mr. Ando?
The most dazzling, sophisticated and successful spatial element of Yu-un, the guest house he built for a longtime friend, is not by the architect; it's an art installation by Olafur Eliasson.
art  design  olafureliasson  tadaoando  architecture  japan 
january 2008 the making of: And In Further Platinum Rhomboid Tessellation News...
"multiple shots of the making of for the quasi-brick tile installation in Tadao Ando's Yu-un house project for Japanese collector Takeo Obayashi"
architecture  art  craft  olafureliasson  design  tadaoando 
january 2008
Bennett: public schools should be abolished - Education News, Education -
"Alan Bennett, a former grammar school boy himself, has launched a scathing attack on segregation in the British education system, calling for public schools to be abolished and saying it was "wrong" that good schooling could be bought by the wealthy."
education  schools  uk  alanbennett  class  public  private  policy  government  wealth  society  via:cityofsound 
january 2008
Reinventing Project-Based Learning
"Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age showcases teachers on the leading edge of project design. Like their students, they use emerging and tried-but-true technologies to communicate, connect, and collaborate. Now available from ISTE,
curriculum  education  learning  schools  teaching  blogs  books  technology  projectbasedlearning  pbl 
january 2008
Is There Enough Sugar in Your Educational Technology Diet?
David Thornburg explains the Sugar interface for the XO laptop including a quick reminder of the history of GUIs.
sugar  olpc  davidthornburg  gui  interface  interaction  children 
january 2008
xkcd » Blog Archive » Politics
"When people grow cynical and detached from government, or blinded by partisanship, evil runs amok. Obama represents an honest shot at making our government something we can be proud of. I’m tired of throwing things at CNN, feeling depressed when I read
us  politics  barackobama  elections  2008  government  technology  copyright  culture 
january 2008
the chloroplast organelle (28 January, 2008, Interconnected)
"possible...plants more advanced than animals at cellular level...because we animals took 'worse is better' approach...more time to do bounded random walk into intelligence...billion years, maybe smarter engineering of plants will win out...Life: amazing.
biology  mattwebb  animals  plants  science  life  2008 
january 2008
edhocracy: Principal's Office 2.0?
"SLA is a working, breathing example of where I want schooling to head, where I believe it must head."
education  leadership  management  administration  schools  learning 
january 2008
In Orphans’ Twilight, Memories of a Doomed Utopia - New York Times
"Korczak’s ideas for declaration of children’s rights posthumously adopted by the UN...compilation of his advice for parents was published under title “Loving Every Child.” Its message: listen to children at their level, celebrate their quirks and
children  rights  teaching  learning  history  education  parenting  januszkorczak 
january 2008
Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail, and Learning 2.0 (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE CONNECT
"need a new approach to learning-one characterized by demand-pull rather than traditional supply-push mode of building up an inventory of knowledge in students’ heads...pick up new knowledge and skills as the world shifts beneath them."
learning  education  johnseelybrown  future  open  pedagogy  knowledge  self-directed  social  schools  contentcreation  immersive  remix 
january 2008
Is the Tipping Point Toast? -- Duncan Watts -- Trendsetting
"Marketers spend a billion dollars a year targeting influentials. Duncan Watts says they're wasting their money."
socialnetworking  networks  tippingpoint  malcolmgladwell  advertising  marketing  trends  viral  money  waste  revisit  socialmedia  economics  culture  sociology  clivethompson 
january 2008
A cache of photographic negatives taken by Robert Capa that was... (
"The negatives could change the way we regard Capa and his photos. There's even speculation that they may prove or disprove that he staged his most famous photo."
history  photography  war  robertcapa 
january 2008
Welcome to Skyfire!
"Skyfire is a free, downloadable mobile browser that delivers rich web media, real fast."
browser  mobile  phones  software  web  windowsmobile  browsers 
january 2008
Reason Magazine - The Amateurs' Hour: Is the Internet destroying our culture, or is it just annoying our snobs?
"If only mainstream media outlets had debated their future as often and as intensely as bloggers debate theirs, we might not have needed Keen’s book."
andrewkeen  blogging  blogs  culture  elitism  internet  journalism  politics  publishing  society  creativity 
january 2008
Diary of a bug (and fix!) for the XO laptop | Tech news blog - CNET
"<24 hours after submitting problem report, I had patch to fix time on phone...With this kind of transparency, kids learn what it takes to make computers work...see value of being involved with process, which is first step to true self-suffic
olpc  learning  opensource  transparency  software  support 
january 2008
San Francisco security cameras ineffective due to poor framerates - Engadget
"A study of the city's 68 cameras found that the system has only led to one arrest in two and a half years of operation, and the main reason for the failure is uselessly slow video -- which is grainy, to boot."
sanfrancisco  crime  surveillance  money  government  lawenforcement 
january 2008
People-Powered Photoshopping on PSFK
"Aspiring designers, photoshoppers and students edit the photos and send back a final copy to the original photographer, all for free. Tucia follows the lead of other successful human-powered web services in China like Baidu’s popular Q&A site."
collaboration  crowdsourcing  photography  china 
january 2008
Design View / Andy Rutledge - Killing Some Bad Layout Conventions
"I’ll examine a couple of these inferior Web design conventions and expose their flaws. I’ll then suggest more effective alternatives to these conventions and explain why they work better...3 Columns Done Wrong; How Deep is My Silo?"
layout  webdesign  howto  html  css  conventions  criticism  critique  webdev 
january 2008
Marginal Revolution: Mark Bittman on the economics of meat
"The conflict between environmental goals and animal welfare goals is one of the most significant underreported stories in this area."
food  economics  environment  animalwelfare  markbittman  marginalrevolution  tylercowen 
january 2008
collision detection: Flattery begins at four
"Lee's not sure which strategy the four-year-olds are pursuing. But because they flattered strangers as well as people they knew suggests "they are thinking ahead, they are making these little social investments for future benefits."
children  psychology  behavior  flattery  relationships  interaction  clivethompson  parenting 
january 2008
geeKyoto » We were talking about tectonic warefare
"How started: Living in Philiy, taking free morning course on Archigram, reading lots of Ballard. Depressed & Claustrophobic. Started to write about interests/desires...Changed his life...blogger=free, like responsibility to write there, wri
geoffmanaugh  bldgblog  future  sustainability  earth  terraforming  mars  climate  solastalgia  change  human  evolution  time  jgballard  landscape  architecture  presentations  climatechange  culture  forecasting  blogging  blogs 
january 2008
LogMeIn - Remote Access and Desktop Control Software for your PC
"Available for PCs and Macs • LogMeIn Free gives you fast, easy remote access to your PC. • If you use a computer, why wouldn't you have LogMeIn? • Access your home PC from the office • 100% FREE to use!"
access  backup  desktop  free  productivity  remote  software  tools  files  remoteaccess 
january 2008
Using work space-scheduling software to save energy | Green Tech blog - CNET
"PeopleCube...will announce Carbon Footprint Tracker...The software will do things like turn off the heat or air conditioning in a room when people are not scheduled to use it, and turn it back on before people use it."
software  sustainability  automation  green  environment  energy 
january 2008
Dark Roasted Blend: The Machine-Animals of Nantes
"French city of Nantes recently became host to extremely strange and fascinating sculptural display: "Les Machines de l'Ile Nantes", designed by François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice."
animals  robotics  robots  squid  sculptures  exhibitions  machines  sculpture  puppets  steampunk 
january 2008
Social Control: Beware Google's Surveillance Death-Ray
"What happens when Google street view is no longer content with showing incredibly detailed pictures of the outside of your house? This hilarious science fiction video by the Vacationeers follows Google's omni-cam to its most invasive extreme... and of co
google  googlemaps  humor  surveillance  scifi  sciencefiction 
january 2008
Illiberal democracy « Mike Love’s blog
"To keep the realm needs many soldiers, horse and foot; To keep these soldiers needs much money; To get this money, the people must be rich; For the people to be rich, the laws must be just."
democracy  military  politics  war  development  freedom  via:migurski  transitions  wealth  reasources  history 
january 2008
dot homes: the real estate search engine
"The DotHomes site allows home seekers across the UK, South Africa and the US to search thousands of real estate Websites from one place, linking through directly to the original source of information, the listing agent / broker."
realestate  homes  search  housing 
january 2008
5 Whys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The five whys is a question asking method used to explore the cause/effect relationships underlying a particular problem. Ultimately, the goal of applying the 5 Whys method is to determine a root cause of a defect or problem."
problemsolving  management  projectmanagement  process  experiencedesign  engineering  analysis  ux  lifehacks 
january 2008
Why the Music Industry is Lying to You - ReadWriteWeb
1. Not all P2P downloading is illegal. 2. Do the numbers include fake MediaDefender files people are downloading? 3. Some people download solely to improve share ratio on BitTorrent sites. #4. People are obsessed with discographies
music  p2p  filesharing  copyright  statistics 
january 2008
Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: (Short Term) Memory Aids
"unintentional precursor to new class of object that you'll wonder how you did without, another small thing with a big future. The post-it or thumb drive of its time...Secondary & tertiary displays - optimised to support your (short term) memory."
memory  nokia  storage  post-its  displays  japan  electronics  gadgets  janchipchase  postits 
january 2008
Chile Primero propone creación de Ministerio de Tecnología - FayerWayer
"El partido político ha publicado una propuesta de modificaciones a la recientemente presentada Estrategia Digital, así como recomendaciones para su implementación."
chile  politics  technology  olpc  government  future  infrastructure 
january 2008
Putting people first » Four speakers debate the future of design
"Rawsthorn=design for underprivileged majority+dematerialisation Antonelli=3D printing+yearning for privacy Cottam=tackle social problems through mass collaboration Maeda=moral responsibility+appreciating beauty of everyday objects&places"
design  future  alicerawsthorn  paolaantonelli  johnmaeda  hillarycottam  education  society  change  collaboration  beauty  consumption  materialism  privacy  environment  sustainability  trends  opensource  technology  software  slow  policy  activism  gamechanging 
january 2008
Why Davos doesn´t matter….according to Time
"Instead humanity is now more and more managed by people who don´t go to Davos such as the Chinese leadership or in a strange way, Hamas"
martinvarsavsky  davos  influence  society  globalization  leadership  politics  economics  geopolitics 
january 2008
apophenia: the absurdities of Davos
"What I found was that many powerful people desperately want to help solve these problems but they seem unaware of their role in perpetuating some of the ills. It was weird... I couldn't tell if such folks were clueless or delusional."
danahboyd  davos  business  world  society 
january 2008
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