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1Q84 Transports Readers to Bizarro Version of 1984 | Magazine
"1Q84, the latest novel from Japanese sensation Haruki Murakami, transports readers back to 1984 — or at least a phantasmagoric version of that year. He presents a world beset by a series of murders and disappearances, a menacing sect called the Sakigake, and free-floating evil forces. But was the real year 1984 really that much less surreal? After some investigation, we found the narratives to be remarkably similar."
1Q84  1984  harukimurakami  2011  books  novels  literature  georgeorwell 
november 2011 by robertogreco
The Fierce Imagination of Haruki Murakami -
"“I live in Tokyo,” he told me, “a kind of civilized world — like New York or Los Angeles or London or Paris. If you want to find a magical situation, magical things, you have to go deep inside yourself. So that is what I do. People say it’s magic realism — but in the depths of my soul, it’s just realism. Not magical. While I’m writing, it’s very natural, very logical, very realistic and reasonable.”

Murakami insists that, when he’s not writing, he is an absolutely ordinary man — his creativity, he says, is a “black box” to which he has no conscious access. He tends to shy away from the media and is always surprised when a reader wants to shake his hand on the street. He says he much prefers to listen to other people talk — and indeed, he is known as a kind of Studs Terkel in Japan…"
harukimurakami  writing  2011  howwecreate  howwework  1Q84  books  interviews  running  japan  tokyo  travel  culture  literature 
october 2011 by robertogreco

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