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The Algae Garden | Algae Garden
"algaegarden celebrates the beauty and productive potential of algae through a design that underlines its diversity and meaning. This garden stands between the landscape, the artistic and the scientific world, presenting algae organized by colour and species in curtains of tubes hanging from steel frames. The spectrum ranges from reds to greens to bioluminescent algae, which can glow a bright blue. The algae, often considered a nuisance in the garden pond, here become an object of beauty and curiosity. The garden leads the visitor to appreciate algae both as an alternative to oil and other energy sources and a source of food and nutrition. Referencing a pond edge, the garden is lined with pond grasses, and will display algae specimens, most that can be sourced locally. The garden will explore the diversity of an often-overlooked plant, and demonstrate possibilities for how algae might become an evocative and productive part of our daily lives."
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august 2011 by robertogreco
Pruned: Algaegarden
"That decorative workhorse of gardens since time immemorial — the water feature, pond scum included — gets a makeover in the Algaegarden, one of the new additions at this year's International Garden Festival at Les Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens, Quebec.<br />
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“The algae, often considered a nuisance in the garden pond, here become an object of secret beauty and curiosity,” the avant-gardeners explain."<br />
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In the installation, an art/science/landscape collaboration between Synnøve Fredericks, Brenda Parker and Heather Ring, several different species of algae course through “curtains of tubes hanging from steel frames.” For the moment, the soupy mixture of nutrients and pointillist vegetation looks rather pallid, but the collaborators hope the algae will thrive and their colors grow bolder, like any foliage chromatically mutating through the seasons: reds becoming more vibrant, greens more lush, and blues turning bathypelagic.
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august 2011 by robertogreco

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