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Design Excursion: Mount Angel Abbey Library designed by Alvar Aalto - Core77
"My brother Matthew and I are both slight nerds when it comes to Modern architecture, with the capital M. Our most recent excursion was to the Mount Angel Abbey Library, designed by Alvar Aalto. About an hour outside of Portland, The Mount Angel Abbey is nestled in the bucolic rolling farmland of Oregon. Surrounded by more expected neo-gothic structures of the monastery, the almost unassuming library gives little away from its elegantly simple one story entry. The interior sharply contrasts with a soaring 3 story vaulted interior. It was completed in 1970, and Aalto and his wife also designed all of the furniture.

If you go, be sure to make another stop at the nearby Oregon Gardens to see the Gordon House, the only home in Oregon designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Gordon House is the largest Usonian home built by Wright. At just over 2000 sq ft, it is quite small compared to many of his other residences, but his use of space makes it seem much larger. Originally designed for a farmer and his family, the original owners lived in the home for over 30 years."
alvaraalto  design  architecture  oregon  tosee  franklloydwright  2010 
march 2013 by robertogreco
Walking tour of Helsinki's architecture | Travel | The Observer
"Design is to Helsinki as literature is to Dublin and samba is to Rio. It is simply a cultural manifestation of the national character, and Finns are sensible, detail-oriented people. Apart from the great Alvar Aalto, few Finnish designers or architects are widely known outside their own country. But to Finns themselves, designers such as Tapio Wirkkala and Ilmari Tapiovaara are household names. Their furniture from the 1940s and 1950s – once inexpensive, hard-wearing everyday items that now count as collectible classics – is still passed down from generation to generation.

Beyond simple, perfect objects, Finns have an innate sense of the role design can play in society. How many countries can you think of that make design a matter of government policy? Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, uses designers to address issues from sustainability to education. Let's just say they take their design pretty seriously."
artek  marimekko  cheltenham  bertramgoodhue  secondglances  stevenholl  jugend  walking  cities  worlddesigncapital  alvaraalto  architecture  2012  policy  sitra  design  finland  helsinki 
june 2012 by robertogreco
Alvar Aalto: In the Master's Home - NOWNESS
"With Helsinki’s inauguration as the World Design Capital next year and Helsinki Design Week beginning today, NOWNESS invited Finland’s top contemporary design talent to showcase their work in the home of the country’s greatest most celebrated aesthete, Alvar Aalto. Today preserved as an atmospheric museum, the Alvar Aalto house, which was the architect’s domicile and studio from 1936 until his death, is an intimate memorial to the modernist master. The clean lines, functionality and unpretentious nature of classic Finnish design pioneered by Aalto, Ilmari Tapiovaara and Kaj Franck still permeates much of the work by the discipline’s current stars. Here we select our top Finnish designers for further scrutiny."
harrikoskinen  markonenonen  klaushaapaniemi  ilkkasuppanen  villekokkonen  hannukähönen  mattisyrjälä  jussitakkinen  nowness  kajfranck  ilmaritapiovaara  2011  architecture  aalto  alvaraalto  design  finland 
december 2011 by robertogreco
U B U W E B - Film & Video: Alvar Aalto - Technology and Nature (1996)
"The Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (1898–1976) is one of the great figures of modern architecture, ranked alongside Gropius, Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. This film analyses Aalto’s uniquely successful resolution of the demands and possibilities created by new technology and construction materials with the need to make his buildings sympathetic both to their users and to their natural surroundings. His inventive use of timber in particular represents both a reference to the forest landscape of Finland and a building material that is ‘warm’ and extremely adaptable. Filmed in Finland, Italy, Germany and the USA, this documentary shows how the Finnish natural environment and art traditions were essential elements in Aalto’s pioneering harmonization of technology and nature."
architecture  nature  technology  alvaraalto  design  finland  landscape  ywejalander  via:javierarbona 
april 2011 by robertogreco
"built in 1958, was designed by architect Alvar Aalto. The classically stylish and personally angular building is full of various people encountering one another. The facilities and services provided by the house are flexible to the users? needs as to par
kulturhuset  finland  community  art  social  music  alvaraalto  events  lcproject 
may 2008 by robertogreco

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