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The lesson that I took me more than a decade to learn « Re-educate Seattle
"I walked into the office of PSCS founder Andy Smallman and asked him, “Are we an alternative school?”

“No,” he said.

“I know that, but what do you say when people ask that question?”

“Alternative schools use alternative strategies for helping kids understand geography and science and math and literature,” he said. “That’s not our product.”

“What’s our product?”

“Our product is this environment,” he said. “We provide a safe, loving, nurturing environment in which kids feel connected to a caring community, then we surround them with people of high character who are excited about life and excited about learning. Then we partner with them to help them figure out what they love to do, what brings them joy.”"
andysmallman  pscs  stevemiranda  pugetsoundcommunityschool  education  unschooling  deschooling  2011  2009  progressive  learning  environment  schooldesign  lcproject 
august 2011 by robertogreco
Why most conversations about education start with the wrong premise « Re-educate Seattle
"overwhelming majority of the discussions around fixing our schools happen w/ the wrong set of assumptions. For the most part, pundits argue about the best ways to deliver academic content from teachers to students…

…new way of thinking is that the point of school is to facilitate the transition from childhood to adulthood. That means designing schools based on research from the field of human development, not on research on how to raise test scores.

Academic content is important—it’s really important!—& best learned by kids who are pursuing material that interests them, who are surrounded by adults they trust, who are intrinsically motivated to learn, who are mature and responsible, and who have a sense of autonomy over their education.

This was taught to me by PSCS founder Andy Smallman: the first focus of school should be on creating an environment grounded in sound principles of human development. Academic learning then becomes a powerful by-product of that environment…"
stevemiranda  education  learning  schools  tcsnmy  lcproject  unschooling  deschooling  humandevelopment  standardizedtesting  testing  content  andysmallman  pscs  2011  pugetsoundcommunityschool 
march 2011 by robertogreco
Am I willing to be that brave? « Re-educate Seattle
"This is why, when PSCS is recruiting volunteers, we’re not necessarily looking for people to teach a particular academic discipline. We’re looking for people to be role models for kids. We’re looking for people of high character who are excited about life. We want to surround kids with people who pursue things they love, who step outside their comfort zone, and who take their passion and DO something with it.

We want kids to look at our volunteers and think, Am I willing to be that brave?"
pscs  stevemiranda  andysmallman  tcsnmy  passion  learning  mentoring  teaching  pedagogy  modeling  pugetsoundcommunityschool 
february 2011 by robertogreco
The Fisch Flip, or why upside down thinking can drive innovation « Re-educate Seattle
"Karl Fisch…upended typical way we think about teaching: videotaped his lectures, uploaded them to YouTube, & assigned them as homework. Then had students do what used to be homework—practice problems—in class where he walks around & gives students one-on-one help.

…Pink explains how Seth Godin proposed a Fisch Flip for book publishing industry: publishers launch new book by releasing cheap paperback, & then introduce pricey hardcover once it catches on.

Or what if movie studio released film on DVD, let word of mouth spread, then invite early adopters to watch it on big screen as communal experience?

…another: one software company has decided to throw huge party for employees on first day on job, rather than waiting for a going-away party on their last day.

This is just a start. The most forward thinking people in business are refusing to accept the rules of the previous generation. They’re challenging every assumption, & sometimes completely flipping the script."
karlfisch  danielpink  stevemiranda  sethgodin  fischflip  andysmallman  pscs  happiness  education  learning  homework  publishing  books  dvd  film  movies  business  gamechanging  pugetsoundcommunityschool 
september 2010 by robertogreco
The Statue of Responsibility « Re-educate Seattle
"Any definition of progressive education has to include, in addition to students having the freedom to direct their own education, some discussion of individual’s responsibility to a larger community."
progressive  education  learning  stevemiranda  pscs  pugetsoundcommunityschool  andysmallman  viktorfrankl  community  communityservice  activism  responsibility  tcsnmy  self-directed  society  self-directedlearning 
september 2010 by robertogreco
PSCS Story Number 1: Andy Smallman [.pdf]
"A dozen years later, out of high school and having returned home from an adventure in Alaska, Andy realized what he needed to do: he was going to be an elementary school teacher. His childhood experience remains a vivid memory."
empathy  andysmallman  pscs  pugetsoundcommunityschool  teaching  learning  children  experience  tcsnmy  disabilities  education  dyslexia  culture  evergreenstatecollege  alternative  careers  cv  biography  lcproject  unschooling  deschooling  filetype:pdf  media:document  disability 
may 2010 by robertogreco
Kindness Theme of the Week
"The concept of this blog is in response to requests from people who have participated in one or more of the online kindness classes offered by Andy Smallman and the Puget Sound Community School in Seattle. People were hoping to be provided some inspirational ideas for acts of kindness they could perform, much as is done in the regular classes. For those of you looking for a full-blown kindness class, Andy plans to offer them again in the fall."
kindness  andysmallman  pscs  pugetsoundcommunityschool 
may 2010 by robertogreco
Puget Sound Community School: Andy's Guiding Lights Workshop: "Radical Teaching" | Facebook
"Here’s a quick snapshot of Andy’s workshop, titled “Radical Teaching,” at the Guiding Lights Weekend today.

There are four elements to an educational setting: environment, community, passion and play, and appreciations.

If you create an environment in which people feel safe and comfortable, build a community of people who care about each other, give people license to follow their passion and to be playful, and continuously elevate in their consciousness the good things that are happening in their lives, you will have done something special. In that kind of setting, learning will happen effortlessly and in a way that is profound.

“This workshop is called ‘Radical Teaching,’” he said, “but there’s really nothing radical about it. It’s the most natural thing.”"
andysmallman  education  learning  schools  community  appreciations  passion  play  tcsnmy  lcproject  teaching  unschooling  deschooling 
january 2010 by robertogreco
Local News | Kindness taught in Seattle school's online class | Seattle Times Newspaper
"A small private school in Seattle offered a kindness class this fall, part of a larger movement that started more than a decade ago. Offered online, the class had 250 people — the most ever — who lived as far away as Poland."
pscs  pugetsoundcommunityschool  seattle  kindness  tcsnmy  online  extensioncourses  community  well-being  society  andysmallman 
december 2009 by robertogreco

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