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Body Code - by Anselm Hook
"'The Form' or Slow Code movement took off in the early teens and today in 2020 it is quite common to see parks full of young engineers, stripped down to their waists practicing their chi. What formerly was a sedentary and indeed solitary activity has become something of a sport with overtones of a religious crusade. Literally a full body language it recovered a functional foundation for both work and play that mapped to the modern requirements of digitally mediated interaction.

The movement has sparked a surprising cultural shift in the perception of programming, programmers and maker culture. Today the image of a modern programmer is one of somebody fit and socially engaged and spiritual. Quite different from the stereotype of the rationalist, overweight, myopic programmer of yesteryear.

Younger generations of hackers have embraced The Form as their own - and have taken the practice much further than anybody could have originally imagined. Much like dance, the movement has grown to see its own diverse stylistic flourishes. We have software parkour, contact improvisational co-creation sprints, air python versus air javascript, the original slow code aficionados versus a radical sub-culture that as of yet escapes definition."
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july 2012 by robertogreco
"A Bay Area based incubator space for artists, makers, & developers."

From the manifesto:

"Ownership: Avoid silos; federate data - don't try to own data. Be transparent. …

…License free or open…

…Brainstorming, sketching and iterative concept development are encouraged…

Wiki-Like: Everything should be a wiki. Everything should allow reverting. Deputize participants to help. Disambiguate related content; duplicate persons & the like w/ disambiguation pages.

Conversational: Encourage real time discourse, encourage collaboration & open-ended conversation. Be humane. Be multi-modal & multi-gateway, multi-ligual & multi-faceted.

…Iterate quickly and often, take feedback and criticism and turn good projects into great ones.

Community: Focus on caring for our own communities first, then & only then do you grow outwards from our own community. Remember to appreciate those around you, encourage and validate the work of those around you."

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july 2012 by robertogreco

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