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New Essay on “Therapeutic Cities” | Anthony Townsend
"The seed for this forecast perspective was planted the day my daughter was born in Feb 2008. After the delivery, I put my wife & baby to bed for a much-needed rest & wandered down to the cafeteria at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Over a revolting cheeseburger and some stale coffee, I sat fascinated listening to the conversation at the table I shared – a deeply experienced master cardiac surgeon in a post-op debriefing with a team of doctors visiting from, judging by their accents, Eastern Europe. Having spent so much of my adult life thinking about how innovation and learning happens in technology clusters, I was intrigued by the intense face-to-face exchange of medical and scientific knowledge I was witnessing. Knowing that like our own obstetrician, these people were all practitioners as well as researchers and educators, I became fascinated by the dynamics of life in a major urban research hospital. The “therapeutic cities” idea was born the same day as my daughter."
hospitals  cities  anthonytownsend  therapeuticcities  sharing  knowledge  urban  urbanism  health  healthcare  research  education  medicine  practice  conversation 
february 2011 by robertogreco
The Rockefeller Foundation on “the future of crowdsourced cities” « Adam Greenfield's Speedbird [Great post as Adam shutters Speedbird.]
"These are some easily-foreseeable problems w/ purely bottom-up approaches to urban informatics. None of this is to denigrate legacy of Jane Jacobs…remains personal hero & primary touchstone for my work. & none of it is to argue that there oughn’t be central role for democratic voice in development of policy, management of place & delivery of services. It’s just to signal that things might not be as clearcut as we might wish—especially those of us who have historically been energized by presence of clear (& clearly demonizable) opponent.

If I’ve spent my space here calling attention to pitfalls of bottom-up approaches…because I think the promise is so self-evident…delighted to hear Anthony Townsend’s prognostication of/call for a “planet of civic laboratories,” in which getting to scale immediately is less important than a robust search of possibility space around these new technologies, & how citydwellers around world will use them in their making of place."
cities  technology  bottom-up  crowdsourcing  action  activism  datavisualization  urbancomputing  urban  urbanism  janejacobs  robertmoses  anthonytownsend  urbaninformatics  place  civiclaboratories  lcproject  possibilityspace  systems  government  democracy  policy  servicedesign  transparency  collaboration  scale  consistency  infrastructure  intervention  offloading  responsibilization  municipalities  seeclickfix  entitlement  moderation  laurakurgan  sarahwilliams  spatialinformation  maps  mapping  statistics  benjamindelapeña  carolcolletta  ceosforcities  rockefellerfoundation  greglindsay  lauraforlano  spatial  humanintervention 
december 2010 by robertogreco
The Future of Libraries as Places | The Institute For The Future
"So libraries are more popular than ever. Another unanticipated outcome of the end of cyberspace. But what's most interesting is just how different the activities of these 21st century undergrads are from what I used to do in libraries during the 1990s. Whereas most of my peers looked to libraries as a place of solace and quiet focus, for these students they are intensely collaborative spaces.
libraries  future  change  lcproject  iftf  anthonytownsend  culture  books  learningspaces  community  collaboration  meetingplace  thirdplaces  networking  architecture  via:preoccupations  coworking 
january 2009 by robertogreco

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