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WG Stretch Knit Jacket – Snow Peak
"A special garment collection entering its third season, the WHOLEGARMENT® series is made in Niigata just down the road from the Snow Peak HQ. Engineered to perform with the natural shape and movement of our bodies, the WHOLEGARMENT® collection is specially knit with both mesh and polyester threads allowing for increased ventilation all throughout. We think these garments are so comfortable that you can even wear them in the summer."

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clothing  uniform  knits  apparel 
june 2018 by robertogreco
Maker’s Row - Factory Sourcing Made Easy
"Our mission is to make the manufacturing process simple to understand and easy to access. From large corporations to first time designers, we are providing unparalleled access to industry-specific factories and suppliers across the United States.

Our first industry target is apparel and accessories."
accessories  apparel  glvo  via:zakgreene  suppliers  resources  production  products  manufacturing 
december 2012 by robertogreco
Partners & Spade
"Partners & Spade, established in 2008 by Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti, is a storefront and studio on Great Jones Street in the NoHo neighborhood of lower Manhattan. The studio produces films, books, apparel and conceptual products as well as marketing and branding projects for select corporate clients. The storefront, open on weekends to the public, presents a constantly re-imagined group show of artwork, objects, collections and ideas generated by an ever changing cast of collaborators.

Begun as a means for its founders to pursue varied creative interests, Partners & Spade draws on Spade and Sperduti’s collective experience in advertising, filmmaking and fashion to create compelling brand strategies, products and one-of-a-kind artifacts, as well as a unique space for art happenings and special gatherings."

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partners&spade;  anthonysperduti  andyspade  conceptualart  branding  apparel  clothing  books  studios  film  glvo  art  design  nyc 
november 2012 by robertogreco
Men Shop in Bulk -
"WOMEN shop, men stockpile. That’s one theory, anyway, of how men buy clothes differently from women. If women see shopping as an opportunity, a social or even therapeutic activity, the thinking goes, then men see it as a necessary evil, a moment to restock the supply closet.

At the risk of perpetuating sex stereotypes, the archetype may have been Steve Jobs. When Mr. Jobs died in October, he left behind not only a peerless legacy, but a closet full of identical black cotton turtlenecks by Issey Miyake. “If he loved a shirt, he’d order 10 or 100 of them,” his sister, the author Mona Simpson, said in her eulogy.

It was an obsession that many men could relate to. Here, stylish New Yorkers reflect on their wardrobe hoarding."

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2011  comfort  habits  harrybelafonte  marcussamuelsson  clothesshopping  clothing  apparel  fashion  scottcampbell  paulsevigny  paulbirardi  billyreid  christopherbollen  jonathangalassi  gabeschulman  gregfoley  ianbradley  fabienbaron  chuckclose  michaelwilliams  graydoncarter  uniforms  personaluniforms  stockpiling  cv  shopping  women  men  gender  pesonaluniforms 
december 2011 by robertogreco

"These products have been made to last. So that one day you can hand them down to someone else. And they can carry on their little journeys."
sustainability  howies  reuse  manufacturing  bags  vintage  glvo  apparel  clothing  environment  spimes  rfid  fashion  organic  shopping  plannedobsolescence  plannedlongevity  beausage  wabi-sabi 
january 2009 by robertogreco
Patagonia - The Footprint Chronicles
"Tracking the Environmental and Social Impact of Patagonia Clothing and Apparel"
apparel  patagonia  products  sustainability  environment  clothing  footprint  green  fashion  transparency  visualization  maps  mapping  carbon 
april 2008 by robertogreco
Spring Fashion 2008 - Five New Yorkers Who Wear Only One Color Every Day -- New York Magazine
"Commitment? Art project? OCD? Five New Yorkers who wear only one color all day, every day (and it’s not black)."
apparel  clothing  color  fashion 
february 2008 by robertogreco
Voltaic Systems | Voltaic Backpack, Solar Backpack, Solar Bag
"Silver Orange Green Charcoal The Voltaic solar bags are mobile solar power generators designed to charge virtually all handheld electronics."
apparel  bags  batteries  camping  electric  electricity  energy  environment  gadgets  gear  sustainability  technology  photography  mobile  travel  portable  wearable  wireless  shopping  solar  green  wearables 
february 2008 by robertogreco
tights are not pants
"tell your douche friends: tights are not pants"
fashion  society  humor  apparel  via:javierarbona 
november 2007 by robertogreco
The Piracy Paradox: Financial Page: The New Yorker
"But we should be skeptical of claims that tougher laws are necessarily better laws. Sometimes imitation isn’t just the sincerest form of flattery. It’s also the most productive."
apparel  business  capitalism  competition  consumerism  copyright  culture  design  fashion  innovation  law  legal  patents  piracy  retail  trends  economics 
november 2007 by robertogreco
self-reflective display clothing - data visualization & visual design - information aesthetics
"2 wearable information displays integrated in clothing, aiming to increase the self-awareness & reflection of its wearers. the "Smoking Jacket" and the "Malignant Mole Bikini"
information  clothing  apparel  health  activism 
may 2007 by robertogreco

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