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Figma: the collaborative interface design tool.
"The Collaborative Interface Design Tool.

Design, meet the internet.
Finally you can do design work online, the way it should have been all along.

Simultaneous editing*
Work with others on the same design.
At the same time.
*Coming 2016

Version control
Constantly saved, and old versions are accessible with one click.

Cross platform
Work on any operating system.

On the same page.
It takes a team to ship a product. Since your files are online, work together like never before.

Communicate with your team directly on designs.

Shared Assets*
Use team-wide component libraries to share brand assets.
*Coming 2016

Shared Colors
Set brand colors and use them consistently across your team.

From idea to app.
Built for designs that live in the real world.
Get to a better outcome faster.

Constraint Systems
Designs automatically adapt to different screen sizes.

Live Device Preview*
See changes in real-time on your mobile device.
*Coming 2016

Vector Networks
A new approach to the pen tool. Create pixel-perfect icons faster than ever."

[See also: ]
figma  collaboration  design  tools  ui  webdev  appdev  applications  interfacedesign  webdesign 
december 2015 by robertogreco
Sesame best practices guide for children's app development | The Sesame Workshop Blog
"Surprisingly, there are very few resources that are publically available to help guide developers who make educational apps for young children. Much like when Sesame Street was created in the 1960s and little was known at the time about how to best develop educational television, now too there seems to be little standardization for ensuring the best conditions under which children can learn from assets on these new touch screen devices. While understanding learning theories and how children process information through older media can lend some support in these endeavors, we quickly realized that these new technologies were raising additional questions about usability and navigation that could best be answered by experimentation."

[Report is here: ]
2012  bestpractices  sesamestreet  appdev  appdesign  education  mobile  gamedev  children  applications  ipad  development 
december 2012 by robertogreco
Accessibility for iPhone and iPad apps » Matt Legend Gemmell
"Implementing accessibility support for iOS applications is easy and fast. You can do most of it in Interface Builder, and the rest very rapidly in code – without requiring any structural changes to your project. It’s the right thing to do, and I truly hope you’ll consider spend the extra couple of hours to make your app accessible."
accessibility  iphone  ios  ipad  apple  development  appdev 
december 2010 by robertogreco

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