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California Today: The Rise of a Design Capital - The New York Times
"Overseas, California as a brand is now a crucial selling point for product makers when it comes to technology, automobiles and architecture.

“If you’re able to say, ‘Hey, this is truly Californian,’ there is a real appeal to it,” said Kevin Klowden, the executive director of the Milken Institute’s California Center.

That cachet, of course, has been supercharged by Silicon Valley. Design scholars point to Apple’s devices. Even as its manufacturing moved overseas, the company added a line to its products: “Designed by Apple in California.”

But what does California design say to consumers?

Simon Sadler, a professor of design at U.C. Davis who is principally interested in architecture, talked about the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pacific Coast Highway, the open style of modern homes, as well as an intangible sense of “magic and possibility.”

“We don’t do monuments, we do nodes,” he said. “And this is how we end up with the most famous California design of modern times, which is the iPhone. You know, it’s barely there. It’s always just an interface.”

Kevin Starr, the California historian, said global enthusiasm for the Golden State was in some ways recasting landscapes well beyond the state’s borders. On the roads, cars by nearly every automaker that sell in the United States are now designed in California.

And take a look at architecture around the world, Dr. Starr added: “Places like New Zealand, Australia, Argentina — they are all beginning to increasingly look like California. It’s the internationalization of design out of California.”

Many design experts still point to New York, with its recognizable monuments, as America’s design capital. There has long been a feeling in architectural circles that New York looked down on California. But that may be changing.

“What is surely exasperating for our colleagues on the East Coast is whether or not we’re ditsy, we’re onto something,” Professor Sadler said. “And the ascent of California as a center of design has been unstoppable.”"

[and at the end]

"In the 1960s, when a new bridge bisected the largely Mexican-American neighborhood of Barrio Logan in San Diego, residents were outraged.

They responded by painting colorful murals on the bridge’s concrete columns that depicted Chicano heritage and heroes. Over time, Chicano Park, as it was named, became home to dozens of the soaring artworks along with sculptures and landscaping.

Now, a campaign is underway to designate the park as a national historic landmark.

Representative Juan Vargas, a Democrat in San Diego, introduced a bill last year that would require the secretary of the interior to assess the park’s suitability for the designation.

On Wednesday, the measure was unanimously approved by a congressional committee.

Nominees for the National Historic Landmarks program are chosen for their historical as well as aesthetic value. In California, 145 structures bear the designation, among them bridges, forts and churches.

In a statement, Mr. Vargas said Chicano Park deserved to be included, calling it “a cultural mecca that highlights the activist and artistic contributions of our local community.”"
california  design  2016  architecture  technology  apple  simonsadler  kevinstarr  iphone  cars  homes  barriologan  chicanopark  sandiego  modernism  nodes 
november 2016 by robertogreco
The Chain Bike X Skate
"The Chain Bike X Skate is more than just two shops in one. We offer a wide array of services that are oriented around meeting our community's needs. Run by people from the greater South Eastern San Diego region, we have grown up in these areas and believe we are best able to provide quality services for our community. Stop by and see what great services we have to offer."
skateboarding  skating  bikes  biking  barriologan  sandiego  skateboards 
november 2014 by robertogreco
New Barrio Logan Radio Station Ready To Start Broadcasting | KPBS
"Barrio Logan officially is "radio active." Well, almost.

A new community radio station called Radio Pulso del Barrio is about to start broadcasting out of Bread & Salt, a huge shared artist’s space in Barrio Logan that started life as a Weber’s bread bakery.

Artist Roberto Salas showed the way around the radio station’s future home, winding his way through narrow halls, up a set of steep stairs and through a graffiti-scrawled men’s locker room.

“Eventually when this is remodeled, we’ll have this as a green room,” he said.

The windows in the future radio studio open out over Chicano Park with a partial view of the Coronado Bridge.

“We hope to give reports on traffic,” Salas said, laughing.

El Pulso del Barrio means “The Pulse of the Barrio,” or, alternately, “The Barrio’s Heartbeat.” It will be a bilingual, low-power station for neighborhoods around the Greater Logan Heights area, the only one of its kind in San Diego. Salas hopes the station will showcase the rich arts and music community south of Interstate 8.

Salas got interested in community radio when he lived in the Central Valley and first heard Radio Bilingue out of Fresno, which is the only Spanish-language public radio service in the country.

“I knew some of the people who were just starting like we’re starting now. It was grassroots, a few grants… but you would not believe how that opened up the world there for people,” he said.

The radio station will showcase stories about neighborhood events and art shows. It will also serve as a hands-on learning lab for young people who want to try the basics of radio and journalism.

Sixteen-year-old Karla Chavez, who will host a weekly “teen hour” on El Pulso del Barrio, said that it will be a way for young people to hang out and socialize.

“I think (it will be) for us to invite teen people, like my age, to come and get help for homework or… here, like, have a hangout or have little meetings, talk about what’s going on in your lives, stuff like that,” Chavez said.

The funding for Radio Pulso del Barrio comes from grants through Open Spaces, an outreach program from the San Diego Museum of Arts."
radio  barriologan  sandiego  2014 
may 2014 by robertogreco
Cafe Virtuoso | San Diego's Finest Organic Coffee & Tea
"Cafe Virtuoso entered the San Diego coffee scene in 2007 with a singular vision – embark on a quest to bring an “A” game to town. How many times have you spent $50 to $100 on an incredible meal, only to end it with a cup of coffee or espresso that completely detracted from the whole experience? Similarly, how about that super cool coffee shop with the great music, hip layout in your favorite part of town but lackluster drip and/or drinks? There are some great restaurants and cafes here in San Diego, but we are admittedly playing catchup with the coffee scenes of cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Minneapolis. We saw that wave coming and couldn’t resist catching it!"
coffee  barriologan  sandiego 
february 2013 by robertogreco
San Diego Public Market: It's Time! by Catt White & Dale Steele — Kickstarter
"Seattle has Pike Place Market, London has Borough Market, San Francisco has the Ferry Building and Barcelona has La Boqueria. It’s time San Diego, with its year-round growing season and vibrant food scene, got a public market of its own and you can Kickstart it into being right now!"

"We’re downtown in the Barrio Logan neighborhood, on National Avenue between Beardsley and Sigsbee, near Harbor Drive and the Convention Center, Petco Park, the new library, I-5 and a trolley stop."
food  barriologan  kickstarter  2012  sandiego  markets  farmersmarket 
august 2012 by robertogreco
YouTube - Episode 1_ EXTRACTION: San Diego Art World Insiders
"Inspired by the open framework of the Agitprop project, Extraction: SDAWI (the reality show/art project) aims to promote integration, open dialogue, and cross pollination between some of the many diverse groups of artists and art organizations in the San Diego/Tijuana area.

In Episode One, Executive Director of the San Diego Fine Art Society, April Game, will be taken to the Voz Alta Project gallery space in Barrio Logan to see the work of artists from Studio 767, a tattoo studio in the Chula Vista neighborhood."
agitprop  sandiego  art  tijuana  documentary  chulavista  sandiegofineartsociety  vozaltaproject  barriologan  studio767  tattoos 
june 2011 by robertogreco
The Farm Proper | Set & Drift
"The Farm Proper is a mobile, urban farm under development in the lot behind THE BAKERY, the Set & Drift and mi-workshop collaborative studio space in Barrio Logan.

The Farm Proper is an experimental project created by a collaborative of artists, designers, and backyard growers to inspire urban cultivation and pocket farms. Using abandoned/defunct shopping carts as our medium, we have designed a scenario to take over a temporarily available industrial lot to provide the community with organically grown food."
farming  urban  urbanfarming  reuse  thefarmproper  barriologan  sandiego  agriculture 
january 2011 by robertogreco
The Bakery
"THE BAKERY is a collaborative creative space in the Barrio Logan neighborhood near downtown San Diego. Several times a year, the studio is transformed into a venue for nontraditional art, design, and music events.

The historic building was once a Mexican bakery and now houses mi-workshop (object+space design), Set & Drift (art+design collaborations), and Sheepless Co (id+indie media).

The Bakery is also host to The Farm Proper, a mobile, urban farm experiment, and a mural by artist Mike Maxwell."
sandiego  design  art  community  space  mikiiwasaki  thebakery  set&drift  sheepless  thefarmproper  mikemaxwell  barriologan 
january 2011 by robertogreco
Device Gallery
"The Device Gallery exhibits work that embraces the spirit of invention and ingenuity. Drawn to the juxtaposition between the classical and the unusual, the gallery features work bound by artistry and skill, rather than genre or medium. Established by Gregory and Amy Brotherton, in San Diego, California, whose combined 35 years of experience in fine and commercial art brings a unique perspective to The Device Gallery. A self-taught fine artist, Greg has spent the past 20 years honing his skills as a sculptor while forging a successful and award winning career as a commercial artist in the film industry. Amy’s extensive experience in event planning, fundraising and public relations has provided her the opportunity to work with some of the most celebrated and distinguished artists, writers and filmmakers of our time"
sandiego  galleries  graphicdesign  steampunk  fantasy  futurism  graphics  sculpture  art  lowbrow  illustrator  glvo  barriologan 
december 2009 by robertogreco

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