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Raising Bertie
"What does the future hold for teens in struggling Bertie County, North Carolina when The Hive, a unique and critical alternative high school and community resource center, closes down?  What happens when there is no safety net, particularly for young African American men? Raising Bertie offers a rare longitudinal look into the consequences of educational closure and lack of opportunity in rural America.

In Raising Bertie we follow three young men as they grow into adulthood in a community where expectations are low and fighting is a way of life.  In rural Bertie County, an African American led community, their leaders struggle to find opportunities to improve the futures of their youth.  As the film unfolds, we witness one women’s attempt to elevate Bertie’s underprivileged youth and raise their expectations for their future."
documentary  education  bertiecounty  northcarolina  rural  poverty 
december 2013 by robertogreco
Studio H: From Bertie to Berkeley: The next generation of Studio H
"After three years of living, teaching, and building in rural Bertie County in eastern North Carolina, Project H will be moving the headquarters of our Studio H high school design/build program to REALM Charter School in Berkeley, California this summer. This decision comes after months of deliberation, planning, and negotiation; please read on for the whole story of both our departure from Bertie and launch at REALM…"

"Four weeks before we launched the first academic year of Studio H in August 2010, political tensions between the school district’s board and administration forced our forward-thinking superintendent out of his position (and out of town)."

"After two full school years, our program remains unsupported by the school administration despite our role as full-time teachers within the school system, steadfast support from the community, and the quality of the work our students have delivered."

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northcarolina  policy  victordiaz  realmcharterschool  emilypilloton  education  politics  berkeley  2012  projecth  studioh  bertiecounty  projecthdesign 
august 2012 by robertogreco
Heart of Darkness: A Mild Polemic, by Jon Kolko - Core77
Really too much to quote from this Jon Kolko piece, but here's the conclusion:

"We were broadly untrained in making sense of things, in creating an understanding of how systems work, and we ignored consequences that were diffused, but present. We critiqued the aesthetic of our designs but did not dare to judge our subject matter and content, as we had no spirituality of technology upon which to compare. And so our "progress" has been, as Steve Baty describes, "cold, relentless, asocial, and unapologetic." We are now, collectively, wiser, and in that regard, perhaps the glory day of design—as an integrated discipline of humanizing technology—is finally upon us."
jonkolko  design  humanitariandesign  education  scale  capitalism  systems  systemsthinking  lcproject  depth  unschooling  deschooling  meaning  purpose  technology  progress  massivechange  2011  demise  us  sensemaking  humanity  humanism  dennislittky  emilypilloton  projecth  bertiecounty  kenrobinson  cv  designeducation  agriculture  society  corporatism  growth  audiencesofone  complexity  slow  middleages  scalability  canon  projecthdesign 
november 2011 by robertogreco
David Byrne's Journal: 10.26.2011: Bogota Part 1
"I was recently asked to do a conversation/talk with Janette Sadik-Kahn, our commissioner of transportation, at the  AIA New York Center for Architecture Center (American Institute of Architects).  Since I imagined there might be some architects or designers in the audience, I took some time to share some of my notes and photographs from my summer Latin American bikes and cities tour. I also took this opportunity to finally organize some of the notes I had taken and post them. So here it is, many months late."
davidbyrne  colombia  bogotá  2011  cities  sergiofajardo  enriquepeñalosa  janettesadik-kahn  oscardíaz  kennedydistrict  medellin  transmilenio  buses  bikes  biking  librarians  urban  urbanism  urbanplanning  policy  design  giancarlomazzanti  rogeliosalmona  alejandroecheverri  sergiogomez  projecth  emilypilloton  bertiecounty  northcarolina  medellín  projecthdesign 
november 2011 by robertogreco

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