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"A tool for sharing your homescreen and discovering apps.Share your screen to get started."
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march 2015 by robertogreco
How Digg Was Saved in Just Six Weeks
"A scant six weeks after the site was dumped for peanuts, it was reborn. But it wasn't just given a spit shine—Digg is unrecognizable. Digg is foreign. Digg is... really, really pretty? And useful? Where was all of the spam, the lobotomized commenting, and the rehashed Reddit fodder? Gone. Instead you'll see big, bright, boxy graphics—think Pinterest—and a selection of the day's most interesting news, with an emphasis on tech—think what Digg was supposed to be before it was horrid. All in six weeks. The truth is, it wasn't so much determination as much as desperation…

Digg was an embarrassment. And yet, a tiny team of ten was able to turn it into what you see now in fewer than two months.

A lot of people might find this discouraging. Nobody really wanted Digg to come back. Nobody missed it. And besides, everyone just goes to Reddit anyway—and good luck beating that. But to the team who took on the work, it was a challenge made exciting by its absurdity…"
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october 2012 by robertogreco

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