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Bassett Blog 2011/07: Board Composition, Part One: Diversity and Boards
"Page, in his writings and on the lecture circuit, notes that Nobel prizes are typically now won by teams, not individuals, because we can now have a collective brain. And winning combinations occur with a mixture of talent and reference frames. This is why diversity brings better performance. In fact, diversity trumps ability in groups: That is to say, a diverse group with a cross section of IQs as it is traditionally measured will outperform a homogeneous group of high IQs, because innovation and divergent thinking emerge in recombination. One caveat: The value of diversity to problem-solving is dependent upon the extent of collaboration and teaming. Sharing ideas, not conforming to consensus, is what brings value. Ideally, it’s the combination of talent and difference that produces results. In human ecosystems, that combination turns out often to be harder but better."
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july 2011 by robertogreco
Enriching Executives, at the Expense of Many -
"Mr. Meyer’s favorite pay-and-performance comparison pits Statoil against ExxonMobil. Statoil, which is two-thirds owned by the Norwegian government, pays its top executives a small fraction of what ExxonMobil pays its leaders. But Statoil’s share price has outperformed Exxon’s since the Norwegian company went public in October 2001. Through March, its stock climbed 22.3 percent a year, on average, Mr. Meyer notes. During the same period, Exxon’s shares rose an average of 11.4 percent annually, while the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index returned 1.67 percent, annualized."

"OTHER aspects of Statoil’s governance also appeal to Mr. Meyer. Its 10-member board includes three people who represent the company’s workers; management is not represented on the board. In addition, Statoil has an oversight group known as a corporate assembly, something that is required under Norwegian law for companies employing more than 200 workers…"
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april 2011 by robertogreco

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