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Selin Jessa on Twitter: "Phrases, lately: (0. "bits of poetry stick to her like burrs" Jenny Offill's Dept. Speculation)"
"Phrases, lately: (0. "bits of poetry stick to her like burrs" Jenny Offill's Dept. Speculation)"

"i. "between kind wildness & wild kindness" @mojgani, …"

"ii. "a practice of worlding" …"

"iii. "craftmanship of knowing" Latour in Visualization and Cognition"

"iv. "to bring the body back in" Towards Enabling Geographies, Chouinard (ed)"

"v. "your bones as piccolos" …"

"vi. "the bone of the planet" a misreading of @alexismadrigal's 11/05 5IT"

"vii. "each cell shimmying on its little mitochondrial hilt" Carson, Red doc >"

"viii. "the tree unleafing" …"

"ix. "visitations of light" Ledgard, Submergence"

"x. "May your listening be good!" …"
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december 2014 by robertogreco
Voluskrin childrens game - Shop - Third Drawer Down
"Voluskrin is an amazing children's game from Iceland.

The farm stands at the root of a towering mountain nestled in a small valley in the countryside. Near the farm is a small stream and in the fields the livestock roam and feed.

The Völuskrín contains:
The wooden box: Can also be used as the farmhouse when the lid is reversed. The back of the box has a picture of a mountain that can also be used in the game.

The fences: Can be used in the game as fences but also contain information about the Völuskrín. Inside the fences the history of the toys can be found, each animal is given a name and the game is described. Each fence has its in structions in the following languages: German, English, Icelandic, Danish and French.

The bones: The Völuskrín contains 13 bones that are made from hard plastic and modelled on the original forms of the sheep bones."
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april 2010 by robertogreco

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