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Root Causes and the Save Our Schools March - Practical Theory
"I was angry, because I wanted to know how this teacher could possibly have thought that this was an OK way to teach. Who could possibly think that kids could learn that way?

And I thought of a point I've made in dozens of presentations - "Put a good person in a bad system & the system wins too often." What created a system where an adult thought that sitting in front of students & lecturing in a monotone voice about any topic could possibly inspire a child to learn? To care?

How was this teacher educated? Did a teacher ever inspire her? What has this teacher's experience in the classroom been? Was there a time where she cared & had that care disrespected?

Was there a principal who said, "Just follow the curriculum?" Was there someone to mentor her who was able to offer profound advice, not merely survival tips?

Was/is there space for her to continue to be a learner?

Was there a specific moment when she just got tired? When she gave up? When it became "just a job?"…"
sosmarch  education  chrislehmann  learning  teaching  burnout  broken  brokensystems  schools  policy  politics  caring  bullying  empathy  punishment  rewards  accountability  2011 
july 2011 by robertogreco
Sustainability, Media and Urban Schools - Practical Theory
"We have to come up with a better model of urban school reform than the messianic workaholic model. It is unsustainable and it requires Faustian bargains that no one should have to make. The danger of KIPP... the danger of Dangerous Minds and Stand And Deliver and all the newspaper articles that talk about the unmarried / childless teacher / principal who makes their school their entire life is that it excuses us -- as a society -- from envisioning a healthier model of school.

If we expect teachers to have an ethic of care about our students, we have to have an ethic of care about toward our educators. Asking them to sacrifice their lives to teach doesn't get us there. And it certainly doesn't get us toward systemic reform."
schools  teaching  balance  workaholics  administration  society  urban  education  policy  brokensystems  broken  chrislehmann  sustainability 
june 2009 by robertogreco
infrastructure, the lives of things, and stimulus |
"In other words, we've created political ecologies that are going to stand in the way of moves to fund infrastructure.
infrastructure  politics  policy  crisis  stimulus  barackobama  cities  money  change  brokensystems  kazysvarnelis 
february 2009 by robertogreco
Pasta&Vinegar » If as a citizen you can no longer fix your own car...
"If as a citizen you can no longer fix your own car – which is a quite recent phenomenon - because it is software driven, you have lost more then your ability to fix your own car, you have lost the very belief in a situation in which there are no professional garages, no just in time logistics, no independent mechanics, no small initiatives. (…) Any change in the background, in the axioms that make up the environment has tremendous consequences on the level of agency of citizens. They become helpless very soon, as they have no clue how to operate what is ‘running in the background’, let alone fix things if they go wrong. As such, Ambient intelligence presumes a totalizing, anti-democratic logic.“
design  software  freedom  repair  maintenance  democracy  diy  agency  ambientintelligence  brokensystems  self-sufficiency  dependence  internet  hardware  cars  repairing 
february 2009 by robertogreco
A lil' bit of Youtube sunshine
"A social commentary on the problems with anonymity online."
youtube  anonymous  comments  brokensystems  society  badapples 
august 2008 by robertogreco
An education in pure silliness - St. Petersburg Times [via:]
"I understand the idea of "standards-based" education. But the standards to which I'm being held here are not high standards; they are just a high pile of standards, a mountain of detritus generated by various acts of legislation whenever new statistics come out showing that California schools are failing, that teachers are fleeing the state, that high school students can barely read. In a system so broken, why are they trying so hard to weed out anyone who, in spite of everything, still wants to come in and change a child's life?"
california  teaching  credentials  bureaucracy  standards  policy  brokensystems  education  teachereducation 
august 2008 by robertogreco

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