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Lego Carcassonne
"After seeing the Lego Catan doing the rounds a couple of weeks ago, I thought I'd like to have a go at something similar. I've been playing a lot of Carcassonne on the iPhone recently (Hit me up for a game, I'm really bad: cal at so that was the natural choice. The tiles are square, so that immediately made it much simpler."
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march 2011 by robertogreco
Tiny Speck, Inc.
"Tiny Speck is small company building something enormous. We show up in the afterburst of highly charged particle collisions; we are the only-imagined baryon consisting of two charmed quarks and one strange. We will blow your minds.

Tiny Speck was founded in early 2009 by four of the original members of the Flickr team. We are now eight, plus assorted artists from all over the world. We are backed by ourselves, and some of the most clever and insightful investors around.

Our principal offices are in Vancouver and San Francisco, but we are global, from the Russian Steppes to The Big Apple. We are using every ounce of our craft to build bits to bytes and summon Glitch to life."

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july 2009 by robertogreco

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