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jay nelson | san francisco on Vimeo
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"Jay is a surfer, artist, husband, father and creator of super rad ‘functional sculptures’.

He lives a few blocks away from the sea in a special little place in San Francisco called the Outer Sunset district.

When it comes to Jay’s work he values aesthetics, but appreciates imperfections and practicality more.

This is his story"
outersunset  sanfrancisco  art  artists  cars  campers  boats  classideas  jaynelson  2016  sculpture  space  life  living  aesthetics  imperfections  practicality  sunsetdistrict 
january 2017 by robertogreco
kevin cyr: camper bike
"artist kevin cyr built this pedal-powered camper for one in april 2008. the camper sits on a modified bike frame with two back wheel and one up front. the rider sits on the bike and can pedal around, moving the camper from place to place. inside the camper features all the amenities needed in a small and compact envelope. the sculptural piece also became a subject in many of cyr’s paintings. the design is perfect for a solo holiday and will definetly turn some heads along the way."
bikes  art  campers  neo-nomads  nomads  mobility  homes 
august 2009 by robertogreco

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