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Donky Bike -
"The Donky project began with a conversation in 2006

Bicycle use in London was growing rapidly, but many of the bikes on the street seemed unsuitable for urban use. Typically cheap ‘mountain bikes’ with too many gears and no way of carrying anything.

Ben Wilson and Jonathan Pooley started to talk about an affordable, practical town bike.

Thinking about the load-carrying designs from the Netherlands, plus the strength and simplicity of BMX components, a design started to take shape."
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november 2012 by robertogreco
Cargo bikes — Sightline Daily - Northwest News that Matters
"Today: a report from the edges of human-powered conveyance, where pedal pushers are hauling car- and pickup-worthy loads on cargo bikes and trikes. The ingenuity evident across the Northwest and the world in finding practical, nonmotorized solutions to the daily challenges of urban mobility is heartening, even inspiring. It’s also sometimes whimsical and amusing."
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july 2010 by robertogreco
Worldbike :: Mobility for Good
"Worldbike designs and distributes low-cost bicycles for programs that increase economic opportunity, improve health outcomes and boost enrollment and gender equity in secondary school among the rural poor. Our bikes withstand large loads, rough terrain and inclement weather and are configured to be not only affordable, but also maintained and repaired locally. Through partnership with international and local agencies, private companies, foundations and NGOs, Worldbike helps arrange microcredit financing for bike purchases and supplement sales with support from funders and private donors." ... "The same cargo bike we deliver to rural Africa also turns heads on the streets of Seattle, so the 2010 CARGO BIKE for the US market is being configured as we tweet."
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january 2010 by robertogreco
Bike Cargo: Chapter Three - 22 Extended Frame Bikes : TreeHugger
"In our endeavours to take a snapshot of the world of Bicycle Cargo we have to date looked at the Racks And Bags used for bicycle cargo as well as the Bike Trailer. Now in Chapter Three, we take a gander at over 20 Extended Frame Bikes, as used for the hauling of people, product or produce." Continued here: AND here:
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november 2009 by robertogreco

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