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winesburg, ohio
"• The five daughters who worked at the modest grocery story by the fisherman’s dock waited for me to come home, hiding in an excited clump — like smiley grapes — inside the door of their shack-ish little shop.

• “Hellooo, mister!” they screamed at me, which was the only English they knew. Me, a smiley grape, too.

• This story is not true in many ways, but truer in many more. I know a lot of people with Identity, even when it’s hyphenated and complicated. Their identity is a negative formation, a reaction to something: not That but This, because after awhile, This became very important. Everybody who was That had got bored and gone looking elsewhere. So, sometimes, I think that This is a bit of a theft; Once upon a time, some people who were This left a record behind in science-fiction books, and the Thats found it and decoded everything. Pretty soon, they were wearing a different kind of jeans and putting their hands on their hips, while being very loud and meaningless."
cassiemarketos  2014  identity 
june 2014 by robertogreco
winesburg, ohio: I am a woman when…
"I am a woman when: 

• When I move into a new neighborhood. 
• When I’m walking by that black dude and he says “Ohhh, shit” while staring at my ass. 
• When the G train stops at the center of the platform. 
• When somebody tries to help me lift something. 
• When I fail. 
• When the G train doesn’t come and I walk home in the  middle of the night. 
• When I don’t feel safe. 
• When I threaten to kick the shit out of you for torturing that frog and I am twelve years old. A stranger. 
• When I’m late. 
• When I am Late. 
• When somebody explains something to me. 
• When somebody gives me instructions to follow. 
• When I make a decision. 
• When he says, with a little smile, “Well, you’ll just have to get coffee with me again, then” because I forgot my wallet at a business lunch.
• When I hike to the top and it’s sunrise, alone. 
• When I don’t feel pain because of the sedative. 
• When I don’t remember. 
• When I try to remember. 
• When he puts his hand roughly between my legs as I’m walking, making the move swiftly, and then running away. A stranger. 
• When you are smoking a cigarette and texting. 
• When I buy organic groceries. 
• When I go home to drop my things off and am too tired to leave again.
• When I fall asleep in my clothes next to my laptop. 
• When I am staying at a friend’s place, asleep on her pink couch, feeling ridiculous. 
• When I don’t wear a bra and my jacket pulls my shirt a little too far to the side. 
• When I don’t answer the phone. 
• When I am a mother. 
• When I say the same thing to you over and over again, but you still do not hear me. 
• When I’m your little sister. 
• When you treat me like your little sister. 
• When I am drinking or gay or fat or I am sober. When I chew gum wear shorts see movies read books. 
• When I download a new episode or forget to write back. 
• When I’m waiting.
• When I am not finished or there is nothing more to say."
cassiemarketos  2014  poetry  gender  feminism  womanhood 
june 2014 by robertogreco
Resolutions: - Paris, France — A Hi Moment
"Cassie Marketos

• Stay off the internet.

• Find something to do and pursue it, whatever the underlying cause might be.

• Figure it out for the winter.

• Be in an amazing place where people can come visit you. (High priority.)

• Forget about New Year’s Eve things. That is all bullshit.

• Don’t let ___________ get you down.

• Don’t think too much about things you cannot change.

• Resist your audience, their approval will mislead you.

• Write often. Keep it both private and illegible.

• Find a goodbye song.

• Get in damn shape, finally.

• Drink cappuccinos. It’s your new thing.

• Get motivated early in the AM.

• Sleep on trains.

• If you don’t love that book, forgive yourself and get another one.

• Don’t be a goddamn idiot."
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january 2014 by robertogreco

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