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robertogreco : chistopherfahey   3 - Who Watches the Watchman?
"How do you make sure that the night watchman patrolling your factory floor or museum galleries...actually makes his rounds? How do you know he’s inspecting every hallway, floor & stairwell? How do you know he is not just spending every night sleeping at his desk? If you’re a technology designer, you might suggest using surveillance cameras or even GPS to track his location each night, right? But let’s make this interesting...go...back...[to]1900. What could you possibly do in 1900 to be absolutely sure a night watchman was making his full patrol? An elegant solution, designed and patented in 1901 by the German engineer A.A. Newman, is called the “watchclock”. It’s an ingenious mechanical device, slung over the shoulder like a canteen and powered by a simple wind-up spring mechanism. It precisely tracks and records a night watchman’s position in both space and time for the duration of every evening. It also generates a detailed, permanent & verifiable record of each night’s patrol."
watchmen  security  interface  history  technology  time  space  gps  surveillance  behavior  control  gadgets  location-based  chistopherfahey 
may 2009 by robertogreco - Edward Tufte’s iPhone
"he is thinking about the iPhone’s UI as a graphic design challenge, not as a component in a larger lifestyle-based user experience....From all of this, I am not getting a strong feeling that Tufte is up to speed on how we do things on the Internets the
edwardtufte  gui  information  ui  usability  ux  visualization  zoom  design  data  iphone  mobile  phones  chistopherfahey 
february 2008 by robertogreco - What I Learned in Art School (Is it Design Thinking?)
"This is meant to be a dialogue. If you went to art school, did you learn these kind of things? More importantly, if you didn’t go to art school, did you not learn these things?"
design  education  learning  lessons  schools  thinking  process  creativity  art  chistopherfahey 
november 2007 by robertogreco

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