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Avery Trufelman - 99pi (Oakland) - YouTube
"The Way Things Live

As one of the staff producers for the design podcast 99% Invisible, Avery Trufelman spends most of her time considering the intentions behind inanimate objects. She finds stories hidden in products we encounter every day, like fire escapes and neon signs, as well as oddities and architectural outliers around the world, from art schools in Havana to garbage trucks in Taipei.

Her talk, "The Way Things Live," is a meditation of sorts—a reconsidering of the overlaps in some of the episodes she has made in the past three years. Design stories are human stories: the objects that we make are reflections of us, and they live existences parallel to ours. They fall in and out of favor with changing tastes and mores, in rich, changing narratives, until eventually, some outlive us all."

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april 2018 by robertogreco
Generation Open | FactoryCity
"the culture of “open” has infused even the most conservative and blood-thirsty organizations with companies falling over each other to claim the mantle of being the most open of them all. ... What Facebook is attempting, like the Obama administration, is nothing short of revolutionary because you can’t simply evolve from the culture of fear and paranoia that our parents passed down to us. ... There are, however, still plenty who reject this attitude and approach, suffering from the combined malaise brought on by “proprietariness”, “materialism”, and “consumerism”. But — I shit you not — as the world turns, things are changing. Sharing and giving away all that you can are the best defenses against fear, obsolescence, growing old, and wrinkles."
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march 2009 by robertogreco

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