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David Byrne's Journal: 10.22.2011: The Subjectivity of Perception
"Our brain’s ability to patch together a coherent visual field and construct a seamless looking image that we know is imaginary (there are noses and trees and thumbs blocking parts of our eyesight) is similar to the propensity to construct a narrative—to imagine a chain of cause and effect out of almost random events. What we see and what we experience of the world is largely a lie, made up by us to satisfy some deeply evolved needs and tendencies. We might know it’s a lie but, still, we are helplessly drawn into these perceptual tricks."
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november 2011 by robertogreco
TouchExplode » Blog Archive » Experimental Film and Video Finds its way into the Oscars! (Kind of)
"the new IPhone commercial that ran for the first time during the Oscars: which is quoting heavily from Chrisitan Marclay’s “Telephones”...Which is kind of quoting Matthias Mueller’s “Home Stories”
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