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The Message is Medium Rare

"While Brade delivers critique with satire, Christopher Simmons (a member of AIGA’s national board) uses burgers instead. The San Francisco designer and his colleague Nathan Sharp at design office MINE™ started reviewing burgers two years ago as a way of dishing out criticism on advertising and design. What started as critiques of the burgers they ate for lunch turned into the renowned blog, The Message Is Medium Rare. Each post starts with a mouth-watering shot of a burger, followed by Simmons’ food review and a related takeaway on advertising and design.

After eating a pricey burger, for example, he might muse on how creatives should price their services. Encountering a burger restaurant that offers tomatoes as an option only when they’re of good enough quality reminds Simmons of an award-winning annual report design that almost came undone because of low-quality pictures. All in all, Simmons shows how “there is no creative problem that can’t be solved by eating a hamburger.”

In an interview with venture capitalists The Designer Fund last year, he said “I’m always interested in the essence of things—about their true nature. If a burger is on an English muffin instead of a regular bun, is it still a burger? What if it’s pork belly instead of ground beef? The more I thought about it, the more I found parallels to design and creativity in general.”"]
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february 2016 by robertogreco
AIGA | The UC logo controversy: How 54,000 people, the mainstream press and virtually every designer got it wrong
"“Designers too often judge logos separate from their system…without understanding that one can’t function without the other,” noted Paula Scher, when I asked her views on the controversy."


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Onward California:

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