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Creativity - David Kelley – Steelcase Education Solutions - Student of the Month
"Let me offer some suggestions on how to teach creative confidence…

First, get rid of some old baggage: status and hierarchy in the classroom. Technology that's hard to use. Precious furniture that restricts movement and gets in the way of people interacting. An attitude that "wrong answers" in the service of innovation are unacceptable. Second, add tools for creativity: an atmosphere of risk taking and experimentation. A bias for generating lots of ideas. Writing surfaces everywhere. Tables and chairs that move easily. Places to prototype ideas and test them.

Let's talk specifics: Avoid the "sage on the stage." … Release the Kraken! That's a line from the movie "Clash of the Titans," & you probably know it's become a popular catch phrase on college campuses. I say, Release the desks! Free the chairs & tables!…Put writing surfaces everywhere…Use mind maps…Get dirty. If students are going to know what are better ideas, they have to be able to test them…Show & tell constantly."
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december 2010 by robertogreco
Redesigning Education: Why Can't We Be in Kindergarten for Life? | Co.
"The kindergarten classroom is the design studio. All of the learning activities that take place freakishly similar to the everyday environment of my design studio in the "real world." In an architectural design studio, we work as an interdisciplinary global team to solve the complex problems of the built environment in a variety of different cultural contexts. We do this most effectively through storytelling--sharing personal experiences--w/ support of digital media & tools. A variety of activities--reflective & collaborative, right-brain & left-brain--happen simultaneously in an open environment. Like the design studio, the kindergarten environment places human interaction above all else."

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july 2010 by robertogreco
Redesigning Education: Why Can't We Be in Kindergarten for Life? | Fast Company
"The learner-centered paradigm should extend beyond the kindergarten classroom. Unfortunately, most educational institutions follow a model that creates an impersonal environment where adults, teaching, and authority are at the center. The studio-like environment of the kindergarten classroom succumbs to a rigid structure of disconnected subject-based classrooms and curricula. Naturally, the physical environment parallels this transition, moving from an open, multi-zone learning environment to a prototypical, teacher-centric mode of direct instruction. The collaborative student-teacher team and its dynamic atmosphere are replaced with the "sage-on-the-stage," front-teaching wall model."
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may 2010 by robertogreco

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