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Relevant History: Off to camping
"My daughter left this morning on a week-long camping trip with her class. Camping is a big thing at Peninsula. The youngest elementary school classes start with overnight stays in their classrooms, and by 8th grade the students are planning a couple weeks' worth of trips.

With twenty kids and about five teachers, there's a lot of gear.

Camping has been a big part of the school experience for years, and alumni talk about it as one of the most highlights of their time here.

This year they're going up to some park in the far north of the state. So in addition to all the usual stuff, they filled a trailer with firewood, and make up a convoy of four or five cars, vans, and trucks. It was hard to keep track."
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august 2012 by robertogreco
Twitter / @robinsloan: @stirman underwear = jeans ...
stirman [Jason Stirman]: Packing for trip. Industry standard is underwear = 1.5x per day, but jeans = 1x per 3.5 days, right?<br />
<br />
robinsloan: @stirman underwear = jeans × π
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august 2011 by robertogreco
"CITYterm, a semester program for thirty intellectually adventuresome juniors and seniors in high school, makes New York City its Laboratory and Classroom.

At CITYterm you will explore the city. You will immerse yourself in the city's five boroughs, connecting with them. You will meet authors, city officials, historians, urban planners, the homeless. you will come to understand New York City, its inhabitants and your own learning potential, returning to your home school ready to embark upon new adventures."
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february 2011 by robertogreco
CITYterm: Admission » Admitted Students » Outside Lies Magic
"Get out now. Not just outside, but beyond the trap of the programmed electronic age so gently closing around so many people at the end of our century. Go outside, move deliberately, then relax, slow down, look around. Do not jog. Do not run. Forget about blood pressure and arthritis, cardiovascular rejuvenation and weight reduction. Instead pay attention to everything that abuts the rural road, the city street, the suburban boulevard. Walk. Stroll. Saunter. Ride a bike, and coast along a lot. Explore.

Abandon, even momentarily, the sleek modern technology that consumes so much time and money now, and seek out the resting place of a technology almost forgotten. Go outside and walk a bit, long enough to forget programming, long enough to take in and record new surroundings.

Flex the mind, a little at first, then a lot. Savor something special. Enjoy the best-kept secret around--the ordinary, everyday landscape that rewards any explorer, that touches any explorer with magic."
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february 2011 by robertogreco
TeacherHaines Blog: Interview with Anna Hoffstrom (Part Two) [Some of the description of Finnish schools sounds a lot like TCS]
"school in Finland…informal & laid back…Students took shoes off along w/ coats, called teachers by 1st name, different grades were all sociable w/ each other. Kids were giggling & playing in corridors

academically much more advanced than US schools

kids start school at age 7 (studies show makes 1st years more effective & disrupts family life less), in same class w/ same kids from grades 1-6 in elementary & middle school grades 7-9

After 9th grade, students have to pick either vocational or academic high school…treat applicants much like colleges

education is compulsory until grade 9 (or until age 17), secondary school has tuition, children going to school use same public transportation system everyone else does. Bus fares, food, regular medical check ups paid for by government until child has completed compulsory schooling. Out-of-country field trips are common in grade 9

Finnish schools give students much more responsibility than US…makes them so academically capable"
finland  education  schools  policy  health  healthcare  comparison  us  unschooling  deschooling  tcsnmy  responsibility  teaching  learning  lcproject  government  money  funding  transportation  publictransit  socialsafetynet  socialprograms  agesegregation  firstnamebasis  classideas  food  travel  classtrips  trust  stress  anxiety  annahoffstrom 
january 2011 by robertogreco
geek.teacher » Blog Archive » On #edcampoc
"I sat in some great sessions. Rob Grecco did something awesome: he brought his middle school students from his private, progressive school, & had them do a panel discussion on Student-led Urban Adventures. The students had to plan their itineraries and keep to a strict budget on a weeklong field trip to San Francisco. They were intelligent & insightful, doing a great job of representing their school. Afterwards one of the students, Taylor, came over & introduced himself to me. The students were a class act all the way."

"The standout moment of the whole session [Things That Suck] was when one of Rob’s students participated in our discussion on disciplinary practices. She described the way things are handled at her school and described traditional practices like having students sit in the corner as “ineffective.” Love it."
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january 2011 by robertogreco
Unspeakable Trip to San Francisco - Google Maps
My seventh and eighth grade students were asked to create an online document of our trip to San Francisco. One of the three groups, the Unspeakables, created this photo-and-text-enriched map that also shows the routes they walked each day. Don't miss their reflections (more to come as I bookmark this) — there are links to them at the top of the sidebar on the left and here below.

Ruby's Reflection:
Charlie's Reflection:
Anthony's Reflection:
Max's Reflection:
Tatiana's Reflection:
Brianna's Reflection:
Sofia's Reflection:

An early planning document with more information about the trip:
tcsnmy  tcsnmy7  tcsnmy8  sanfrancisco  robinsloan  javierarbona  cv  classtrips  2010  october2010  maps  mapping  cartography  learning  space  place  landscape  publictransit  walking  travel  tours  photography 
october 2010 by robertogreco

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