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We Never Looked at the Stars — The Archipelago — Medium
"Once a year the Astronomy Club would pile into vans and drive across the Cascades and the high desert of Eastern Oregon to Pine Mountain, to spend most of three days not looking at stars. Eastern Oregon is nothing like the green, lush Portland-area Oregon that most people know. A hundred miles into the state the Cascade Mountains rise up ten thousand feet into the air. Clouds from the Pacific ocean slam into them and deposit their rain into the Willamette valley. Beyond is a vast desert, populated with sagebrush and rattlesnakes and towns with fake old-West facades.

And we sat there, surrounded by thin layers of air and rock. Above us, presumably, stars; below us the impossibly slow churning of the Earth; through us the neutrinos and all the other invisible things. And inside, the flickering of flashlights on the walls of the cave as we each tried to fit our own rhythm in with everyone else."
benlillie  2014  adolescence  youth  identity  awkwardness  clubs 
august 2014 by robertogreco
The Smell | Los Angeles' volunteer run, all ages experimental art space.
[nice website too]

"Since 1998 The Smell has been a community oriented art and music space open to people of all ages who are interested in participating in and supporting an environment of creativity and artistic innovation and freedom.

Throughout its more than 10 year history, The Smell has been dedicated to the principle of D.I.Y. We are completely not-for-profit and volunteer run. The community of individuals who call The Smell their home, whether it be the musicians who play here, the artists whose work hangs on our walls, or the dedicated supporters who attend our events week in and week out, are the same individuals who book the shows, run the front door, provide quality sound engineering services, staff the vegan snack bar, and help with cleaning and general upkeep.

In the interest of these principles, and in keeping with our commitment to creating and maintaining a space that is dedicated first and foremost to the art and the music, and to complete artistic freedom and innovation, The Smell is open to people of all ages and is alcohol free.

We also are dedicated to keeping our events affordable, and most of our events are a low $5 admission. We appreciate your continued support and participation, and hope that you will continue to consider The Smell your home and to provide your invaluable input to our community."
losangeles  art  music  lcproject  openstudioproject  clubs 
may 2014 by robertogreco
Hive NYC Learning Network
[From the about page, which also includes a great directory of organizations.]

"Hive NYC Learning Network is a Mozilla project that was founded through The MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning initiative to fuel collaborations between cultural organizations to create new learning pathways and innovative education practices together. Hive NYC is composed of fifty-six non-profit organizations—museums, libraries, after-school clubs and informal learning spaces—that create Connected Learning opportunities for youth. Network members have access to funding to support this work through The Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust.

Core Beliefs:
• School is not the sole provider in a community’s educational system
• Youth need to be both sophisticated consumers and active producers of digital media
• Learning should be driven by youth’s interests
• Digital media and technology are the glue and amplifier for connected learning experiences
• Out-of-school time spaces are fertile grounds for learning innovation
• Organizations must collaborate to thrive

Hive NYC operates as a city-based learning lab, where members network with each other, share best practices and pedagogies, learn about and play with new technologies, participate in events, and most importantly, collaborate to create learning opportunities for NYC youth. As part of the network, members have access to the following support and services:

• Strategic guidance in seeking funding through the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in the New York Community Trust
• Brokered connections between member organizations based on shared ideas and potential programs
• Participation in events in and beyond New York City that illustrate the work of network members and promote Connected Learning principles, digital literacy AND webmaking skills
• Access to involvement with the NYC Department of Education and others seeking to build experimental and/or sustainable partnerships with Hive NYC
• Opportunity to promote new, programs and events through Hive NYC communications channels (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), as well as youth and volunteer recruitment
• A knowledge exchange for members to share models, ideas, content, tools and best-practices with each other
• Professional Development sessions that develop staff through network peer mentoring, modeling and sharing
• Monthly, in-person meet-ups and conference calls that allow for members to share program updates, best practices, and learn about new opportunities
• Additional seed funding for technology development, research, etc.

Each year, more than 6,000 tweens and teens across NYC directly engage with Hive NYC. These youth take part in projects funded by the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust, private and community events, and programs resulting from network partnerships. Another 330,000 youth are indirectly impacted by these efforts, and through the broad dissemination of innovations and programs developed within the network."

[See also: ]
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july 2013 by robertogreco

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