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Designing around sound? — Medium
"Hi Boris—a great experiment. I’m looking at non-text inputs for students and the noise factor comes to mind every time.

So in the future will we pick our coffee shop/office based on acoustics as much as the espresso? Will shopkeeps design around sound—I don’t think anyone pays much attention to that right now. I noticed Propaganda Coffee is a very bright room and the noise volume quickly becomes distracting.

And just in case you can’t get out to a coffee shop: "
sound  learning  soundscapes  education  schools  schooldesign  acoustics  coffeshops  bradovenell-carter  2015 
march 2015 by robertogreco
In nerdhaven — The Message — Medium
"The roster of Essential Social Spaces includes, among others: the library, the union hall, the community garden, the coffee shop. To that list, we must add the nerdhaven. The question, though: Is it on its way out — winding down as nerds go digital? Or is it here to stay, a humble fixture wherever there exist enough nerds to muster a Magic tournament? (These shops support a $700 million market, according to an industry website, but I can’t decide whether that’s big or small. I think it be might be small.)

I hope they’re here to stay. At the shop in Gaylord I made my circuit of the nerdly Stations of the Cross and walked out with ten antique D&D books, three comics, two vintage sci-fi novels, and a board game."
robinsloan  nerhaven  libraries  thirdspaces  coffeshops  cafes  communitygardens  unionhalls  comics  boardgames  games  gaming  nerds  roleplayinggames  dungeonsanddragons  magicthegathering 
august 2014 by robertogreco

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