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Comparing Brazil and the United States: American brothers | The Economist
"OTHER Latin Americans think of Brazilians a bit like the rest of the world thinks of Americans: loud, flashy & rich. This is as it should be, because a strong argument can be made that Brazil is actually is the US—just disguised beneath a Carmen-Miranda-style fruit hat. Sounds a stretch? [long list of similarities]…Obviously, list of dissimilarities would be as long as your arm…a big difference lies in the inheritance from the colonial power. Britain bequeathed to the United States a language; a legal system; a political elite (WASPs); a middle-class liking for commerce; a tradition of political liberalism (in the British sense); and a certain puritanical impulse. Portugal bequeathed Brazil the language and Catholicism. And that is about it. Brazil itself developed the rest. And it did so with something that most of the United States lacks: a Dionysian spirit, a happy sense that all the squalor and conflict will end—or at least be suspended—in a samba."
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august 2010 by robertogreco

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