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Mule Design Studio’s Blog: Dear Gap, I have your new logo.
"And for the sake of full disclosure I should let you know that I’ve also frequently shopped at your stores. You sell good stuff. But never in my experience has any of your employees offered me a free pair of pants because the ones I was wearing looked bad. I wouldn’t expect them to. Their job is to sell me clothes.

My job is to sell design.

I believe we understand each other. I anxiously await your call and look forward to negotiating a fair value for the greatest logo on Earth."
gap  business  design  economics  redesign  crowdsourcing  logos  money  competitions 
october 2010 by robertogreco
Why aren’t games about winning anymore?
"But if videogame achievements can make us ignore the end goal in favour of a little gold star, is there any doubt that real-life "achievements" can distract us from what’s actually important in life?

Certainly, incentives can be used to drive good behaviour, but there’s no guarantee that companies or organisations able to provide the most effective incentives will be the ones with the most altruistic motives. (And, of course, if I’m the one unconsciously making up my own achievements, I know they’re not always going to be what’s best for me.)

I’m not saying that achievements in videogames are inherently a bad thing. I’m just saying that perhaps we should take a step back and consider how they make us relate to the world."
games  gaming  videogames  jesseschell  motivation  achievements  competitions  productivity  gamedesign  infinitegames  process  goals  incentives  behavior  life  distraction  theory  via:blackbeltjones 
august 2010 by robertogreco
Blueprints for a Better ‘Burb - Opinionator Blog -
"[The] prevailing vision contradicts the reality of suburbia today. There may be white picket fences & home owners associations in common, but beyond that, “suburb” has outlived its usefulness as a descriptive term — and as a model for future planning, at least in its current incarnation. Suburbs continue to be designed for homogeneity even though they’re no longer homogeneous at all, & in fact have become increasingly varied in type, density, infrastructure & demographics..."

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architecture  suburbia  suburbs  sustainability  transportation  traffic  urbanism  urban  planning  competitions  ecology  energy  environment  housing  systems  systemsthinking  kazysvarnelis  longisland 
july 2010 by robertogreco
"In a future where limited natural resources will force us to find better solutions for density and efficiency, what will become of the cul-de-sacs, cookie-cutter tract houses and generic strip malls that have long upheld the diffuse infrastructure of suburbia? How can we redirect these existing spaces to promote sustainability, walkability, and community? It’s a problem that demands a visionary design solution and we want you to create the vision! ... Show us how you would re-invent the suburbs! What would a McMansion become if it weren’t a single-family dwelling? How could a vacant big box store be retrofitted for agriculture? What sort of design solutions can you come up with to facilitate car-free mobility, ‘burb-grown food, and local, renewable energy generation? We want to see how you’d design future-proof spaces and systems using the suburban structures of the present, from small-scale retrofits to large-scale restoration—the wilder the better!"
design  architecture  urban  suburban  redevelopment  capitalism  suburbia  planning  bldgblog  suburbs  urbanplanning  meltdown  landscape  competition  infrastructure  housing  cities  competitions  dwell  contests 
july 2009 by robertogreco
Wooster Collective: Why We Don't Post Open Calls For Submissions To Design Competitions
"nine times out of ten, the terms and conditions (i.e. "the fine print") is so onerous and unfair to every single person who enters, that we would never, in good conscious, suggest that people participate.
woostercollective  rights  copyright  law  legal  competitions  art  artists 
april 2009 by robertogreco
CITY presented SPACE INNOVATORS: The 2009 CITY Design Challenge
"Create an instantly deployable portable private space. It must be go-anywhere, transportable by its owner, and must grant him or her precisely what the designer feels to constitute privacy and seclusion from the intrusions of the City. It can shield only one person or several. It can be physical or metaphysical. It should not be fantastical, but it would be nice were it to be beautiful, and even more so should it be practical.

What we would like from you are renderings of your solution, in both closed and deployed state, and a detailed description of how it works to meet the challenge."
architecture  urbanism  competitions  urban  privacy  space  nomads  neo-nomads  portable  design  glvo 
february 2009 by robertogreco
Let's Change the Game
"Let’s Change the Game is a competition to design an ARG (alternate reality game) to help the work of Cancer Research UK. The winning designers will receive funding to develop and run their game, and will be mentored by some of the best ARG designers in
activism  cancer  gamedesign  games  play  competitions  arg  charity  innovation 
june 2008 by robertogreco
Design Observer: When Did Posters Become Such Wallflowers?
"I realize that what I love about the poster, and what defines poster-ness for me, is the way it is conceptually attached to a motivating force — a product, or some event that will happen or has happened on a particular date and at a particular place."
posters  design  graphics  sontag  product  message  authenticity  manifestos  definitions  events  art  competitions  props 
june 2007 by robertogreco

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