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Only crash « Snarkmarket [Might be a handy metaphor for the learning by failing approach to learning, testing the limits of our abilities, crashing, then restarting.]
"Some­times you run across an idea so counter-intuitive and brain-bending that you imme­di­ately want to splice it into every domain you can think of. Sort of like try­ing a novel chem­i­cal com­pound against a bunch of can­cers: does it work here? How about here? Or here?

That’s how I feel about crash-only soft­ware...The only way to stop it is by crash­ing it. The nor­mal shut­down process is the crash...

Maybe there are bio­log­i­cal sys­tems that already fol­low this prac­tice, at least loosely. I’m think­ing of seeds that are acti­vated by the heat of a for­est fire. It’s like: “Oh no! Worst-case sce­nario! Fiery apoc­a­lypse! … Exactly what we were designed for.” And I’m think­ing of bears hibernating—a sort of con­trolled sys­tem crash every winter.

What else could we apply crash-only think­ing to? "
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july 2010 by robertogreco

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