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Scratching the Surface — 104. Cab Broskoski and Chris Sherron
"Cab Broskoski and Chris Sherron are two of the founders of, a knowledge sharing platform that combines the creative back-and-forth of social media with the focus of a productivity tool. Before working on Arena, Cab was a digital artist and Chris a graphic designer and in this episode, they talk about their desire for a new type of bookmarking tool and building a platform for collaborative, interdisciplinary research as well as larger questions around open source tools, research as artistic practice, and subverting the norms of social media."

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january 2019 by robertogreco
Creative Collaborations - Helsinki Design Lab
"Truly creative collaborations are ones that result in unexpected outcomes. Working on projects like this require all participants to step outside of their normal routines and entertain new ideas.

To provide some guidance in these situations Sitra commissioned Marc Downie, Shelley Eshkar, and Paul Kaiser, who together comprise the OpenEndedGroup. They've honed the practice of working with others during decades of multi-disciplinary arts projects.

The result is this book, Creative Collaborations, which is useful before beginning something like an HDL Studio or any other collaborative project. It's a slim volume that lays out 19 rules of thumb and is intended to be quickly digestible, short enough to be read before a cup of tea gets cold."

[See also: ]

[Project page: ]
creativecollaborations  cv  glvo  arts  art  multidisciplinary  openendedgroup  openendedness  paulkaiser  shelleyeshkar  marcdownie  collaboration  creative  helsinkidesignlab  2012 
november 2012 by robertogreco
The Telling Room: the place where stories grow
"The Telling Room is a nonprofit writing center in Portland, Maine, dedicated to the idea that children and young adults are natural storytellers. Focused on young writers ages 6 to 18, we seek to build confidence, strengthen literacy skills, and provide real audiences for our students’ stories. We believe that the power of creative expression can change our communities and prepare our youth for future success."
writing  education  maine  creative  stories  storytelling  nonprofit  lcproject  portland  youth  826  nonprofits 
july 2011 by robertogreco
Figment: Write yourself in.
"Figment is a community where you can share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors. Whatever you're into, from sonnets to mysteries, from sci-fi stories to cell phone novels, you can find it all here."
blogs  books  community  content  creative  writing  stories  poetry  classideas  via:lukeneff 
december 2010 by robertogreco
YouTube - All Creative Work Is Derivative
"Our second "Minute Meme," illustrating how all creative work builds on what came before. Photographed and animated by Nina Paley. Music by Todd Michaelsen ("Sita's String Theory," a Bonus Track on the soon-to-be-released Sita Sings the Blues soundtrack CD!). Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. More information at High res version at: [Via: ]
copyright  art  creative  education  philosophy  meta  video  copyleft  toshare  topost 
october 2010 by robertogreco
Why Old Spice matters « Snarkmarket
"blogs are actu­ally more related to live the­ater than they are to, say, news­pa­pers. The things that make a blog good are almost exactly the things that make a live per­for­mance good...most impor­ inter­play w/ the audience...

...this cam­paign [also] made me think of 48 Hour Mag­a­zine...same sense of you-gotta-see-this...can-they-really-do-it. It was an event..."But [an event’s] urgency—its live­ness, human vital­ity, &, frankly, its risk & unpredictability—is what makes it more than just another link in the stream"...

one final rea­son to take this for­mat seriously:

...It’s tons of fun. Any­body who’s writ­ten a blog, got­ten deep into Twit­ter, run a Kick­starter project, pulled strings on an ARG will tell you...There’s a spe­cial sat­is­fac­tion to see­ing its impact on the world immediately—and adjust­ing based on what you see. It’s alive, it’s elec­tric, it’s addic­tive. It’s con­nected and communal."
robinsloan  socialmedia  storytelling  advertising  oldspice  2010  theater  analysis  marketing  media  digital  creative  casestudy  video  events  ted  realtime  twitter  blogs  blogging  feedback  interactive  interactivity 
july 2010 by robertogreco
The content is the Cargo
"Cargo is a web publishing (CMS) and community-building platform currently in development. It powers a variety of creative communities in the fields of Education, Design, Research, and Conceptual Art."
education  design  research  conceptualart  community  creative  publishing  web  typography  gallery  collective  cargo  graphicdesign  portfolios  webdesign  indexhibit  webdev 
april 2010 by robertogreco
CreateHere | Home
"CreateHere works with one guiding principle in mind: we love our city for what it is, has been and could become.
entrepreneurship  chattanooga  tennessee  design  art  business  cities  urban  community  creativity  collective  creative  webdesign  agency  grants  css  arts  ideas  reference  lcproject  incubator  glvo  tcsnmy  local  webdev 
february 2010 by robertogreco
e-waste survey
"Do you have any obsolete electronics that you remade or redesigned for different purpose of use than originally designed?
diy  make  electronics  creative  remade 
february 2010 by robertogreco
The Ruse of the Creative Class | The American Prospect
"Cities that shelled out big bucks to learn Richard Florida's prescription for vibrant urbanism are now hearing they may be beyond help." ... "There is a long tradition of charismatic economic--development troubadours. In the 1990s, it was Michael Porter, a Harvard Business School professor who swept into inner cities with his theories of industry clusters. But Florida has taken the art to a new level, wielding his "creativity index" and making each city feel that, whatever its shortcomings, it has the potential to move up the ladder.
creativeclass  richardflorida  gentrification  inequality  development  planning  creative  millennials  realestate  sustainability  urbanism  geography  creativity  cities  economics  architecture  boosterism 
january 2010 by robertogreco
"Global Cities, urban and mobile society, cultural transnationality are popular catchwords, which are often cited subjects in multiple contemporary research and art projects. Surprisingly, there is still real potential for new and exciting works in the intermediate field between mobility, globalization, cultural and urban studies.

Many researchers drift off into this trend, either fascinated by the multiplicity of discourses or increasingly by a self-chosen way of life, a modern urban nomadism.

Once the decision has been made to live in a foreign city for a certain period of time, most will continue searching for places to spend another episode of their life in. The fascination of the unknown traps you, life abroad becomes an addiction, where urban space is seen and consumed as a resource"
neo-nomads  nomads  moving  place  creative  glvo  cv  global  postnational  transnationalism  transnationality  society  urban  urbanism  identity  self  mobility  culture 
july 2009 by robertogreco
Design Observer - This is My Process
"writers acknowledge that nature of work is changing in 21st century..."a shift from an industrial economy to an information economy, from physical work to knowledge work."...propose a model based not on industrial production, but on the collaborative arts, specifically theater. Interestingly, the process of mounting a play...The iterative process, the role of improvisation, the adjustments that are made in response to audience feedback...not advocating a "loose" process or one that lacks rigor...defining characteristics of this kind of work: allowing solutions to emerge in a process of iteration, rather than trying to get everything right the first time; accepting the lack of control in the process & letting the improvisation engendered by uncertainty help drive the process; & creating a work environment that sets clear enough limits that people can play securely within them. They call this artful making..."any activity that involves creating something entirely new.""
michaelbierut  tcsnmy  design  designthinking  problemsolving  management  books  methodology  workflow  creativity  business  creative  collaborative  process  designprocess  howwework  iterative  change  leadership  administration 
june 2009 by robertogreco
Refreshing Cities: design, technology, usability, and standards
"Refresh is a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical, and professional culture of New Media endeavors in their areas. Promoting design, technology, usability, and standards."
design  cities  sandiego  technology  culture  web  development  social  media  webdesign  usability  collaboration  networking  local  accessibility  developers  organization  creative  standards  webstandards  webdev 
february 2009 by robertogreco
Eureka! How Distractions Facilitate Creative Problem-solving
"How many times have you spent hours slaving over an impossible problem, only to take a break and then easily solve the problem, sometimes within minutes of looking at it again? Although this is actually a common phenomenon, up until now the way that this occurs has been unclear. But new research in the September issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, demonstrates the answer is more complex than simply having an “Aha!” moment. The new research, led in part by Kellogg School of Management Professor Adam Galinsky, suggests that unconscious thought results in creative problem-solving via a two-step process."
psychology  brain  thinking  neuroscience  creative  intuition  creativity  distraction  innovation  problemsolving 
october 2008 by robertogreco
robertogreco {tumblr} - Unschooling and Messiness
"Jessica Shepherd reviews the recently published How Children Learn at Home in the Guardian. The review seems to focus more on the unschooling subset of home education and the part that I find most interesting is the comparison to the messiness that often results in creative leaps. It reminds me of a variety of articles that have been emphasizing the importance of random events and cross-pollination or hybridization of traditional fields of study."
unschooling  crossdisciplinary  interdisciplinary  multidisciplinary  transdisciplinary  postdisciplinary  nassimtaleb  glvo  crosspollination  messiness  davidsmith  julianbleecker  nicolasnova  robertepstein  design  learning  deschooling  education  creativity  comments  lcproject  schools  technology  consilience  creative  children  homeschool  research  books  blackswans  tinkering  serendipity  specialization  academia  grantmccracken  lelaboratoire  ted  poptech  etech  lift  picnic  lacma  art  science  medicine  us  terminology  vocabulary  specialists 
august 2008 by robertogreco
Last Call, Bohemia: Entertainment & Culture:
"Every successful society needs its Bohemia, a haven for the artists, exiles, and misfits who regenerate the culture. With the heart of New York’s West Village threatened by developers, London, Paris, and San Francisco have a message for Manhattan: Don
architecture  art  cities  culture  via:kottke  neighborhoods  nyc  urban  media  life  creative  creativeclass  gentrification  society  bohemia  artists 
june 2008 by robertogreco
"During this two-week-long residential campus learning experience, students will work together with authors and instructors to create entire worlds, complete with history, economy, language and culture."
highschool  youth  teens  writing  events  summer  fiction  worldcreation  creative  gamedesign 
june 2008 by robertogreco
Social Times SXSW - General Theory of Creative Relativity - Brightcove
"Jim Coudal on the General Theory of Creative Relativity" - "Coudal is like a Montessori preschool" "6, 7, 8 people is a really nice non-political size"
coudal  creativity  cv  sxsw  theory  art  design  wordplay  fun  work  generalists  constraints  creative  literature  writing  howwework  thinking  process 
march 2008 by robertogreco
Notional Slurry » There are exactly two ways: one, and many
[link rot, so try this: ]

"In what way am I delayed by paying attention to more, different, inarguably interesting stuff? Gratifying stuff?"..."Called a flighty dreamer all too often, I think increasingly that I stand on the side of realism. I will be finished when I’m dead."
attention  collaboration  ideas  learning  cv  creativity  creative  generalists  failure  future  society  expectations  howwework  method  work  careers  via:hrheingold  gamechanging  culture  specialists  specialization  life  education  academia  schools  schooling  unschooling  freedom  allsorts  canon  williamtozier 
march 2008 by robertogreco
Kevin Kelly -- The Technium - 1,000 True Fans
"A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author - in other words, anyone producing works of art - needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living."
longtail  artists  art  glvo  work  money  distribution  freelance  fundraising  howto  entrepreneurship  economics  business  marketing  branding  creation  creative  creativity  celebrity  capitalism  design  socialsoftware  society  ecommerce  kevinkelly 
march 2008 by robertogreco
Six Principles for Making New Things
"I like to find (a) simple solutions (b) to overlooked problems (c) that actually need to be solved, and (d) deliver them as informally as possible, (e) starting with a very crude version 1, then (f) iterating rapidly."
paulgraham  advice  business  creative  creativity  design  entrepreneurship  problemsolving  software  process  howwework  wisdom  work  programming  marketing  howto  innovation  startup  invention  ideas 
february 2008 by robertogreco
/// Peliculas Ponder ///
ad for Madrid metro system showing a view from underground looking up
perspective  spain  subway  television  tv  underground  graphics  creative  advertising  ads  perception  motion  metro  madrid  animation  architecture  cities  españa 
february 2008 by robertogreco
The History of Visual Communication
"attempts to walk you through the long and diverse history of a particular aspect of human endeavour: The translation of ideas, stories and concepts that are largely textual and/or word based into a visual format, i.e. visual communication."
aesthetics  anthropology  architecture  art  books  communication  caves  craft  creative  culture  design  drawing  graphics  history  icons  illustration  infodesign  infographics  information  visual  visualization  via:kottke  typography  type  toread  painting  memory  photography  print  printing  literature  technology  words  writing  process  reference 
february 2008 by robertogreco
You Can't Predict Who Will Change The World -
"U.S. fosters entrepreneurs & creators, not exam-takers, bureaucrats, deluded economists...perceived weakness of American pupil in conventional studies is where his strength may lie...system of trial & error produces doers: Black Swan-hunting, dream-chasi
blackswans  nassimtaleb  books  constructivism  creativity  gamechanging  education  us  creative  pedagogy  predictions  psychology  future  innovation  trends  forecasting  experimentation  risk  culture  economics  globalization  knowledge  lcproject  homeschool  unschooling  tinkering  deschooling  schools  learning  competition  business  europe  randomness  serendipity 
november 2007 by robertogreco
The DIY Future: What Happens When Everyone Is A Designer?
"time is right to begin exploring aspects of DIY Future, especially profound implications for info arch & UX design. Using designer's powerful fusion of analytical perspective & creative vision, we can balance speculative futurism with an understanding of
cocreation  consumption  creation  gamechanging  diy  culture  smallpieceslooselyjoined  participation  design  infodesign  ux  future  futurism  creativity  creative  spimes  ubicomp  ubiquitous  computing  participatory  brucesterling  petermorville  jessejamesgarrett 
november 2007 by robertogreco
The Fuzzy Tail » SlideShare | Beyond the Beyond from
"You ever wonder why this WIRED blog is the only WIRED blog that isn't actually ABOUT anything? It has no single topic and no realm of expertise? That's supposed to be a VIRTUE, people! That's the next economy! Yeah!"
brucesterling  generalists  creativity  creative  blogs  blogging  fuzziness  fuzzytail  longtail  glvo  future  humor 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Design Hub - The style of no style
" today becoming hostage to strategy & market research data. I believe...if you want true differentiation in the market...can't rely on what the market already knows, which is what you get when market strategists drive the creative process."
design  marketing  research  creativity  creative  strategy  business 
november 2007 by robertogreco
POGO - Royal Philips
"POGO investigates this possibility, intertwining physical and virtual media in the process of inventing stories. There are 4 major components to the POGO environment: real-world story elements, virtual elements, triggering tools, creation tools"
children  storytelling  stories  digital  creative  imagination  technology  invention  toys  drawings  median  lcproject  collections  photography 
october 2007 by robertogreco
Meet Generation C: Renaissance revisited | Idealog
"Are we witnessing a creative renaissance? Or drowning under a wave of wannabeees? Idealog introduces Gen C—the generation of digital creatives remaking the way we buy, sell and communicate"
generationc  content  creativity  create  digital  society  culture  consumergenerated  art  design  creative  trends  us  diy  criticism  artists  internet  commentary  consumerism  music  print 
october 2007 by robertogreco
The new seekers
"Discovery can become even more exciting and enriching, charting a course that steers well clear of either cultural totalitarianism or chaos."
lastfm  serendipity  curiosity  discovery  web  online  davidjennings  andrewkeen  amateur  content  creative  media  web2.0  society  internet  information  networks  networking  association  connectivism 
october 2007 by robertogreco
IFTF's Future Now: Web 2.0 Technologies: The New Seekers
"Discovery itself is an anarchic and unruly activity: it loves to slip through cracks, disappearing down rabbit holes and making associative leaps between material that may not at first appear to be connected...It is our natural inquisitiveness that leads
lastfm  serendipity  curiosity  discovery  web  online  davidjennings  andrewkeen  amateur  content  creative  media  web2.0  society  internet  information  networks  networking  association  connectivism 
october 2007 by robertogreco | How Creativity Is Killing the Culture
"nation of navel-gazing dreamy-eyed so-called creatives who no longer consider it worthwhile to roll up their sleeves&get down to hard work...even worse, who no longer deem it worth their time to bother checking out the stuff that anyone else has made"
generationc  content  creativity  create  digital  society  culture  consumergenerated  art  design  creative  trends  us  diy  criticism  artists  internet  commentary  consumerism  music  print 
october 2007 by robertogreco
welcome to optimism: Words from Wieden
"But the minute you think you know, the minute you go – oh, yeah, we’ve been here before, no sense reinventing the wheel – you stop learning, stop questioning, and start believing in your own wisdom, you’re dead. You’re not stupid anymore, you are fucking dead.

Well, in 23 days, we are going to leave home. And in 36 days, when we land in the Pearl (new building), much of what we thought we knew – like where the bathrooms are – we won’t for sure. Good luck with the phones, the Xerox, the ability to ship and receive, to get your shirts laundered, to find a pool hall, a pencil, a friend, that approved script, or a moment of peace and quiet. What used to come easy will take work. All the little shit that you weren’t even aware of, but that made your life comfortable, will have vanished. Life will become a little less routine, our actions a little less unconscious. I can’t wait. See I have this addiction to chaos. I love it when I’m a bit anxious. It’s a sickness, okay. But it works for me. And the older I get, the more I need what upsets me, shocks me, makes me squirm, or get angry. The older I get, the more I value what forces me to take a second look. The more I respect people who don’t automatically respect me. I love this agency the most, when it’s off balance. Moving at 7,000 miles an hour, trying to take a sharp left turn, everybody holding their breath, laughing like hell, occasionally throwing up but smiling, and leaning right to make sure the fucking thing doesn’t trip over. Chaos does this amazing thing that order can’t: it engages you. It gets right in your face and with freakish breath issues a challenge. It asks stuff of you, order never will. And it shows you stuff, all the weird shit, that order tries to hide. Chaos is the only thing that honestly wants you to grow. The only friend who really helps you be creative. Demands that you be creative. Now, clearly, there are some disciplines in this organisation that don’t really need to have chaos as their operating policy. I’m thinking finance. I’m thinking traffic. But even in those departments that need to operate with Germanic precision, even there, we need enough uncertainty that we are forced to question how we do what we do so efficiently. And maybe, why we do it all.

The other thing chaos does is challenge authority. It cares more about truth than power. Political figures are fascinated with the agency and some have come by on a fairly frequent basis, just to share a meal, get our sense of things. I remember the first time a certain senator spent a couple of hours in our conference room with about a dozen freaks from the agency. He wasn’t there to lecture, or press the flesh, but to listen. It was a fascinating meeting, very frank, wide ranging. When I drove him back to the airport, he said, “what an amazing group of people. So young, so bright, so well informed. But I gotta tell you what was most astonishing was the complete lack of deference …. To you, to me, to anyone.” He wasn’t complaining, he was just mesmerized by the informality, the absence of authority."
entrepreneurship  learning  design  wk  creativity  advertising  ads  writing  generalists  management  creative  chaos  uncertainty  change  growth  planning  life  lcproject  authority  freedom  administration  wieden+kennedy  danwieden  gamechanging 
september 2007 by robertogreco
PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” » Archive » Koubou Maru: Enabling Creative Communication
"brushes are scattered around on desks, lots of colourful drawings...pretty pottery by the window complete the friendly atmo together with people’s bright voices – Koubou Maru, or Maruworks...serves as a creative studio space for disabled people."
art  space  lcproject  disability  creativity  creative  learning  communication  imagination  illustration  japan  pingmag  disabilities 
september 2007 by robertogreco » #54 - Writing Hacks, Part 1: Starting
"In the grand tradition of lists and books of hacks, writing hacks are clever little actions that give you leverage and put the dynamics in your favor. Here in part 1 it’s all about how to start."
advice  blogging  books  burnout  creative  creativity  gtd  howto  hacks  lifehacks  productivity  tips  writing  work 
september 2007 by robertogreco
Tools for creating ideas
"Here are tools for creating ideas, either individually or with other people."
brainstorming  business  collaboration  creativity  creative  tips  ideas  writing  innovation  teaching  thinking  brain  howto 
july 2007 by robertogreco
This Ain’t No Disco
"This Ain’t No Disco {it’s where we work} invites Agencies from across the world to show us their inner sanctum and like Pandora’s Box, once you look inside nothing will ever be the same again."
design  creative  space  howwework  work  studio  interiors  offices  agency  schooldesign 
june 2007 by robertogreco
Ze Frank on creativity and “morphological synthesis” | 43 Folders
"I make something every day — I think that’s really the only habit that I’ve fallen into over the last few years. No matter what, I make something….That aside, there’s this thing I try to do that I call “brain surfing.” Do you know the techn
zefrank  creative  creativity  ideas  inspiration  productivity  howwework  interviews  imagination  art 
may 2007 by robertogreco
"Trans Artists is an independent foundation that informs artists of any discipline about international artist-in-residence programs and other opportunities for artists to stay and work elsewhere 'for art's sake'."
activism  art  community  creative  housing  jobs  resources  travel  work  glvo  yearoff  residencies 
may 2007 by robertogreco
extreme-learning » home
"The development of Extreme Learning aims to model the style of learning we hope to encourage amongst children - i.e. participative, collaborative and creative."
collaborative  learning  education  teaching  lcproject  community  curriculum  wiki  creative  extremelearning 
may 2007 by robertogreco
Global Fast Cities.
"They speak English, and they have the right mix of technology and tolerance to attract talent. They're the international cities competing with the United States for the global talent pool."
business  cities  globalization  innovation  migration  montreal  helsinki  dublin  sydney  vancouver  world  international  creative  english  language  technology  diversity  us  tolerance 
february 2007 by robertogreco
The Ecstasy of Influence (
"Today, when we can eat Tex-Mex with chopsticks while listening to reggae and watching a YouTube rebroadcast of the Berlin Wall's fall—i.e., when damn near everything presents itself as familiar—it's not a surprise that some of today's most ambitious art is going about trying to make the familiar strange. In so doing, in reimagining what human life might truly be like over there across the chasms of illusion, mediation, demographics, marketing, imago, and appearance, artists are paradoxically trying to restore what's taken for “real” to three whole dimensions, to reconstruct a univocally round world out of disparate streams of flat sights."
toread  plagiarism  creativecommons  writing  literature  modernism  culture  remix  reuse  content  copyright  collaboration  citation  teaching  popculture  democracy  creativity  creative  criticism  mashup  media  music  news  online  originality  libraries  ethics  research  science  reading  property 
february 2007 by robertogreco
Click opera - Tokyo-as-highly-viral-third-culture-style-lab
"Tokyo as a mecca for a certain kind of international creative, as a place where a sort of "third culture", a blend of East and West, gets fused in "style labs" and exported all over the world in the form of digital products, ideas, music, memes"
tokyo  japan  creative  creativity  art  design  music  people  cities  fashion  culture  innovation  pechakucha 
december 2006 by robertogreco
The creation myths | | Guardian Unlimited Arts
"Can you be a successful artist and have a rich family life? Or must something give once the kids come along? Viv Groskop hears how to make the work-life balance succeed"
art  children  family  life  philosophy  glvo  creative  artists 
november 2006 by robertogreco
BLDGBLOG: The Invent-a-Micronation Contest...
"BLDGBLOG readers, now is your chance to shine: using 100 words or less, tell us what kind of micronation you would found – and where. Would it be an agricultural utopia, ruled by lottery, prone to war?"
micronations  contests  creative  imagination  glvo  design  architecture  books  geography  travel  suburbs 
november 2006 by robertogreco
The Best Design Schools
Business Week's design school issue including focus on demand for creatives in business
creative  future  education  gradschool  innovation  management  reference  schools  colleges  universities  business  design 
november 2006 by robertogreco
Processing 1.0 (BETA)
"Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and sound. It is used by students, artists, designers, architects, researchers, and hobbyists for learning, prototyping, and production. I
animation  art  code  coding  creative  graphics  design  effects  programming  video  visual  visualization  simulations  resources  math  mapping  interface  opensource  tutorials  software  interaction  interactive  generator  creativity  imaging  images  development  algorithms  osx  mac  processing  howto  glvo  computing  computers  cgi  illustration  gamechanging 
november 2006 by robertogreco
GENERATION C | An emerging consumer trend and related new business ideas
"The GENERATION C phenomenon captures the an avalanche of consumer generated 'content' that is building on the Web, adding tera-peta bytes of new text, images, audio and video on an ongoing basis. "
consumer  content  creative  creativity  crowdsourcing  culture  customization  diy  advertising  education  ethnography  future  generations  ideas  innovation  internet  longtail  marketing  media  online  trends  technology  students  sociology  society  socialsoftware  research  social  reference  participatory  video  viral  web  business  user  remix  lcproject  schooldesign 
october 2006 by robertogreco
CUSTOMER-MADE | Co-creation, user-generated content, DIY advertising and more!
“The phenomenon of corporations creating goods, services and experiences in close cooperation with experienced and creative consumers, tapping into their intellectual capital, and in exchange giving them a direct say in (and rewarding them for) what act
content  creative  creativity  crowdsourcing  culture  customization  diy  advertising  education  ethnography  future  generations  ideas  innovation  internet  longtail  marketing  media  online  trends  technology  students  sociology  society  socialsoftware  research  social  reference  participatory  video  viral  web  business  user  remix  lcproject  schooldesign  consumer  collaboration  design  entrepreneurship  usability  community  news 
october 2006 by robertogreco
SIVACRACY.NET: Free Culture Badge
"So now we've made up a new patch, for a much more challenging "Free Culture" badge, to be earned by intrepid, hard working, patriotic scouts. Here are some of the requirements:"
culture  society  opensource  drm  media  digital  creative  creativecommons  lcproject 
october 2006 by robertogreco, the A-Z of Brazilian Arts, Entertainment & Cultural Events in the UK
"Icaro Doria is Brazilian, 25 and has been working for the magazine Grande Reportagem, in Lisbon, Portugal, for the last 3 years. He was the author of the flags campaign "Meet the World" that has been circulating the earth in chain letters via e-mail"
activism  art  brasil  creative  culture  data  design  demographics  earth  education  flags  geography  global  graphics  government  information  infographics  health  international  mapping  maps  modern  nations  visualization  society  statistics  world  politics  brazil 
october 2006 by robertogreco
Pop Art Inspired by Lichtenstein - Online Tutorial at Melissa Clifton page 1
"Turn your photos into Lichtenstein inspired pop art. This photoshop tutorial will also show you how to create great-looking half tone shading! - Melissa Clifton"
fun  graphics  howto  illustration  guides  tutorials  class  images  photography  photoshop  creative  crafts  diy  make 
october 2006 by robertogreco
YouTube - Fabrica Video Tour
"Inside and outside the Fabrica Building." - Tadao Ando
architecture  video  altgdp  alternative  design  italy  europe  photography  print  media  creative 
october 2006 by robertogreco
YouTube - About Fabrica
"Fabrica people talking about Fabrica. Simple as that."
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october 2006 by robertogreco
Creating Passionate Users: Crash course in learning theory
"So, as promised in an earlier post, here's a crash course on some of our favorite learning techniques gleaned from cognitive science, learning theory, neuroscience, psychology, and entertainment (including game design). Much of it is based around courses I designed and taught at UCLA Extension's New Media/Entertainment Studies department. This is the long version, and my next post will be just the bullet points with the pictures--as a kind of quick visual summary."
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september 2006 by robertogreco
Aula - about
"Aula is an open community of over four hundred people working in different fields of life including science, art, business, government and NGOs. Aula is a nonprofit cooperative that encourages professionals and enthusiasts from various fields to develop
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april 2006 by robertogreco
Quasimondo : Incubator : Processing : Minority Cube
"Minority Cube allows you to control the rotation of the cube on the screen by moving your hand (or yourself) in front of your webcam."
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april 2006 by robertogreco
Elaborate imaginary city on the southern coast of France.
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march 2006 by robertogreco
cityofsound: Why Lost is genuinely new media
"I've been as impressed with the way that the creators of Lost have enabled interaction around the show as with the show itself. Perhaps 'enabled' could be replaced with 'coordinated' or even 'manipulated', but strategically, the call-and-response relatio
media  tv  lost  creative  culture  future  interactive  internet  television  marketing  wikipedia  art  visualization  web  connectivity  stevenjohnson  social  interaction  newmedia  transmedia  arg  cityofsound  storytelling  gamedesign  games  immersive  danhill 
march 2006 by robertogreco
"In 1995, Futurefarmers was formed by Amy Franceschini. Futurefarmers is a New Media construct specializing in creative investigation and development of new work. Through collaboration, we explore the relationship of concept and creative process between i
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march 2006 by robertogreco
recent 3: Halfbakery
"The Halfbakery is a communal database of original, fictitious inventions, edited by its users. It was created by people who like to speculate, both as a form of satire and as a form of creative expression. (To learn more about what ideas are appropriate,
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february 2006 by robertogreco
Wired 14.02: Alien Animal Planet
"Flying whales, walking trees, three-eyed killer birds - NASA and SETI imagine life on other worlds."
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february 2006 by robertogreco
"I make songs in any genre, for free or for money, based on instructions people send me."
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february 2006 by robertogreco
Some printable paper rulers
"Here are some rulers you can print out. Disposable paper rulers! :)"
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february 2006 by robertogreco
Beastie Boys - - Official Beastie Boys Web Site
"These A Cappellas are for your own personal use to make your own remixes. Share your remixes, talk turkey and more at the Beazley Boys Remix Forum"
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january 2006 by robertogreco
may you live in interesting times
"MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES is Cardiff's inaugural Festival of Creative Technology - a three-day programme of events being held across the capital. The festival is being developed between Bloc (Creative Technology Wales) and Chapter, Cardiff."
technology  creative  design  art  interactive  society 
october 2005 by robertogreco
Wired 12.10: The Long Tail
"Forget squeezing millions from a few megahits at the top of the charts. The future of entertainment is in the millions of niche markets at the shallow end of the bitstream"
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december 2004 by robertogreco

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