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Qué es alias | alias
"El propósito de Alias es la difusión de la obra y el pensamiento de autores particularmente significativos para el arte contemporáneo. Creaciones que, por razones y circunstancias difíciles de enumerar en este espacio, no han sido traducidas, impresas y difundidas en habla hispana; o bien, cuyas ediciones anteriores están descontinuadas o nunca han sido distribuidas en México.<br />
<br />
Alias es una editorial independiente sin fines de lucro económico."
art  mexico  mexicodf  publishing  books  damiánortega  contemporary  alias  df  mexicocity 
december 2010 by robertogreco
Frieze Magazine | Archive | Mexico City Report
"From new museums to project spaces and pop-up music events, nothing stands still in one of the largest cities in the Americas "

"Mexico City doesn’t feel alive so much as impossibly animated, scary in a way that you want to interact with rather than shy away from. D.F. is as much its bricks and mortar infrastructure and fantastically variegated architecture as the myriad ways people have of negotiating it. A hole-in-the-wall becomes a bar becomes an experimental music store, for a few hours once a month, or a penthouse gets repurposed as an ephemeral gallery."
mexico  mexicodf  art  glvo  museums  galleries  events  df  alias  damiánortega  soma  contemporary  music  popup  pop-ups  mexicocity 
december 2010 by robertogreco
"In a "post-Latin American" age, Latin American art has taken a postmodern tack, mindful of borders and identity politics but not determined by them. Many of the 42 artists featured here, including Francis Alÿs, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Daniel J. Martinez, Alfredo Jaar, Vik Muniz, Damián Ortega and Gabriel Orozco, infuse their work with social commentary from local and global perspectives, exploring and parodying cultural locations and identities even as they uphold and transgress them. All of them share an interest--beyond those borders--in revitalizing existing artistic language and forms."
art  latinamerica  glvo  books  postmodernism  borders  mexico  alfredojaar  francisalÿs  felixgonzalez-torres  danieljmartinez  vikmuniz  damiánortega  gabrielorozco  mcasd  tcsnmy 
september 2009 by robertogreco

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