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SVS/Unschooling Controversy - YouTube
"This is a commentary on the currently controversial article by Daniel Greenberg . The article is not summarised during the commentary so it will be necessary to read it before listening. Further discussion is available to join on the forums at

"Differences Between Self-Directed and Progressive Education" can be read here . This commentary is offered by Jeanna L Clements in her private capacity and does not represent any other individual or collective. Please feel free to share. Thank you."
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january 2019 by robertogreco
TECHNOS - The Trojan Horse of Education by Daniel Greenberg
"One way or another, surreptitiously or overtly, during class hours or after school, students will discover the limitless power that their new paraphernalia can bestow upon them and will increasingly withdraw from the humdrum life and demands of their schools. It will become harder and harder to keep them bound to the confines of prescribed curricula and the mediocrity of the average instructor. Slowly at first, more rapidly as time goes on, the very raison d’etre of traditional schools will disappear, and students will take their education into their own hands and pursue it according to their own lights. All this will happen the more rapidly because of the eagerness with which innocent and naïve school people have rushed to introduce the instrumentalities of the Information Age into their classrooms. They have welcomed the cyber-Trojan-Horse into their midst, and as surely as in ancient Troy, it will end up being the cause of their extinction."
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