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Julian Assange: Life is Hard in a World Without Hippies | Death and Taxes
"Ellsberg lived in generation of hippies—[one] that valued integrity & principle of truth—& Ellsberg’s revelation caught like wildfire. 40 years later, Assange steps onto world stage w/ WikiLeaks as 21st century Ellsberg. He’s nationless, garnering info from porous openings in WWW—apt commentary on modern world. & his operation leaks docs on a much larger scale than 1,000 page Pentagon Papers. His revelations, including new info about killings & torture in Iraq after Abu Ghraib, including 66,081 Iraqi civilian deaths, may be more shocking than those exposed by PP. & yet all anyone seems to talk about is what a jerk the guy is…Assange may have been born at wrong time. It’s as if he’s force-feeding truth to world that has no stomach for it. An ally of no one, an ideological nomad, it’ll be interesting to see how long his voice keeps leaking truth. Historically, leading voices of opposition—from MLK to Malcolm X to Lennon—seem to have a way of getting silenced sooner or later. "
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november 2010 by robertogreco

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