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Random color generator for JavaScript - randomColor.js

There are lots of clever one-lin­ers for gen­er­at­ing ran­dom col­ors:

'#' + Math.floor(Math.random()*16777215).toString(16);
Un­for­tu­nately, this code nat­u­rally pro­duces murky greys, browns and greens.

ran­dom­Color gen­er­ates at­trac­tive col­ors by de­fault. More specif­i­cally, ran­dom­Color pro­duces bright col­ors with a rea­son­ably high sat­u­ra­tion. This makes ran­dom­Color par­tic­u­larly use­ful for data vi­su­al­iza­tions and gen­er­a­tive art."
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november 2015 by robertogreco
Blot is the easiest way to blog
"Blot creates a folder in your Dropbox
and publishes files you put inside.

[Blot demo video: ]

Blot turns images, text, markdown and HTML files into posts. Use your favourite app to write your blog posts.

There are no ads and no third-party tracking. You pay a small annual fee and that's it.

Blot is fast, reliable and hosts blogs with thousands of posts without issue.

✓ Hosting included
✓ Five beautiful themes
✓ Use a custom domain
✓ Create a theme
✓ Markdown support
✓ RSS feed & sitemap
✓ Code highlighting
✓ Math typesetting
✓ Disqus comments
✓ Analytics integrations
✓ Search engine
✓ Draft previews

Sign up for $20 a year and start your blog now.

Why does Blot cost money?
I have to cover the cost of running Blot somehow.

Can Blot access all the files in my Dropbox?
No, Blot can only access the folder containing your blog posts.

Will my blog use up my Dropbox bandwidth?
No, Blot fetches a copy of each blog post and hosts it on Blot's servers.

See more on the help page [ ]. Don't hesitate to contact me [ ] with any questions.

Blot comes with five themes. You can also create your own from scratch.


Your blog comes with a dashboard for customizing your blog. This is how it looks:


[via: ]
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november 2015 by robertogreco

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