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Op-Ed Contributor - A Spill of Our Own -
"Effectively, we’ve been importing oil and exporting spills to villages and waterways all over the world.
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may 2010 by robertogreco
In Kenya, Tea Auction Steeped In Tradition, Gentility : NPR
"Companies blend the teas they buy at auction according to elaborate recipes. Indian teas provide heft, Sri Lankan teas bring flavor, & African teas bring color and strength. But the only way to know that is by tasting manufactured tea in its purest grades — and that means high-volume slurping. Muchura's taste buds are highly refined. In his tasting room is a line of no fewer than 75 cups of different teas in different grades. Muchura, dressed in a white chef's apron over understated blue trousers and a beautifully laundered Oxford shirt, has the look of Old Money, but he's kicking around the biggest spittoon you ever saw. "The concept of tasting is you're breathing it in, so you smell it through the mouth by sucking it in," he says. "Then you swirl it around your mouth and then you spit it out. But that exercise is not very attractive." Aside from the taste, Muchura also takes note of what the tea looks like in a white cup: an orange hue is good, but a greenish one is not."
tea  kenya  taste  markets  economics  demand 
september 2009 by robertogreco
Find Your iPhone 3G
"Do you want a new iPhone so bad you're willing to drive hundreds of miles? The tool below will find the nearest iPhone in the style you want."
iphone  demand  maps  mapping  apple  webapp 
july 2008 by robertogreco

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