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Diane Goes For You
"Here you can see the places that I visited as requested by people who had found an interesting location on Google Maps. Upon visiting these locations, I answered questions that people had asked about them and presented the answers here on this website."

"1. About:

"In the new empire of Google, it may seem to us that the whole world can be known without getting up from our chair, whithout turning our eyes away from the computer. Of course this is not true. Hopefully it will never become true. Even on the most detailed satellite view, the world remains strange and unknown. In order to have a closer look on this unknown world, Diane Rabreau is ready to get up from her chair and to be your explorer."
Till Roeskens, artist explorer.

2. What is Diane Goes For You:

It's a "service to individuals" and a game I purpose you to play.
If there is any place on earth you would like to know more about, if there is any spot on Google's satellite view that seems strange to you or that inspires you any question for which the answer can't be found online but only by going there for real, send me the geographic coordinates and I will try to go there one day and tell you what I saw and experienced.

3. How it started:

I started my explorations in January 2013. A first trip took me around France and Belgium, and a second one – thanks to the partnership of Rotterdam Film Festival– all around Europe.

4. Why I am doing this:

The little game of walking on Google Maps as if it was real is something I often do when I'm bored and I waste my time. There are thousands of us who play this game, because it's a great one, it's like a world conquest. There is too many things to know on Earth, and if we had to visit all of these things, we would need more than one lifetime. What is the point in visiting a place if, upon going there we feel like we know it already because the internet refers to it a thousand times? Can't an ordinary field lost in the Belgian countryside have the same emotional value as an Egyptian pyramid? Oddly, there's no information about what here looks like a section of a road in a Parisian building site. We don't know where it goes or where it comes from. It raises questions but there's no one to answer them because nobody cares. You care and I care too. This "section of road" could be of a huge interest or it could be nothing, whatever, we just want to know.
I have the time and the enthusiasm, therefore I am offering this service to individuals. Let's build together an infinite encyclopaedia made up of unknown destinations."
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december 2014 by robertogreco

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