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WorldChanging: The Outquisition
"What would it be like, we wondered, if folks who knew tools and innovation left the comfy bright green cities and traveled to the dead mall suburban slums, rustbelt browntowns and climate-smacked farm communities and started helping the locals get the to
alexsteffen  survival  survivalism  corydoctorow  distopia  future  leadership  innovation  collapse  society  classideas  cities  suburbs  crisis  peakoil  community  sustainability  environment  economics  worldchanging  planning  politics  freedom  food  local  futurism  green 
july 2008 by robertogreco News | Apocalypse now: In a devastating global climate of our own making, how will humans survive?
"chaos that could soon grow exponentially from the convergence of resource depletion, intractable inequality, and climate change...real danger is that human solidarity itself...will suddenly fracture and shatter into a thousand shards. "
mikedavis  agriculture  climate  environment  sustainability  distopia  future  markets  human  behavior 
july 2008 by robertogreco

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