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The Books - A Dot In Time. - Temporary Residence Limited
"A Dot In Time. collects the entire audio-visual output of the Books via 95 songs on 7 vinyl records, a 2-hour DVD, a 56-page picture book, and a cassette-shaped USB flash drive containing every song in high-quality MP3 format. Included in this set are all of the highly acclaimed original studio albums, remastered in 2011: Thought For Food, The Lemon of Pink, Lost and Safe, and The Way Out; also included is the previously unreleased double-album Music For A French Elevator and Other Oddities, a 45-track compendium of rare and previously unreleased tracks, all remastered in 2012 exclusively for this release. The Freedom From Expression DVD is also included here. Previously unreleased and compiled especially for this box set, it collects every video ever made by the Books, including several previously only seen in live concerts. Packaged in a sturdy, gorgeous full-color box, this is the exhaustive and perfectly fitting conclusion to one of underground music's most vital players of…"
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july 2012 by robertogreco
hyperpeople » Blog Archive » Unevenly Distributed:Production Models for the 21st Century
"Sharing is an essential quality of all of the media this fifteen year-old has ever known. In his eyes, if it can’t be shared, a piece of media loses most of its value. If it can’t be forwarded along, it’s broken."
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january 2008 by robertogreco

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