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"N O R M A L T Y P E is designed to be a display font with no fixed shape. Version 1 came out as a piece of parametric typography, but we thought it was important to introduce motion in our application as soon possible. Hence why now, it comes with the same parameters as in the previous version, but also a ‘step sequencer’ so you can create animation loops to then export as animated GIFs! On top of that, we added a few new parameters such as ‘connections’ between characters, more punctuation and also a small window for text editing."
fonts  typography  coding  processing  dynamic  generativetypography 
december 2013 by robertogreco
raumlabor berlin
"yes we do love the great ideas of the 60s 70s & the optimism which is inherent in changing the world at the stroke of a pen to the better. but we strongly believe that complexity is real & good & our society today does need a more substantial approach. therefore our spacial proposals are small scale & deeply rooted in the local condition…. BYE BYE UTOPIA!"

"There was once a society that believed the future would bring better living conditions to everyone. There were people, utopian thinkers, who thought about the big questions of the city. Today only a feeling remains, half desire, half melancholy, reminiscing of those architects who wanted to live in a better society and who had dreamed of better places. Such an era is now over. Here begins my work.

raumlaborberlin is a network, a collective of 8 trained architects who have come together in a collaborative work-structure. We work at the intersection of architecture, city planning, art and urban intervention…"
crossdisciplinary  multidisciplinary  interdisciplinary  interdisciplinarity  activism  history  transformation  experimentalarchitecture  experimental  adaptability  change  adaptation  dynamic  masterplanning  meaningmaking  place  research-baseddesign  urbaninterventions  complexity  urbanplanning  cityplanning  collaboration  cities  architects  art  design  urbanism  urban  architecture  berlin  raumlabor  local  small 
april 2012 by robertogreco
Bring chaos theory to English language teaching | Education | Guardian Weekly
"By relying on grammar rules in class, learners are in danger of becoming detached from the dynamism of spoken language"
language  english  grammar  teaching  writing  classideas  deschooling  unschooling  languagearts  via:rushtheiceberg  rules  rulebreaking  slang  change  dynamic 
july 2011 by robertogreco
Stephen Bayley on design innovations with flexible shapes | Art and design | The Observer
"Of course, "dynamic architecture" may also be a larger metaphor for the economic, moral and political uncertainties of our era. Poetic, really, to think that every wall may become a door. And it may be happening in design too. Late last year, BMW revealed Gina (a slightly forced acronym of Geometry, Infinity and Adaptation). This is a car whose shape can change. As soon as designer Chris Bangle realised that structural and safety priorities did not depend on external metalwork, he asked himself: "What do we need the skin of a car for?" So Gina's membrane covering can morph and adapt for different weathers and different aesthetics.
architecture  homes  housing  dynamic  slidinghouse  shapechanging  adaptive 
february 2009 by robertogreco
UTS SkinForm Project // Shapeshifting Architecture
"SkinForm is a landmark project for an architecture degree in Australia as it implements new sensor technology and software programming into a full-scale, transforming architecture."
architecture  dynamic  materials  structure  interactive  intelligence  future 
june 2008 by robertogreco
fabric of folly: Virtual moonbeams: the impossible task of capturing the web
"So, how do you solve a problem like archiving the web? The two most likely solutions to my mind are 1.) a massive, open, SETI@home-style distributed networking approach 2.) Google does it."
archives  archiving  google  web  internet  bookmarks  boomarking  images  dynamic 
june 2008 by robertogreco
TODO interaction & media design : NADA [now at:]
"We designed a dynamic graphic identity system that embodies the concepts of change and innovation, together with a deep underlying coherence. The result is an always changing logotype designed by a random/generative process."
logos  evolvinglogos  graphics  generative  identity  design  dynamic  generativelogos 
march 2008 by robertogreco
Brand New: The 17 Sides of a Cultural Identity
"By using the building as a visual source, Stefan Sagmeister created a dynamic, faceted and endlessly varied identity — all literally speaking. The resulting logo is perhaps, well, not pretty, but as a vessel for the complete identity and adaptable exec
algorithms  branding  brand  design  dynamic  logos  graphics  portugal  casademusica  oma  remkoolhaas  identity  stefansagmeister  generativelogos  graphicdesign  architecture  music  creativity 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Dopplr Blog » In rainbows
"As you add trips to different destinations, Dopplr’s logo becomes your logo, reflecting what you’re doing - right the way through to the ‘favicon‘ that shows up in the address field of most browsers."
algorithms  color  design  graphics  infographics  logos  programming  dynamic  dopplr  sparklines  evolution  sparklogo  favicons  place  ambient  location-based  locative  location  glancing  evolvinglogos 
october 2007 by robertogreco
"Ambient Addition is a Walkman with binaural microphones. A tiny Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip analyzes the microphone's sound and superimposes a layer of harmony and rhythm on top of the listener's world. In the new context, some surprising behavi
ambient  audio  cities  electronics  music  sound  space  interaction  place  play  architecture  psychogeography  soundscapes  sounds  mit  art  walking  wearable  installation  headphones  medialab  ipod  future  interface  noise  processing  portable  multimedia  monitoring  mobile  environment  dynamic  newmedia  wearables  mitmedialab 
december 2006 by robertogreco

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