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Dear EDUPUNK, | bavatuesdays
"…last straw has been your indecent exposure in the title of yet another book by Anya Kamanetz…

I mean, when did you stop dating journalists and start dating advocates for a mechanized vision of DIY education? You and I had deep institutional roots, and I am still proud to serve the public mission, why have you turned from this vision? I don’t know, EDUPUNK, I’m confused. I know I don’t own you, I know I have to let you go, but damn it….I loved you once! And I have a feeling your new lovers have moved away from any pretense of “reporting the state of education” and into the realm of advocating for a new corporate ed model. What’s more, I’m afraid they might continue to pimp out your good name—so be careful out there–it is a money hungry world. It might seem all fun and good right now, but just wait until they stick you in a cubicle and have you cold calling kids for that much needed education insurance they’ll need when corporations control the educational field."
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february 2011 by robertogreco
Marginal Revolution - hacking education
"I see the wheel being reinvented by each new player in the space…education is yet to be disrupted or revolutionized by any of them. The "coming revolution" in education seems, so far, to be marginal at best.<br />
<br />
Why?<br />
<br />
In my opinion, it is this. The only sustainable marketplace for educational entrepreneurs to sell their wares is within the established (& largely broken) education system. They are dependent & subservient to the system they seek to revolutionize. No one can take a big bite out of the problem, because if they agitate the system too much they will get turned down & turned off by the edu powers that be. So, they nibble at the problem, bringing small & marginal improvements to lay at the feet of their master.<br />
<br />
Until there is a new system (maybe charters, maybe online schools, maybe something else) that will embrace & help to sustain fast & large innovation I anticipate that we will see more & more…of the same innovations inch the current education system forward."
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november 2010 by robertogreco

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