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The School Day of the Future is DESIGNED | MindShift
"Unpredictable, inconsistent, & designed to be wildly relevant for learners, their engagement, & their development."

"Designing the day around discovery of information, connections to real world challenges, discussions digging into our experiences with the world."

[But then The School of One is brought up… goes to show that we need to move beyond slogans and mission statements to concrete examples of what we mean.]

[Oh, & Delicious is suggesting 'hybrid' as a tag for this bookmark. (I've used it to point back to these thoughts, which are now almost blog-length.) I've lost tolerance for that word ('blended' might eventually have the same effect) considering how I've heard it used for the past few months. More and more, I'm convinced that a hybrid of the traditional and the progressive (I know, another term that needs clarification) breaks both and likely creates something that is less effective or valuable than either of the two in their unaltered state.]

[My remarks seems appropriate considering Jim Groom's divorce from Edupunk ]
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february 2011 by robertogreco
elliot eisner, connoisseurship, criticism and the art of education
"Eisner has deepened our appreciation of education in # of areas. Here we examine his argument that education involves exercise of artistry & development of connoisseurship & criticism + assess his contribution to debates around school reform."
ellioteisner  education  reform  schools  learning  craft  artistry  gamechanging  schooling  johndewey  art  howardgardner  connoisseurship  knowledge 
may 2008 by robertogreco

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