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Engaging Places
"Engaging Places will champion teaching and learning through the whole built environment, from grand historic buildings to the streets and neighbourhoods where we live. It includes the launch of a major new online teaching resource, This will be the most comprehensive guide ever created to help schools teach by using the buildings and places around them. Research has shown that teachers view buildings and spaces as an important educational resource, and want better access, information and support to exploit it. Schools will be able to use Engaging Places to access a nationwide directory of organisations and venues, including architecture centres, museums and historic buildings. They will be able to search for high quality resources and materials by curriculum theme or whole school issues. And they can access case studies from fellow teachers."

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january 2009 by robertogreco
Bringing the outside in - schools encouraged to discover local heritage and architecture to bring the curriculum to life
"Exploring monastic ruins of Fountain’s Abbey in Yorkshir...studying layout of local high street could be on books for children as part of the Government’s ‘Engaging Places’ plan to offer schools ways to connect with local heritage & architecture.
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june 2008 by robertogreco

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