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The Ed Techie: Eportfolios - J'accuse [Or why we [TCSNMY] encourage use of off-the-shelf tools rather than rolling our own or spending on some ed-tech crap]
"An institution has a very different set of requirements to an individual. However, if you want eportfolios to work, then it’s individuals that need to like them and be motivated to use them. This emanates from an institutional tic, which is the need to own and control systems and data…<br />
Educational arrogance – maybe arrogance is too strong a term, but eportfolios demonstrate a common mistake (in my view) in educational technology, which goes something like “Here’s some interesting software/tool/service which does most of what we want. But it’s not quite good enough for higher education, let’s develop our own version with features X and Y”. In adding features X and Y though they lose what was good about the initial tool, and take a long time. Blogs are good enough for eportfolios, if what you want from an eportfolio is for people to actually, you know, use them. "
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june 2011 by robertogreco
Meet the EduPunks: Radical Self-educators Start a Movement
"in 2008…Jim Groom…coined a term that is changing the way the world looks at education…edupunk…speaks to need for educational reform…to some extent, already has begun.

Ordinary people are taking education into their own hands using web-2.0 tools. & classrooms, lectures, & curriculums are changing…forgoing conventional tools & using new devices like wikis, blogs, & open-source textbooks to learn what they want…

“What we’re doing as edupunks is taking the ethos of the punk era & applying it to education,” says Steve Wheeler…“We’re bypassing educational systems that have been put in place by corporations & institutions.”…

The onus is not necessarily on students, according to Campbell. If universities of the future are to survive, he argues, they will have to capture their students’ imaginations. “The part [of edupunk] that resonates most w/ me is that learning has to start with the learner’s desire to learn, & until that’s awakened, you’re putting people on a conveyor belt.""
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august 2010 by robertogreco
Langwitches Blog » Wrapping my Mind Around Digital Portfolios
Nice collection of thought and references, many speak to our experience using Tumblrs as student portfolios (stories of learning) in the TCSNMY program. And there is more to learn.
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august 2010 by robertogreco
» This ain’t yo mama’s e-portfolio, part 1 WPMu Ed
"Schools should be in business of managing data flows rather than supporting end to end user experience. We can only dream what might result if the energy going into the campus-wide LMS’s would go into creating flexible, easy to use “syndication buses
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may 2008 by robertogreco

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