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vertical thinking
"for every day
unlucky, we
complain that we are poor
kings and queens we truly are.
freely we throw our hands
up and give up.
can’t we just be
kids again?
fun days were
unaccompanied by
cares of the future,
kings and queens we pretended to be
perspective  childhood  life  2010  poetry  erinbower 
july 2012 by robertogreco
need sleep now. I think it is ridiculous that we...
"I think it is ridiculous that we are tested at the end of the quarter for all of the information we’ve learned.  its like theyre training us to be procrastinators. progress throughout the quarter should be enough to prove that we know the material. tests make me want to hate something that i love: learning. if we could learn without being tested, i am certain i would retain more information than what i am cramming into my already full, jumbled, sleep-deprived brain."
exams  testtaking  testing  procrastination  assessment  2010  college  finals  motivation  learning  friends  erinbower 
july 2012 by robertogreco

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